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DW 5 God of Nightmares

My entry for Dominance War 5.I had uploaded the modeling sheet of this last week Dominance War V model sheet by yigitkoroglu This year the goal was to create a god .There has been many great entries.

If you want to see the steps of making it you can visit…
If you want to see the character sheet,workflow sheet and final work visit…
and i'll be happy, if you spare 1 minute and vote for me, you can visit…

My Facebook Page :…
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It reminds me of Bastard's Anthrax.

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There are no words for how incredible this is. Excellent concept!
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magnificently horrible and beautyful at the same time
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God of nightmares is nightmarish
This better be a boss in Doom 4.
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I am very surprised with your work. I'd love to do a work like yours. and follow you.
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This is stunningly beautiful
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Wow... that is crazy awesome. A very wild design brought to life. You do great things!
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Insane work
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wow, your work is so detailed, i really love it!
I don't want to flood your pictures with comments so I'll make one. Your work is amazing and each piece I have viewed leaves me in awe. Fantastic Job!
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A staggering piece of work. If im not mistaken it seems as though the inhuman aspect increases as it rises; the human yet twisted cultists give way to alien metals which flow into disturbing fleshy tones. Finally, as if it cannot be contained, the otherworldly horror bursts forth from the head revealing a truly alien thing lurking within.

Really a piece of art to be remembered.
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Thanks a lot for the well written comment and the deep inspection of every detail.You are correct about every word of it.Cheers!
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