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I need a bath

What a brat, he followed me into the bathroom and luckily I had my camera when he hopped into the sink AGAIN xD Such a brat :P

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Feb 27, 2011, 9:17:42 PM
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Just don't go mistaking him for a sponge! XD
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You're welcome. ^-^
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OMG this is so cute, why do cats like to sleep in sinks if they hate to take a bath?
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LOOL Bath time :giggle:
Epicuteee :dummy: *hugs him/her*
Yezme-Chan93's avatar
:) him :D hes such a goofball xD everytime anyone goes into the bathroom he has to go with and first place he goes is that sink like he owns it lol
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ow so *hugs him* (again!)
LOL U have a pretty funny pet :D
EeveeQueenJigglypuff's avatar
aw! >w<
such a cute kitty!!
And I love the picture!
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XD What a silly cat.
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I know xD He just love plopping, not laying, but plopping himself into the sink
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Ours hate the sink(any of them). They seem to know that water goes in them. Doesn't matter if it's a bathroom or kitchen sink, they freak out at the sight of any of them.

And yet, we have one cat that, although she knows the bathtub holds water, will still jump in it when it's empty and sit down(and then proceed to stare while you use the toilet or, whatever you were going to do when she followed you in).
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xD nice, Dickens has jumped onto our whirlpool tub and then hopped in...not knowing we had water in it still xD he was mad at us... lol My dog did it too, well...while I was draining the tub.
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XD That would make for a grumpy cat indeed. Never had them jump into something with water.
Fall into the tub yes, get caught in the tub when the shower was turned on, yes-the cat followed me in when I was going to take a shower and jumped in the tub, so, I pulled the curtain and turned the shower on. She got a bit wet, before she escaped. Still didn't learn her lesson cause she still follows me in and jumps in the tub.
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