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Peter's past

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Published: March 30, 2014
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New art! I commissioned this pic just this week from my friend :iconj8d: J8d, and as always he delivered ^_^

A while back, I got to thinking about exactly how long Peter might've been living in Neverland. Wendy comes from England in about the time that the story was first written, 1904. And well, Hook is a pirate who wants to kill Peter and return to the Spanish Main (an area off the eastern US coast rich in materials). But the Spanish Main was almost entirely depleted by 1700, having been repeatedly looted by pirate ships. So this means that Hook has been in Neverland for at least 200 years! But when Hook arrived, Peter Pan was already there, and looking no different than he does by the time Wendy arrives (if he did, I think Hook would've noticed if he was noticeably aging, even slowly...)

So Peter has been in Neverland for a bare minimum of 200 years. And if the story "Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens" is to be taken as linked to the more popular story involving Peter Pan, then he arrived in Neverland at the age of 7 days old. The only time he would ever age would be during his many brief visits back to England to listen to bedtime stories or take lost children away with him, or to find a mother. So even then, he would age very little compared to most others, and might have been in Neverland for centuries and centuries. If not millennia.

And thus I come to the idea behind this commission I asked J8d to draw me.

Wendy (the Fox's cartoon series version) is exploring Neverland on her own, presumably Peter got bored and flew off to have another adventure somewhere else again. And she comes across a cave, deep in the oldest parts of Neverland, where it seems others have been before. Asking Tinkerbell later, Wendy discovers that the names carved on the walls of that cave are of all the many girls whom Peter has brought to Neverland before Wendy, to be his "mother"....dozens of girls, years, maybe decades apart.

And in particular, one name leaps out at little Wendy Darling. The name "Molly Aster"....the name of Wendy's own mother*.

And Tinkerbell tells her all about how, once every generation or so, Peter returns to England to find a girl to be his new "mother". Meaning Wendy, Wendy's mother, her grandmother, her great-grandmother....just thinking about it is enough to make Wendy dizzy. So many names, so many generations...! But he can't remember things for very long, and so he thinks he's only been in Neverland for a few years. And each time, the girl is the eldest daughter of the girl he took before, drawn back to the same family through magic. Drawn back, somehow, to the descendants of his own younger sister, who was born after he first flew away to Neverland!


Anyway, this is just one possible idea to explain how long Peter has been there and what he does. I just made this up myself. xD

This version of Wendy is from Fox's "Peter Pan and the Pirates" and so belongs to TMS Entertainment if I recall correctly. (although her outfit has been altered here slightly at my request to make it look more summery)
"Peter Pan" (aka "Peter & Wendy" is © to Great Ormond Street Hospital.
This lovely artwork is courtesy of :iconj8d: J8d :heart:

*Mary "Molly" Aster is the maiden name attributed to Wendy's mother in the Starcatchers prequels (of which "Peter and the Starcatchers" is the first).
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PeterSassyPanHobbyist Digital Artist
You should draw Peter in this style,wow its amazing and I love his show. :)
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ShellquakeHobbyist General Artist
Very cute.
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this reminds me of a idea from a book about Peter Pan that I am writing.
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if you take request maybe you could draw a picture base on it.
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I don't take requests, sorry ...because I can't draw. xD

All my pictures are ones I paid artists to draw for me. :)
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Intesting and yes peter pan is supposed to take place duyring the edwardin period
Yet-One-More-Idiot's avatar
Yeah....but because Peter has such a terrible long-term memory, nobody would really know how long he's been in Neverland. Well, Hook's crew know he was there before they arrived, but other than that... :)
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I really intresting in seeing the dark take on him in once upon a time
Yet-One-More-Idiot's avatar
Yes, I'm interested in seeing that too. But all my friends in America have already seen that entire storyline and I'm asking them to not spoiler me. :P
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
yEAH  I knoew what you mean we might not get it at all in birtian
Yet-One-More-Idiot's avatar
Ah well. In that case, I'll just get those eps when they come out on DVD. (assuming there's a DVD release later on in the US). :P
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rainkaimaramonHobbyist General Artist
Reading your discription reminded me of another Peter Pan work called the Lost by Marc Andreyko, just thought I bring it up.

Good work though, keep it up.
Yet-One-More-Idiot's avatar
Sounds cool, thanks for the mention. :)
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BB-KHobbyist Digital Artist
Peter can also be invincible of his own body too, that means he doesn't suffer age & with body's own destruction such as organ failures and such. That's why we see like whoever enters Neverland, time has actually stopped but the living beings in here who live are all still moving, thus, if you are a citizen here, celebrating tons of birthdays in a row still don't make you old.

So far, it's interesting that many girls he met, but I know he's still young, but he never have a strong interest of falling in love as I remember he is still like "boys will always be boys", much like Jane also noticed when Peter & the Lost Boys did the hand shake mixed with saliva. Eww...

Lastly, I wish it'll be nice when you also add in Tinkerbell too. But still, I love Disney's version of Wendy while I love Fox's Peter, Tink & Hook. Tim Curry voicing Hook is the best Captain Hook. Saw that Pirate Fairy 3D movie too recently when I saw a younger and full hands (even he holds a hook in his good left hand), but still I prefer Tim Curry than any other voice actors hired by Disney.
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Yes, I've actually just got a hold of The Pirate Fairy recently myself, it does look good. The origins of the Pan characters aren't often looked into too deeply, so it'll be good to see a younger James Hook first taking control of the Jolly Roger. I wonder if they'll do another where he loses his hand? (Probably not, I imagine that would be too gory for a Disney movie!)

Actually - hang on! