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Biomimicry Cards

I decided to be paranoid and watermark all these because they may be published later...

So here's a sneak preview of what I have been working on for a professor at the university... it's a matching card game (hence the coloured pairs). It was supposed to be along the lines of the game where you have all the cards face down, randomly, and flip open 2 at a time and find the pairs. This game focusses on biomimicry pairs.

From left to right, top to bottom:

1. Boxfish and Mercedes Benz Bionic Car
2. Kingfisher and Bullet Train
3. Beaver and Grinding Machine
4. Morpho Butterfly and Cellphone Screen
5. Burr and Velcro
6. Thorn and Barbed Wire
7. Elephant and Robotic Arm
8. Woodpecker and Ice Axe
9. Calla Lily and Fan/Propellor
10. Whale and Wind Turbine
11. Cheetah and Cheetah Prosthetic Leg
12. Giraffe ... no pair yet.
13. Dolphin ... also no pair yet.

My cheetah/beaver/elephant fails. If I can improve and find the time, I might try to redraw them, haha...

If anyone happens to be curious about how the pairings work or what was modeled after what, I'd be happy to explain. Some are really self-explanatory though (ie. burr and velcro, thorn and barbed wire...)

Also, here is a blog that goes along with this project:
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I would like to know about the elephant and butterfly things. And what´s that thing with the flower?
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A company called Festo had used the elephant trunk as inspiration to make a robotic arm: [link] , although this was not the one I drew.

The morpho butterfly's wings refract light in a certain way due to nanostructures that amplify the intensity of its blue wings. This concept was applied to energy-efficient screens: [link]

The calla lily's shape was used to make a impellor that is more efficient and less noisy: [link]

Thanks for asking! :)
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WOAH...that's amazing =D

Thanks for the answer. Nasty things out there.. xD