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Free Glitter and Sparkle brushes for CSP/MS5

no credits needed
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Thank you for this. Is there a way to resize them in CSP? When I do the brush stays big.

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Not sure if you're still looking for an answer, but just in case -- on brushes with particles like this, they will remain the same size no matter the brush size, just cut off in the area the brush tip is. If you look in the options for the subtool, it will have "particle size" a little below the opacity option. Make that bigger or smaller and the actual glitter and whatnot will be resized :)

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Thank you so much!! there are so beautiful!!

thank you very much!

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love these stars- will save me hours of work in the future :) thanks for making these!!!

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thank you very much !

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Just so you know, the file is not downloadable XD; There's nothing when you click on the download button. :/

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for me it works perfectly fine, did you try refreshing the page, or a different browser?

How do I download this?


Thank you so much ♥

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Hi! They are so beautiful! Could I use them for commercial project? I need in glitter wreaths for my ballerinas which I draw or the graphicriver. It will be png images.

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Thank you so much and asking was very nice :heart:

Of course you can!
If I may ask a little thing: If you like!! you are free to share the results here, or via note. I would love to see it!
But it's no obligation :heart:

Good luck with your project!
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Hi Thank you a lot! They are so great, and simple in work!

I finished my pictures, so add them here. Thank you one more:heart:

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They are so lovely!
This style kind of reminds me of "oblates" (that's how we called them back then) which were popular to collect. x3

Thank you so much for sharing them, great work :heart::heart::hug:
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Love these! Thank you so much for making them.
spellcasting Mickey by E-Ocasio
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Look at all the magic! Lovely work and you're welcome :heart:
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Very kind of you! ^_^ :love:
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Thank you for your appreciation! :heart:
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