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Bathing Ty
She draped her sweat-drenched spats draped over a nearby mountain city, covering most of the cliffside in her musky, moist shorts. The entire country was quickly overwhelmed by her intimidating presence, although Tyrandal did not seem to care much for the entire minuscule lakeside city, leaving a gigantic footprint right through the heart of it as she stepped towards the water. Her actions, although small, were all but catastrophic for the population down below.

However, she had no interest in the lakeside city; she had already had her fill with a much larger city before and wanted no more than to cool down in the large body of water. The Gallant Demoness rested in the body of water, reclining her after-rampage body against the mountain ranges surrounding the region. Her heat inevitably caused the water around her body to almost boil, the entire water level rising due to her entering it and submerging some of the lower-built houses around the lake.

With steam seemed to rising into the air around her body, her fluffy hair rustled in the cool wind as she casually washed off the debris stuck all over her, all of the concrete and wood floating across the lake and beyond.
Anzu's Prey
Out in the open waters, the debris and rubble decorating Anzu's sweaty, muscular body was easily washed off as she waded through the fleets of military vessels trying to slow down her advance. The feeling of futility only grew with with each salvo of cannon fire being fired at her, the smoke and fire clearing only to show their complete ineffectiveness against her gigantic, toned frame. 

Her twin-tails bobbed happily along with her as she made her way towards another city, her face flushing red with excitement as she was flooded with all sorts of naughty ideas of how she would toy with the tiny populace. 

Anzu's hunger grew more voracious than ever as she casually made her way through the ocean, clearly broadcasted to the military fleet as her massive belly rumbled loudly. Almost like a war siren of sorts, the fleets froze in horror as she stopped to pat her glimmering 6-pack, the fleet that was around her hips suddenly looking like a nicely spread-out seafood buffet. Sizing up the tiny ships surrounding her, she drooled hungrily as she grabbed one of the military ships like a bath toy, bringing it to her face as she easily crumpled it's once-sturdy metal frame with barely any effort.

Without saying a thing, she licked her lips as she sank her teeth through a part of the ship, making sure to catch as much of the crew as she could in a single bite. Tearing it off like a snack, she could not help but uncharacteristically squeal to herself, extremely pleased with the taste that she got used to so quickly. Evilly looking down at the rest of the fleet beneath her, she grabbed another nearby ship, her sudden motions disturbing the waters around her massively...
Io-Chan Breakthrough
Io's lust for destruction carried her through the rest of the city, none of it standing any chance against the amazing power she posessed with her size. With a single fist, she grabbed and crumpled the spire of a guard tower with complete disregard for the battalions of warriors stationed on it to fend off invaders.

She stood far beyond and above the tallest buildings in the city, only matched by a proud and majestic bridge that stretched across and over the city's walled castles. However, the moment the gargantuan, twin-tailed girl saw the massive structure standing so defiantly in front of her, it's fate was sealed.

With every step she took towards it, the earth shook as she plowed through masses of smaller houses with her invicible, copper-toned legs, smashing right through concrete and any form of lesser resistance the humans put up. The masses of knights and archers stationed on the bridge could feel nothing but a sense of hopelessness as Io's massive size came clear to them as she closed in on the bridge.

Exhaling excitedly, she could only feel a rush of extreme pleasure as she smashed bursted right through the middle of it, ravishing in the feeling of absolute destruction pelting on her toned, exposed body as she used her entire body to devastate the once-tall structure.
sup, i'm trying to make a game with :icontokotiger: about cute and strong giant girls fighting each other. the art for my characters are pretty much done but :icontokotiger: still has characters that have yet to get their art done so he'll upload them later. the game project has a group now,, so all further art and stuff will be posted there. do ask him if you have more questions as i'm busy quite a bit.




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