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Stick by my side

By Yewrezz
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He said, "Stick by my side and I'll be your guiding hand
But don't ask me what I think of you
I might not give the answer that you want me to"
- fleetwood mac

Poor horsie fell in love with a fish!
Finished the piece I was working on before the vacation.
Something totally random for a change. No characters
involved, but I do like the outcome. c:>

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Hairrrr. You should do a braid tutorial :3 It's one thing I struggle with and you're like the best with them 
VanSwssAlmd's avatar
I LOVE of my favorites of yours.
Is any of your art for sale??? I am new here so not sure what to do??...    :)
ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   GORGEOUS.... 
jl-modelstock's avatar
absolutely amazing
Yewrezz's avatar
Manwarii's avatar
You are so incredibly talented! I'm completely blown away and in love with all your drawings! 
EMVDS's avatar
Amazing! I love it :D
99shadows's avatar
Wow, beautiful!
Yewrezz's avatar
prairiefrog's avatar
This is ridiculously similar to an image I had planned in my mind and now I feel like it's already been done before, haha.
It still hasn't reached the sketching stage so there's still plenty of time for changes to the original idea. No matter how it turns out, this will be a great inspiration to the final piece :heart:
Wonderfully executed :)
MrsAmbrosia's avatar
I downloaded this one for my 27 in iMac screen.... OMG I LOVE IT! Thanks so much. I really love everything you do.
duzetdaram's avatar
Stunning art.  It has been featured here:…
Halfpint-Randomer's avatar
Heart Heart Heart  it! I was going through all of your manips, like the stalker that I am. o-o And I pulled up your first ever posted manip and then this one and went, wow. You were awesome even as a beginner, and now you are totally amazing!
angelofanimosity's avatar
It seems like I'm always asking this question to wonderful digital artists....but what program did you use? I am a dummy! 
This is absolutely amazing, I love the sleek, realistic look. I want to make manipulations like this so badly! CURSE YOU! 

 Until then, I'll keep admiring others' work Clap 
HorseStockPhotos's avatar
this is so incredible! i love how you added the fish too. and the mane & tail are rad.
Oh my god. Such a beauty <3
ResurrectheSun's avatar
    I'm guessing this site has permission to use this manip since your watermark is removed but I want to let you know just to make sure :)

Yewrezz's avatar
Yess, it's my own forum haha :D Thanks for looking out for me though! C:
Lzzam77's avatar
Amazing. o: Beautiful
LetsDoTheTango's avatar
Really well done! Great job!
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