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December 20, 2014
Relic by yigitkoroglu
Featured by breeanns
Suggested by Ginryuzaki
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An ancient relic with many mysteries to be solved.
I started this as a simple angel comission but then the client cancelled the job but i liked it and added some background elements and continued to draw.
face reference…

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So cool! Would you mind using your art for a non-commercial social-network banner?

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This piece is beautiful! I was wondering if I could have your permission to use this art as a character picture on a MUD RP website called Hollow ( your artist name and a link to this picture will be provided on the profile if given permission.
Have a good day ~
yigitkoroglu's avatar
Hello, thanks for being kind and asking for permission however i can not let you use it. I am sorry.
waitq's avatar
I hadn't seen such a quality in a while if only you can make it move , or to be like a motion poster 
yigitkoroglu's avatar
thank you, really appreciate it!
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You're welcome. Have a great week.
this inspired me to make a 3d render.
hope you like the same
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this looks like something from an MTG card, love it
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Reminds me of Gabriel from the movie Constantine.
Theshyglaceon's avatar
Wow, impressive this is very detailed and beautiful.
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Amazing art ! Clap 
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wow. this looks so beautiful and...ancient somehow. powerful even. it's wonderful! :D Clap 
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Watching it carefully this isn't a simplenice job, this is an autentic piece of art I don't speak only about the quality or the desig. There is "something" really interesting in her expression maybe is hope or determination, I don't know but you did somwthing pretty amazing
yigitkoroglu's avatar
thanks a lot for the nice comment
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beautiful illustration
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Gorgeous! Like the white weapon and how youve painted it, is really awesome!Clap 
Beautiful! Great work overall!
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This is gorgeous. Really incredible work.
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Oh my word, I LOVE this! Is there any way I can feature this on my website as a chapter header for my free story, Wisdom and Folly? I would link back to you and give you full credit, not altering the image in any way! My website is if you would like to see how I would use it. Thank you so much for considering this! Absolutely beautiful!
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