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256 SonAlly Reunion Rewrite
Summary: Just a rewrite of what I think should have happened when Sal got her old memories back. Slightly inspired by jayfoxfire's comic.
The scene fades into view and we find ourselves aboard the Sky Patrol. A large airship built to be the Freedom Fighters' mobile HQ.
Newly reunited soldiers have gathered around the command center and around the world map, and all were smiling, giggling, and chuckling at the site before them except for three.
Amy for reasons that'll be come obvious.
Sally who looked annoyed, flustered, and embarrassed.
And Sonic who was currently examining Sally's "new" look.
"So, you gonna tell me what all this is all about Sonic, what did you mean by "You're not a robot"?" Sally asked annoyed but not entirely opposed to the attention.
Now Sonic looked nervous and he scratched his head awkwardly as he held Nicole's handheld. "It'll be…less complicated if I just showed you Sal. I need you to hold Nicole for a second."
"O…kay…" Sally aid slowly
:iconygvantheshaper:YgvantheShaper 26 17
Gravity Skulls Chapter 2
“You think they’ll be okay Grunkle Stan?” Mabel asked as she observed to three strangers lying on the floor of Soos’ break room.
The boy had his orange vest removed and now Soos was bandaging his injuries.
“I think so, pumpkin. Didn’t seem like anything was broken.” Stan said reassuringly to his niece.
“Yo dudes, check out this guy’s arm!” Soos called out.
Everyone gathered around to take a look, expecting for Stan to have been wrong and it was broken, but to their surprise that was the opposite.
Instead of a normal flesh and bone left arm the guy had a stainless steel cybernetic one, and it survived the crash very well with only a few dings and scratches.
“This is like one of those sci-fi anime; you think he has an arm canon inside it?” Soos wondered out loud.
“We’ll prod ‘im about it later. Right now let’s finish patching them up then we can get on with our day until they wake up.” S
:iconygvantheshaper:YgvantheShaper 2 4
Gravity Skulls Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Keep It Together
“Ghuehehhuh!” Arthur Kingsmen vocalized his discomfort as a series of goosebumps raised on his skin and an awful chill ran up his spine; he looked around for moment in nervous confusion before leaning back.
“*Sigh* another lead, another haunting, another bust.” Arthur grumbled despondently as he returned his attention to his laptop bringing up a map with a face plastered all over it, some of them crossed out.
Arthur closed the map and now looked at a photo of All three of them with the Peppers, Lewis’ adopted family. They, or rather Arthur, has been looking for him for a little over a year now, or rather his ghost but have yet to find a solid lead. He thought that maybe the ghost in the Mansion was him but…nah, the “hair” was the wrong color, the style was slightly off, he wore a suit, and why would he hate Arthur enough to try and murder him? That ghost must have mistaken him for someone else.
:iconygvantheshaper:YgvantheShaper 3 6
Freedom Fighters X Chapter 6 (FINALLY!!!)
Chapter 6: Raise of the Tornado X
“So what is the agenda for today, Sir?” Snively asked his uncle from his work station nearby Eggman’s control chair. “After last week’s debacle we are a bit scares on supplies to maintain our base and forces.”
Five plus years ago Eggman would have backhanded Snively across the room for even mentioning his past failures. But his nephew did have a point, and he had learned to be more patient than before. Plus Snively seems to have developed some backbone while he was away despite his failure to take over after him so he had earned a small modicum of respect from the usurper.
A thoughtful look came to Eggman’s face before an “Ah-ha!” left his lips and with the push of a few buttons a large green robot appeared on his window-monitor. “I have just the robot for the job.” He said before he pressed the intercom button. “E-90 codenamed Super Sweeper, prepare for launch!”
Super Sweepe
:iconygvantheshaper:YgvantheShaper 14 10
Freedom Fighters X Chapter 5
Chapter 5:  Red vs. Blue: A Battle Between Power and Speed
It was night time in Station Square, late enough for the normally busy streets to be nearly abandoned. A gust of wind picked up and garbage was strewn across the roads until a recent newspaper found itself stuck on the red leg of a certain Echidna sitting on a trashcan.
Knuckles collected the paper and decided to read it, but upon seeing Sonic and his friends fighting Eggman again he growled in frustration and let the wind reclaim the offending paper.
"Typical Sonic…" Knuckles growled as the wind whipped his dreads around. "We're stuck on this strange planet and all he can do is inflate is ego."
"As if he'd do anything else." A similar voice came from the ally behind Knuckles. The echidna turned around just in time to see Eggman appear from the shadows. "Hello Knuckles."
