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Realistic attempt ant the Pokemon, Articuno. Based it off of aspects from a macaw, bald eagle, long crested eagle, great horned owl, crane, and quetzal.
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Edited: 5/6/14

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I love how it turned out.  only thing missing is the darker tri shaped plumage it has on its forehead.  but thats understandable since it would look stupid in this style.
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Thank you.  I actually tried to turn that crest thing into a feather formation, but even back when I finished this, it felt off to me. I may end up going back over this with a few tweaks at some point. There's an earlier comment about adding some atmosphere to the background which I completely agree with since back when I started this, I never really knew or thought about "painting" atmosphere.
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Wow, very impressive! The feathers look great :)
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Amazingly well done!
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Just beyond beautiful... I am not a pokemon guy, but this is undeniably majestic...
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What a beauty.
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This is amazing. Love articuno! And the background is great.
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Great work, love the snow :)
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Wow, rarely do I see Pokemon fanart of this calibur. Amazing! You've done a fantastic job of rendering Articuno, each little detail really pushes it and helps show the realism! Again fantastic job! Personally, I'd suggest adding some atmoshphere to the further away mountains though, as it's heavily snowing, so there would be a lot of white in between where the veiwer is and where those back mountains are. But overall amazing job! Keep up the good work! :D

*By the way, I'd like to feature you in my Pokemon group, if that's alright with you!* :D
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Thanks, glad you like it. You can feature me in your group too, I don't mind.
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This is just awesome!!
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Sweet :D Everything looks amazing!! Especially the snow!! Awesome job :heart:
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That is so beautiful, awesome! I am a dummy! 
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