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All of the listed prices are in USD!

Grayscale, No Background

$30 - $40, Torso Up 
Example: Lemvette's Accessories by Yilx
$45 - $60, Full Body
Example: Nakano Sketch by Yilx Smogon CAP Entry Sketch by Yilx
Prices vary according to how complicated the pose/character is!
  • Current List: 
    • Empty
  • In Queue:
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Full Colour, No Background
$70 - $80, Torso Up
Example: Anzu by Yilx Io by Yilx
  • Current List: 
    • Empty
$90 - $120, Waist Up to Full Body 
Example: Demon Goddess Lemvette by Yilx Firachoa by Yilx Reeze by Yilx Type Grass: Lilligant by Yilx
Prices vary according to how complicated the pose/character is!
  • Current List: 
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  • In Queue:
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Grayscale with Background
$90 - $100 
Example: Ishtar Steppy by Yilx Asagi's Revenge by Yilx
Prices vary according to how complicated the pose/character is!
  • Current List: 
    • Nagatoro (Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san)
    • Mako (OC)
  • In Queue:
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    Full Colour + Minimal Background
    $110 - $125
    Example: Orange Pekoe (St. Gloriana) by Yilx Workout Nakano by Yilx An Ice Fairy that worked out too much by Yilx
    Prices vary according to how complicated the pose/character is!
    • Current List: 
      • Zalika (OC)
      • Sunazuka Akira (Ims CG)
      • Tira (Soul Calibur)

    Full Colour + Simple Background
    $130 - $160
    Example: Ryuujou's Power Trip by Yilx Taihou-chan by Yilx
    Prices vary according to how complicated the pose/character is!
    Please note that Large, detailled Cityscapes will typically cost more!
    • Current List: 
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    • In Queue:
      • Amatsukaze (Kancolle)
    Full Colour + Detailed Background
    $150 - $200

    Mature Content

    Rampage by Yilx
    Kagamine Rin's Little Rampage by Yilx Noriko's Rampage by Yilx Lilly is a bit mad by Yilx
    Please note that Large, detailled Cityscapes will typically cost more!
    • Current List: 
      • AriSatoya (OC)
      • AriSatoya, Ty (OC)
    • In Queue:
      • Tyrandal (OC)
      • Cassandra (OC)

    Full Colour + Very Detailed Background
    $210 - $300
    Example: Anzu's Recreation by Yilx Mega Shuten's Rampage by Yilx
    Please note that Large, detailled Cityscapes will typically cost more!
    • Current List: 
      • AriSatoya (OC)
      • Abby (OC)
    • In Queue:
      • Empty
    Pixel Art
    Small (Around 64x64) - $25 - $40
    Example: Binjou Siblings by Yilx
    Medium (Up to 128x128) - $45 - $60
    Example: Ricotta by Yilx
    Large (Up to 256x256) - $80 - $90
    Example: Lemvette Pixel (No Background) by Yilx
    For all 3 Tiers, I can give them a simple looping animation for an extra $30-$60 depending on how complex it will be.
    Example: Demon Goddess (Animated) by Yilx
    • Current List: 
      • Soriz (GBF)
    • In Queue:
      • None Yet


    - For grayscale drawings, they will be priced at $40-50 depending on how complex the character is.
    - For fully coloured drawings, I will be charging $60-$100 for an additional character, depending on how complex the request is.
    - I am willing to add a few short paragraphs to a picture for $20. You can see examples of my style of writing from most of the pictures I've done.

    - Fit, Flat, Cute Female characters. This is the stuff I draw most of the time.
    - Male and Non-human Characters are OK, but subject to review.
    - I'd rather not draw Characters from Western Media, but again, they are subject to review.

    - No Hard Fetishes (Gore, Scat, Etc.)
    - No Furries and Ponies
    - No CalArts/Disney Characters
    - Please try to keep things within Reason
    - I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason under the right circumstances.

    - I will send a WIP Sketch and WIP for Rough Colours.
    - Up to 4 Edits allowed. 
    - Downpayment will be made as a Paypal invoice when I send the sketch.

    To make an inquiry, please either send me an email at or drop me a message on Deviantart! Do include "Commission" in the subject header so that I know you are asking for one! Also, please include your Paypal email in the message so I know who to send the invoice to!


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    Yukari's Gigantic Playtime
    Dwarfing everything in the city with her sheer size, Yukari left nothing behind her standing, turning the city into a sea of fire as she used her strength to tear everything in the city apart.

    The military was in full assault as the colossal girl made her presence known to the city, flaunting her strength in the most destructive ways possible. Not a single attack could even damage her muscular body, steaming heavily and glistening with sweat as she stomped along.

    Her muscular legs carved into buildings in their path, each one of them thicker than entire buildings. Those that would dare stand up to her were toppled over casually and effortlessly as she stretched her arm as she passed by.

    As she scoured the shopping district laid in front of her, her eyes sparkled in excitement as she spotted a train, packed full of people, attempting to flee from her wrath. Easily stepping into and over the swathes of smaller buildings in her way, she picked up the entire train, still packed with people with both her arms, bringing it up to her waist.

    The yells of help and and screams of panic that echoed out of the train only excited the gigantic girl even more as she slowly crunched and crushed it with her toned arms, twisting the metal without any resistance from her trapped prey.
    Hungry Hamakaze
    [Kancolle] Commission

    The sounds of destruction and crushing echoed loudly across the city as the gigantic Hamakaze took a gigantic bite out of the skyscraper caught in her palm; all that were in it were but ravenously devoured by the girl, her body rocking in excitement with every chew of the skyscraper. Relentlessly pursuing more delicious morsels, the colossal boatgirl rocked the earth as she scoured the surrounding city for more prey; even on her knees, she was still absolutely larger than even the tallest skyscrapers in the commercial distinct, all of them peaking at her wide hips that currently stretched miles across.

    Growing more as she feasted was but the result of a silly experiment by her fellow boatgirls; with her claims of being able to eat as much as she wanted without getting fatter, they decided to test the results of an experimental serum on Hamakaze with more than unexpected results.

    Leaving behind a trail of nothing but destruction as she grew and rampaged, she let herself loose in her newfound power as she grew and grew, unleashing her hunger and destructive urges on the unfortunate city she decided to turn into her personal playground. Her gigantic breasts, now spanning across a few office blocks in size, shook as she made her way towards a cluster of skyscrapers laid out in front of her like a buffet.

    With a playful twiddle of her fingers, she chuckled as she reached for one within arms' reach. Hamakaze stroked the upper floors of the building, each one of her fingers gigantic enough to span across the entirety of the more exquisite upper floors of the once-proud skyscraper. Clasping her fingers as she drooled hungrily, she effortlessly tore the upper floors off, hungrily devouring her prey.

    She did not even pay any attention to the military might that was being sent to attempt to slow down her destructive playtime; all the military bombardment on her did absolutely nothing to her god-like form and body, only barely damaging her clothing and revealing her perfect, pearl-like skin beneath her uniform and stockings.




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    Still the best around. The day you open up commissions is the day I empty my bank account. ♥
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    Nice art :wow:  If you're ever looking to share your work with other people, live, you should check out #ThumbHub on dAmn (Did you know we had a chat system!? A lot of people don't :( ) We get a lot of great artists popping in to share their work and it varies from Traditional art, to photography, to poetry :) Also a great place to gain more exposure for your art AND to make some new friends xx

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