"Eggman!" Knuckles shouted before her hoped of the trash can and entered a stance. "What the hell do you want? You have five seconds to give me a re
:iconygvantheshaper:YgvantheShaper 17 18
Top 5 Games That Need An HD Remake
My Top 5 Favorite Games that need an HD Remake.
And I mean the whole 9 yards, like what 343 has done with Halo 1 and 2, make them looks like they were made TODAY, not just tweak the lighting and claim it's HD like CAPCOM did with Devil May Cry HD Collection.
Also,except for number 1 the all these games I equally want a HD remake.
#5: The Prince Of Persia series, from Sands of Time to Two Thrones. This was one of my favorite series for the PS2, the Time powers were so revolutionary for the time and no game has even attempted to replicate them, at least not successfully. The combat and acrobatics were also in a class of their own, PoP:SoT was one of the first games I've ever played with wall running and the like and I loved the story, this game would look so fantastic if it got a GOOD HD makeover.
4: The original Spyro trilogy for the PS1.These games along with Crash Badicoot were my fucking childhood people! After the end of the SNES and Genesis, Clasic Mario and Sonic, I got a PS1 and
:iconygvantheshaper:YgvantheShaper 0 7
Freedom Fighter X Chapter 4
Chapter 4: The First Emerald
"So this phenomenon called Chaos Control opened a portal through time and space and sent you all here? I think I understand that." Chris said but still seemed confused. "But I still don't get these Chaos Emeralds you keep talking about."
He was speaking with Tails, Amy and Rotor with his grandpa sitting in a chair behind him. Sonic was laying in the windowsill and Sally was sitting on the floor directly below him leaned against the wall, sleeping off the last of her injury thanks to the power ring.
"You don't have Chaos Emeralds here?" Tails asked surprised at that bit of news. "I guess we got allot to teach ya then."
That was when Amy took over. "The Chaos Emeralds are mystical gems that hold unlimited power. Each one holds a special property unique to it, one can heal almost any ailment for example, so you could only imagine what someone can do with all seven"
"Has that ever happened before?" Chris asked curiously.
"Yeah, me and Sonic gathered them twice
:iconygvantheshaper:YgvantheShaper 11 12
Sonic FFX C-Puff Style by YgvantheShaper Sonic FFX C-Puff Style :iconygvantheshaper:YgvantheShaper 9 0 Shavir by YgvantheShaper Shavir :iconygvantheshaper:YgvantheShaper 10 2
It was Sonic's Fault?
This is an analysis of why Sally had every write to slap Sonic.
I'm not going to get into the the various reasons why Sally's freak out was actually an in-character response as :iconvorahk295: has already explained this very well with his commentary on how her nerves were beyond frayed.
No I'm going into why Sonic was not only wrong but was an idiot not to except the offer and that his decision to refuse was utterly pointless.
As you know, at the time of the dreaded Issue #134 Sonic and just returned from space, got injured in a fight with an 80s reject robo-woman, and now has his arm in a sling, I'm not going to say which arm because even Archie didn't know!
Anyways, the Issue opens up with Sonic getting his injured arm wrapped up in a sling by Dr. Quack who is missing an eye after stepping on a landmine...I'll just give you a second to process that.......OKAY! He exits the ER and a party to finally welcome our blue hero back begins, everything his going hunky-dory until Sally's dad,
:iconygvantheshaper:YgvantheShaper 14 60
Freedom Fighters X Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Oh No...
"So..." Bunnie began as she and the others lounged in Chris' living room. Sally was sitting next to Sonic rather closely on the short end of the "L" sofa while Bunnie and Tails sat on the long end, Chris leaned on the back of the sofa from behind it, and Cream was off playing with Cheese in the backyard.
"What?" Sally and Sonic said at the same time.
"Ya'll kiss and make out yet?" the rabbit asked teasingly purposely miss saying the phrase to get a rise out of them.
Instantly a bright pink blush blazed upon the couple's cheeks.
Chris, still a bit to young to fully understand, cut in before the two could respond. "I don't know about that, but last night I heard a lot of rustling and gasping on the roof and they were cuddling in the blanket I gave them while their clothes dried."
At that news both Bunnie and Tails gave Sonic and Sally, who were trying to become one with the sofa, knowing smirks. "Snuggle time under the stars in the buff, eh? You do work fast!" Bunnie
:iconygvantheshaper:YgvantheShaper 20 4
Shards in the Bone CH2
Chapter 2: Tearful Reunions
The first thing Maurice noticed as he slowly began to awake was that he was comfortable. Tired, but comfertable.
For 7 years  he had woken to the ache of fresh surgical wounds, the taste of stale recycled air in his mouth, the freezing cold AC, the sicky wetness of drying blood on his fur, and the hard, rigid, spring matress of his cell bed jabbing into his back.
