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Giftart- Almost Nude Atemu by ygo-club Giftart- Almost Nude Atemu :iconygo-club:ygo-club 1 0 Seto Kaiba Plays Bass by ygo-club Seto Kaiba Plays Bass :iconygo-club:ygo-club 2 0 Yu-Gi-Oh - Mai by ygo-club Yu-Gi-Oh - Mai :iconygo-club:ygo-club 1 0 Sweet Memories by ygo-club Sweet Memories :iconygo-club:ygo-club 0 0 seto kaiba and asaki mutou by ygo-club seto kaiba and asaki mutou :iconygo-club:ygo-club 0 0 Kaiba by ygo-club Kaiba :iconygo-club:ygo-club 0 0 Buster Blade by ygo-club Buster Blade :iconygo-club:ygo-club 0 0 My Chazz Princeton by ygo-club My Chazz Princeton :iconygo-club:ygo-club 0 0 All My Favs In One Pic by ygo-club All My Favs In One Pic :iconygo-club:ygo-club 0 0 The King of Duellmonsters by ygo-club The King of Duellmonsters :iconygo-club:ygo-club 3 0
Midnight Love Affair - X
Midnight Love Affair
By: Akiko
Chapter X
Disclaimer: I do not, under any circumstances own any of these characters, but the story idea itself does belong to me.
Yu-Gi-Oh Characters © Kazuki Takahashi
Story © Akiko
"Pharaoh!" came a young female's voice, a young girl running out of the palace and jumping on the pharaoh, wrapping her arms around his neck.
"Mana…" the pharaoh spoke softly and wrapped an arm around her, his violet gaze falling onto Isis as the priestess appeared.
"My Pharaoh," she spoke gently and walked over, bowing. "You've returned to us safely, but may I ask... have you seen Priest Seth?" she asked, her gaze locking itself with Atemu's. "I'm afraid no one in the palace is able to find him."
"He's…" Atemu started, closing his eyes, turning his head downwards slightly.
"Do you know who kidnapped you, My Pharaoh?" Mana asked gently, looking up at the pharaoh.
"Yes, it was Bakura," Atemu replied, opening his eyes a bit and looking at Isis. "And I'm afraid… Seth gave himsel
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Midnight Love Affair - IX
Midnight Love Affair
By: Akiko
Chapter IX
Disclaimer: I do not, under any circumstances own any of these characters, but the story idea itself does belong to me.
Yu-Gi-Oh Characters (c) Kazuki Takahashi
Story (c) Akiko

Seth sighed and stood on the balcony, his hands resting on the railing and looked out at the horizon, a few loose strands of his hair slipping softly into his face as a light breeze blew past his face. "Until dawn, huh?" he asked and closed his eyes, shaking his head. "Why am I even considering not getting him back?"
He pushed himself away from the balcony and walked out of the room, down the hall and finally made his way out of the palace and walked through the gates, knowing there was no one who was going to question where he was going, considering everyone was too busy looking for the pharaoh.
He stepped into the town and looked around, then closed his eyes for a moment and then finally reopened them and headed further into town, and towards a much darker area
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Blue Eyes White Dragon by ygo-club Blue Eyes White Dragon :iconygo-club:ygo-club 1 0
Midnight Love Affair - VIII
Midnight Love Affair
By: Akiko
Chapter VIII
Disclaimer: I do not, under any circumstances own any of these characters, but the story idea itself does belong to me.
Yu-Gi-Oh Characters (c) Kazuki Takahashi
Story (c) Akiko

Atemu opened his eyes and looked around the room he was in. He shook his head a bit, everything having gone dark after he had heard Bakura's voice. He shifted his hands a bit, only to realize they were bound. His violet eyes snapped back to his wrists and he let out a few rapid breathes of air, now realizing everything that had happened wasn't his imagination.
His gaze wandered around the room as he tried to compose himself. He noticed, as he looked around that he was alone, Bakura wasn't anywhere to be seen. Taking this time he worked to try and get his wrists free, violet eyes looking for something close that might help him cut the rope that was binding his hands.
"So eager to get loose, I wonder why," came a dark voice as the figure emerged from the shadows o
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Blade Knight by ygo-club Blade Knight :iconygo-club:ygo-club 2 0
Midnight Love Affair - VII
Midnight Love Affair
By: Akiko
Chapter - VII
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters…. I just use them for my entertainment. ^^ Story… all mine. -^^-

Atemu kept his violet eyes locked on the ceiling for a moment longer before he finally pushed himself up into a sitting position, wrapping his arms around his knees and pulling them close to his chest. "Why did I have to fall for Seth? He's my high priest, this type of thing isn't allowed; what will the Gods say about this?" the pharaoh questioned and suddenly became very nervous about Seth feeling the same for him.
"Not good… I don't know what to do, and I can't ask the other priests about this," he muttered. He then flopped back down against his lush bed and gave out a frustrated sigh. "Dammit anyways," he cursed.
Seth finally freed his wrist and placed his hands to Bakura's shoulders, shoving the thief off of himself. He stood up quickly and snatched the golden rod off a small table nearby and placed the dagger, as i
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neglected YGO ppl in pigtails by Achiru-et-al neglected YGO ppl in pigtails :iconachiru-et-al:Achiru-et-al 136 65 Malik Ishtar 01 - CGed by Inuyasha-Ryou Malik Ishtar 01 - CGed :iconinuyasha-ryou:Inuyasha-Ryou 16 13 YuGiOh_Seto_Anger by chobitsG YuGiOh_Seto_Anger :iconchobitsg:chobitsG 22 15 Marik by Candle Light by starxade Marik by Candle Light :iconstarxade:starxade 204 94 One Day as Friends by whitedragoons One Day as Friends :iconwhitedragoons:whitedragoons 520 74 Long but not forgotten by whitedragoons Long but not forgotten :iconwhitedragoons:whitedragoons 635 84 Flaming Dark by kaliko-rosa Flaming Dark :iconkaliko-rosa:kaliko-rosa 687 178



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I wanna join too :3
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Hi! I wood like to join in your Club. Love YU-GI-OH! so much. I Can't submit my artwork. that why you Can't see my artwork.
DarkAgePearl Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2007
Hi! I was wondering if I could ask everyone for a favor. ^^; I currently play six characters in a Yugioh Role Playing community, and it's become too much. I plan on giving up four of them: Raphael, Leon, Mako (Ryouta), and Miruko (Mikey). It's just become too much to handle.

I would really appreciate it if you pimped out a couple links and advertised the the Role Playing Community and the roles of these characters in a YGO RP. It would do me a huge favor, and die-hard fans would be able to play them! :D I think it works out well for everyone.

I also should mention that we have characters who have not been taken at all, AND that other players are also interested in giving up their characters. Hell, some players are MIA and have been for about half a year now. If anyone is interested in playing any character at all, please direct them to the link below.

This is a link to the RP community itself: [link]

(Please be sure to note that anyone who is interested must have an Livejournal account. Thanks!)

Again, I would really appreciate it if you put this up in a journal update! It would mean so much to me and to the community, since it's quite active. Thank you very, very much for your time and consideration!

~Pearl of the Dark Age
Blaqrose Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2007
may I join please I'm a huge yugioh fan and even if it's over I'll always love it please thanks
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