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Vista SP1 Shell32 TOP Details

By yethzart
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:pointr: Shell32.dll for Vista SP1 :pointl:

This is not a VS but a shell32.dll alternative to top instead of bottom.
Well, ive just change the shell32.dll of my Vista SP1 Bottom Details Pane to TOP..
Ive found lots of shell32.dll here in DA but cant find for SP1..

theme and wallpaper by :iconvathanx:

Best of luck,

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woww, i'm looking fot this for a long time .. does it works on sp2 ?
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havent tried it with vista sp2 yet..
im back to XP for RAM issues in my laptop..
got broke and cant buy new one..
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What u mean by what icons?
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i mean by the folders
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thats not a folder icon in the preview;
its an icon of .rar extension.
i use winrar for archives.
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O___________O cool..!! is very nice..!! but i can't repacle the shell32 :/ you can teach me?
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you neet to takeownership of the file 1st..
then rename your default shell32.dll to shell32.old
then paste the edited one to the same folder \Windows\System32
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i doesnt work on me :S?
yethzart's avatar
copy the shell32.dll to \windows\system32
rename 1st the original shell32.dll
restart after doing all that..

this is for Vista SP1..

please provide the way how u install it, so that i can help u, coz i dont think it wont work if you have vista sp1, the preview is not a photoshoped, its an actual screenshot of my pc..
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i did the exact same thing but i though a quick logoff would do the trick also xD
nvm i got it after a restart ^^
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im new at this, how to install?
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you need to copy shell32.dll inside the pack to your


You have to take ownership 1st..
so that u can rename your default shell32.dll to shell32.bak or any name u want..
after renaming ur default shell32.dll
copy the one inside this pack to \Windows\System32

I think there's an instruction inside also, and the take ownership.reg..

Warning: Please be carefull when altering your system files. It may damaged your system and you cant boot after restart.. Use this at your own risk and I wont take responsible for that :(
64-bit? Anyone have a 64-bit version??
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i dont have 64bit since i only use 32bit Windows Vista! Sorry!
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Very nice thank you.:D
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You are very welcome.. Im very glad that u like it ;)
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Work's perfect and I really like the style. Thank's again.:)
Hi, nice style!
Do you know, where can i get this wallpaper?
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Thank u!

Visit this ~Vathanx
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So sexy man congrats everything looks perfect.
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