But not this time.
This time, while still a little sore, his wasn't in any serious pain, the air was warm, soothing, fresh and clean, his fur was dry and clean, and the bed he laid upon was soft, supportive, and comfortable.
He liked the bed most of all.
With a tired groan he lifted himself up to a sitting posistion and took in his suroundings. The first thing he noticed was that he was in a small but cozy room. It was spartan at best, not having anything side aside from some dressers, a desk, and the bed he was in but it still had a warm quality to it.
The next thing he noticed was that his ba
:iconygvantheshaper:YgvantheShaper 4 3
Shards in the Bone CH1
One more thing, to get the basic idea of what I plan to have them look like anatomy-wise, look up Evanstanley's Sonic fan art or Sonic Unbound by...Sonic Unbound on deviant art. They'll all be more proportionate and have necks and cloths.
Also I apologize for any glaring literary errors. I've lost my copy of Word and have been writing on WordPad. Same thing just no spell or grammar check, or auto correct.
Chapter 1: Subject: Sound Barrier
*bum, bum*
Maurice felt his heart pounding on his tender sternum as he began to awake.
*bum, bum*
His breaths came in shallow and ragged as the morphine wore off and the pain in his bones resurfaced, his consciousness just barely hanging on.
*bum, bum*
He groaned and attempted to bring his frail hands to his face only to feel them stopped by the steel shackles that bound hims to the operating table.
*bum, bum*
He opened his once brown eyes and had to hold back the bile that rose in his throat at the bloody medical scrubs on his body.
*bum, bum, bum, b
:iconygvantheshaper:YgvantheShaper 5 14
Freedom Fighters X: Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Reconcile
The first thing Sonic did once Chris lead them inside his mansion and gave them their towels was strip down to his boxer shorts and vigorously shake like a dog, much to Sally's embarrassment and chagrin, both for the stripping and the water flying in her face. He then started to use the towel to finish the job.
Sally showed more restraint and only took off her jacket, shorts, gloves and boots before using the towel to dry off her face and hair before dabbing it on her body to help dry out her tank top and panties.
"Well, that's enough water for the week." Sonic commented as he tried to pick the last of the water in his ears out.
Sally had gotten as most of the water of herself and nodded in agreement, her hair now slightly frizzy making Sonic chuckle.
"What?" She asked with a slightly peeved expression making Sonic chuckle harder.
"Nothing, you just look cute with your hair all frizzy."
A warm blush dusted her cheeks and Sally looked away with a small pout while cr
:iconygvantheshaper:YgvantheShaper 23 3
Character Analysis: SonAmy vs SonAlly/SonSal
Character Analysis: SonAmy vs SonAlly/SonSal
Being a long time fan of Sonic it makes sense that like many fans I have a personal preference for what girl I'd like the Blue Blur be with. This is a character analysis of the two biggest and most controversial girls in the entire Sonic fan base.
First up, Amy Rose.
Now, anyone that looks at my favorites knows that I'm a HUGE SonAlly fan. But I was a SonAmy fan first and while I don't like the couple like I use to, I still like Amy and I still think they make a cute looking couple.
But the more I look at the SEGA Amy (Archie Amy has no purpose in this analysis) the More I realized something.
SEGA SonAmy doesn't work.
They barely know each other.
And here are the reasons why.
1: Since Amy's introduction into the franchise in Sonic CD we've never seen the two interact like normal people, at least not much. In CD she never talked In SA1,2 and Heroes she constantly chases him and begs for dates. In Sonic 06 they barely saw each other. In G
:iconygvantheshaper:YgvantheShaper 35 291
Freedom Fighters X
Freedom Fighters X
Listening to the Fooly Cooly sound track while writing this.
Chapter 1: Reunion
It was a quite peaceful night for Big the Cat. Barely a cloud in the star sprinkled sky as he slept by a lake with his pole out.
That is until he heard a Sonic boom and he opened those big, round, yellow eyes and looked off toward Eggman's base were a trail of dust was quickly heading.
Sonic the Hedgehog, wearing his black hoodie with deep blue racing stripes on the right arm, worn jeans, and custom soap shoes, was quickly approaching the border fences of Dr. Eggman's base when the entire facility lit up like a Christmas tree with search lights and sirens. Several mobile turrets went to guard the entrance and began firing a hail of laser bolts at him. But Sonic was to fast for their limited A.I to keep track of and he easily dodged them before he used them to springboard himself over the fence.
And because of their limited A.I being programmed to only attack anything outside the base they
:iconygvantheshaper:YgvantheShaper 27 1
This is my Gallery(duh)and I don't own ay of the pictures in it.


