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February 11, 2010
Alone by *yigitkoroglu is amazingly executed, and its composition is extremely clever and very thought-provoking!
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While surfing through Deviantart, i stumbled upon a beautiful photo thats taken by :iconmr-ripley: and i couldnt resist to use it as a reference.I used natural brushes and actually loved the outcome of them ; looks less digital :)
Anyway, as child i always had been curious about what might happen to the characters in a fairy tale after the "...happily ever after.." line.So now i made up my own story for the remaining life of Pinocchio.
"A couple of years after turning into a real boy, Pinocchio joined Italian mafia and spread terror at his early ages.He was considered a legend among gansters until Don Corleone would born.Of course Ghepetto's old heart couldn't stand his son's nonsense and died.
When he was 89 years old,(which was actually still pretty young among pines) Pinocchio lost one of his legs during a fight with Don's gardener.He packed up to travel to far east and looked back at olive gardens of Sicily for the last time.Once he arrived Japan, he spent days and nights to find the legendary karate master Naruaki.And he did find him at last.But after his third day as a student, he drove Naruaki crazy and he prisoned Pinocchio in the Cavern of Eternity.He said "you will stay there until you learn to honor life".
Spending decades of years with only the books and the dead bonzai given by his master,Pin learned a lot of things.He started to have telekinetic powers.He cared for the bonzai everyday even though he knew it was dead even before he met his master.If he could find a way to resurrect the dead tree, he could have a friend.Even further, maybe it would grow up so he could shape her as Ghepetto once shaped him so he could have a friend who could truly understand him."

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Selamlar sayın Yigit Köroğlu,

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