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Applejack in a lion costume

By Yetioner
One vector I couldn't miss. AJ looks really cute in that lion costume. (daytime color scheme used)

reference image:


made using :iconponyscape-vectors: v0.4Patched

MLP:FiM characters are property of Hasbro.


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Blueberryjam789's avatar
Dats adorables!!! X3
VarunRasputin's avatar
Sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!
MinecraftXyo's avatar
I'm not even joking when I say literally every time I see Applelion I squeal mentally because of how cute she looks.
Digigex90's avatar
AWWWWWW! Applejack looks so cute as a lion.
miesmauz's avatar
Aaawwww!!! Applejack with paws *o*
NecromancerKing85's avatar
xXAngelionXx's avatar
NecromancerKing85's avatar
season 5 best episod ever :)
NecromancerKing85's avatar
angel bunnj was Dracula EVIL Laughter!  that rabbit is seriously deranged Devilish 
Flutterchu's avatar
Why the fuck U lion?
BB-K's avatar
AJ the lion, brings out the roar in her. :)
TheSonicGeek's avatar
I'm noticing a pattern with AJ's costumes. First she's a scarecrow, then she's a lion. Next i assume she'll be a tin pony.
DJDavid98's avatar
The way you did the outline on that left eye (our view) is a bit strange, usually the line goes around the outside of the white part of the eye, similar to this: and have a sharp corner that transitions into the lowest eyelash.
Here's the edited SVG source file which I took that screencap off of:
Yetioner's avatar
as far as I've looked around (mostly on mlp vector club), some people do it way you describe it, some people do it way I did it. I'm not correctly sure anymore how it should be.
Besides, it's a easy fix, and I'll fix it when I come home (at work atm)
DJDavid98's avatar
It is indeed correct, however I (and a few others I know) personally prefer the style I mentioned before, so I thought I'd suggest it.
Yetioner's avatar
well, in mean time, since I had 5 min to spare, I downloaded ponyscape to work pc and fixed it. now it's completely around the eye, but doesn't have sharp corner (I prefer smooth corners myself from that angle)
DJDavid98's avatar
Another minor issue is that the eyelash in the middle stands out from the other 2, when you have the time I encourage you to try and make all of the lashes have around the same size (mostly in terms of width)
Yetioner's avatar
fixed. It's been a while since I did last vector before this one
Yetioner's avatar
well, as stated below, whole episode leaked on the internet, so.... yeah..
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