Reminisce by MetalPandora Reminisce :iconmetalpandora:MetalPandora 266 28 Stylized Rexes by SeaSaltShrimp Stylized Rexes :iconseasaltshrimp:SeaSaltShrimp 840 53 Sun Guardian by DemonML Sun Guardian :icondemonml:DemonML 1,232 27 Model practice: steampunk Pines by xiaodynasty Model practice: steampunk Pines :iconxiaodynasty:xiaodynasty 27 1 Brave Khajiit by Varagka Brave Khajiit :iconvaragka:Varagka 411 232 Luna Dynamics Lx-180 Retiarius Bolt Caster by Master-Gecko-117 Luna Dynamics Lx-180 Retiarius Bolt Caster :iconmaster-gecko-117:Master-Gecko-117 101 21 Of Suits and Power Armors by Dehzinn Of Suits and Power Armors :icondehzinn:Dehzinn 112 23 Okami Sketch by MayhWolf Okami Sketch :iconmayhwolf:MayhWolf 340 19 Valkyr's Vengeance by theDURRRRIAN Valkyr's Vengeance :iconthedurrrrian:theDURRRRIAN 1,422 23 Koolzz248 Animated commission Gif by YDBunny
Mature content
Koolzz248 Animated commission Gif :iconydbunny:YDBunny 633 57
Sonic and Sally by vesiel Sonic and Sally :iconvesiel:vesiel 50 11 YCH Auction|CLOSED| by Mizu-Kumi YCH Auction|CLOSED| :iconmizu-kumi:Mizu-Kumi 77 11 Radgeta SSJ4 God (Redraw) by Chancellord Radgeta SSJ4 God (Redraw) :iconchancellord:Chancellord 101 24 New Warframe Hype by Joraglove
Mature content
New Warframe Hype :iconjoraglove:Joraglove 259 10
A Moment by goldtaills A Moment :icongoldtaills:goldtaills 96 10 Collab: Shimmering Splendor by MetalPandora Collab: Shimmering Splendor :iconmetalpandora:MetalPandora 388 38


