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Seducing Twilight Sparkle Sitting

Felt like vectoring, and what is better than vectoring my favorite pony?
No magic glow version svg:…
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Hello! I know it says that i'm allowed to used this as long as i credit you, but, may i edit this for my OC's Vector? Please reply, thanks!
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Yes, if you credit me and link original in description.
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Thank you! And of course i will credit!
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Me:Am I going to be a pony? Twilight Sparkle: Yes.... Me: F**k my life
Just-Call-Me-J's avatar
Looks more like she's about to clobber me in an epic pillow fight.
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Me: *gets an odd feeling* huh, weird. I thought I...... okay I can definitely feel that Twily, stop it. *starts to blushes*

Twilight: hehe, I don't want to, and you seem okay with it. Well since you're blushing.

Me: Wait, what!?
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I have no idea what I would use this for, but I will find something.
I have no idea what I could use this for, but I'm gonna do it somehow...
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thanks. and your modification is good too =3
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Thank you!  I couldn't have done it without you.
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that not a Seducing look... It's one that says you made me mad now I hurt you...
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Adding to a brony community-related fanfic.
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Does she even know mind control? :?
ebtrain-bronyboy's avatar

I think she Does and I don’t see any problem with it 😉

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Damn her sexy adorkableness. It's too strong to resist.
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Well she learns from the best :iconmolestiaplz:
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Not to mention she has bragging rights.
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Her magic is working on me ^_^
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I used this in my art with credit. [link]
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Twilight, you're sinking
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