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Watercolor Emico Shellstyles

UPDATE (1/5/09): It's been a long time, and I feel kind of bad about it, but I've decided to discontinue the production of this shellstyle. I no longer use WindowsXP, so I don't really have an effective way of working on it.

That said, the Olive Style won't be released--sorry to those who use Olive and have been waiting for this.

QUICK NOTE (7/29/08): The Olive Style WILL be released soon. I've been really busy, and there was a death in the family... Expect to see it by the end of the week.

This is a shellstyle Addon Pack for ~Gelosea's Watercolor Emico Visual Style suite. As he's not releasing Shellstyles WITH the actual VS packages, he's opened it up to the community to create them. So, here's my package for the styles released so far.

I will, of course, update this as necessary, when the other colors are released.

These CAN be used with any Visual Style, however they were made for Watercolor, and will look best with it. They also look a little better if you have the Folders Pane open, or use something like FindeXer. [link]

Make sure to grab the styles from ~Gelosea!

Watercolor Emico: Blue [link]
Watercolor Emico: Ergonomic Blue [link]
Watercolor Emico: Black and Washed Black [link]
Watercolor Emico: Silver [link]


How to install:

- Make sure to install the Emico themes first. You don't need all of them, but they're all fantastic.
- Extract the folders in the archive to "C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes". The shellstyles will automatically install to the Visual Style folders, assuming you haven't changed the folder names.
- When you select Watercolor Emico as your Visual Style, the shellstyle will automatically apply.


These styles were created by ~Yggdrasilly. Please do not modify, edit, or change the contents. These styles were released with permission by ~Gelosea. Thanks! :D


21 June 08:
- Fixed a tiny bug in the Black shellstyle.

26 June 08:
- Added the Silver shellstyle.
© 2008 - 2021 Yggdrasilly
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Its That Is Theme Is From Windows Whistler
Linix-Arts's avatar
could you possibly be porting this to windows 7?
Yggdrasilly's avatar
Unfortunately, no. W7 doesn't use the same styling in its windows, so it'd be really tough to do. Moreso because the original Watercolor Emico themes (here:…) were only designed for XP. Sorry!
Linix-Arts's avatar
but wouldn't it be somewhat easier if it was redesigned with the "basic" structure instead of Aero?
Yggdrasilly's avatar
The other factor is that I no longer use W7 either, nor do I have any of the resources to rebuild this. This was more of a little project I took on when Gelosea was making the visual styles. Sorry, but it's been years since I've touched this project, and... sadly, it's probably just going to stand where it is. :/ 
Cris5000's avatar
Very beautiful!!!
Alexander-GG's avatar
Nice work. Thanks. :D
how i can use this shel styles`? :/
Yggdrasilly's avatar
Read the directions, they're all in the devnotes.
Lewislite's avatar
i applied your shellstyle, i think i did it right - i copied "Shell" into my "WE Black" folder and it looks like this [link] is it supposed to look like this it just looks different in your preview? how did you get those cool icons?
Yggdrasilly's avatar
The pane on the left hand side? It's in the deviation details~ I'm using 'FindeXer', just go to the link posted there. :3
Lewislite's avatar
Ok I downloaded FindeXer and now my computer looks like this [link] How do I get those cool icons you are using in your previews? Thanks in advance.
Yggdrasilly's avatar
If you right-click in a blank area in the pane, you can open the 'FindeXer Options', from there you can change the size of the items, the fonts, etc. If you click on the individual items, you can change what icon is showing, and the text labels. You can add and delete separators too.
Lewislite's avatar
Yeah I know that, I just want to know where you got those arrow style icons from >.>
Yggdrasilly's avatar
OH, the toolbar buttons for back/forward and such? You should've said that in the first place! :P

Anyway, I posted it in the comments somewhere... It's Styler Toolbar, with the Ashen theme. You can find them pretty easy on Google. Hope that helps!
Lewislite's avatar
Sorry to bother you again but I can't find those icons on the Famfamfam website here [link] :(
Lewislite's avatar
Damn I wish you could edit posts in deviantart... I think you are confused, I want the icons such as "back" "forward" "home" etc. you know, the arrow style icons?
PabloTooFresh's avatar
Also, what ICON theme are you using for your xp?
Yggdrasilly's avatar
The icons I'm using are part of a shellpatcher, Tango [link] by ~vertigosity.
Lewislite's avatar
what icons did you choose from the pack? i just gave 'tango' a try and the icons are ugly! how do i get your icons? thx for the help.
Yggdrasilly's avatar
Which icons are you talking about, exactly? The ones in the FindeXer pane? Those are from famfamfam's tiny icons; you can easily find the website on Google. I'm not sure of the link off-hand.
PabloTooFresh's avatar
Is there a way to have the Calibri font work for this theme?
Yggdrasilly's avatar
For the actual themes, you'd have to change the font in the Appearance tab when you set your visual styles.

As for the actual shellstyle 'strip' that this addon gives, no, you can't change the font. [Well, that's a lie, but to change it you'd need something like ResHacker.]
Harry-Palmer's avatar
hmm... its modifying common tasks but still got the default explorer shell?
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