Well I wasn't classified with my last critique so I'm gonna give it another shot! I still find this very original. I haven't found many...

  • Listening to: Fooly Cooly Soundtack
  • Reading: SonAlly fics
  • Watching: Dragonball Z Abridged
  • Playing: Halo 4
  • Eating: ...McDonalds...
  • Drinking: Dr.Pepper
These are the specifics of the universe my dark reboot fic Shards in the Bone takes place in.

1: Sonic had Vrolik Syndrome (brittle bone disease like Joker from Mass Effect) when he was younger. Most kids avoided him or mocked him because of it. His only friends were his fellow triplets Sonia and Manic who were luckily spared of the sickness, and Sally Acorn whom he had a crush on.

During Robotnik's coup he was captured at age 10 and used in horrifying experiments involving drugs and artificial Chaos Emerald Shards from Chaos Drives being implanted in his body, until he escapes during the first chapter at age 17.

2: Sally has been unofficially crown Queen, because her father King Maximilian has been sent to the Void, her mother Queen Alicia was brutally killed trying to save her from a laser grenade during their escape. And her brother Elias was studying abroad when the coup and has yet to return.

The beams from the grenade were still able to reach her, though less focused, and cut into her belly. She survived but the doctor said she may never bare children and she now has scars to constantly remind her of that.

Despite her leadership skills Sally doesn't like being Queen, or even a Princess, She HATES being put above her peers. She has planes to find her brother and give him the throne or rescue her father. If she can't do that she planes to end the Monarchy and turn Mobotropolis into a democracy.

3: Dr. Julian Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik has taken over most all of the Acorn Kingdom and large portions of the other kingdoms. While most of the population is roboticized he keeps influential nobles and rich families around to help fund his campaigns. He also allows a small populous of commoners and vagrants to stay organic for experimental purposes. Either kidnapping them to run tests on or flooding districts with gas to see what happens.

He lost his arm, eyes, and ears during the coup d'eta and has sense replaced them with cybernetics and enhanced his body with the successful experiments he preformed on captured Mobians. making him as dangerous on his own as he is in a giant mech. His cyborg right arm also has a built in roboticizor allowing him to convert anyone he touches with it.

Sonic was to be his ultimate weapon against the Freedom Fighters and the remaining territories. He has spent billions on the hedgehog and five experimental Chaos Drive Cores to make him an ultimate killing machine when he was finally roboticized. Unfortunately for the dictator he escaped but he is not going to hastily recapture him. Due to boredom he is going to see what Sonic can do to hinder him, give him a challenge, and then when he defeats him he planes to literally tear out Sonic's bones, and the Chaos Drive Cores inside them.

4: Jules and Bernadette have not been roboticized and Jules is a Freedom Fighter. Until Sonic's return Bernie has been in a deep depression over the lose of her children and has done little more than sleep and eat. But will Sonic's return she has begun to return.

5: Sonia and Manic are currently missing.

6: The Freedom Fighters use modern weapons and armor. Because they are outclassed by Robotnik's laser weapons and robots most use weapons either with MASSIVE stopping power, Armor Piercing Rounds, or both.

7: The Chaos Emeralds are not emeralds, or rather only one of them are. They are actually called Chaos Crystals each a different color and shape and representing a different element.

Red Crystal: Fire

Green Crystal: Earth (includes rock and soil and plants)

Blue: Water

White: Time

Yellow: Lightening

Cyan: Wind

Purple: Darkness

8: Super forms are not 100% invincible and have consequences for their use. Super form makes one stronger, faster, and more resilient but can cloud the mind. If one doesn't keep in control they fly into an uncontrollable rage that slowly eat away at their body and makes them vulnerable to attack but they do not notice the injury. This rage will persist until one of three things happen. They run out of power, they regain control, or they die.

Hyper form is much worse. In addition to being five times as powerful as Super, Hyper also has a five times the consequences. They are able to control the individual elements of the crystals and even combines them. In Hyper form ones mind is immediately relinquished to the energies of the but they do not fly into a rage but instead fall into an emotionless, cold, and calculative persona that is neither good, not evil, friend nor foe. Their only purpose is to single mindedly destroy what is deemed its enemy. Which can be a very broad subject.

There is no known way to counteract this state of mind and all anyone can do is hope the transformation is brief.

When in the presence of a Hyper being there are only 2 things one can do. Live if you are not the target, or die if otherwise.

9: Robticization is nearly impossible to reverse and even if done there are still complications. Conversion is caused by the subject being irradiated with a artificial energy called Atomic Scrambler Radiation. It destabilizes the victims atoms and converts them into atoms of a different type, namely metals, oils, and plastics. As this is happening Nanoscopic Machines are filtered into the chamber and they integrate into the structural make up, reassigning atoms and taking bits of brain atoms to build a slave chip to bend them to Robotnik's will.

10: Deroboticization is an extremely risky procedure. Using the Roboticizer to revert the atoms back to their original state as a 25 to 30% chance of scrambling the victims atomic make up. This can result in anything from a harmless change in eye color to exploding or their organs being make of an incompatible material.

Assuming they are successfully made organic again the slave ship is still there only organic now rendering the victim still a slave. The chip can be removed before or after reversion but it has a 70% chance post reversion of lobotomizing the patient and 50% chance pre-reversion but the patient is extremely uncooperative in this state and there is no way to sedate them.

This journal will be updated periodically.


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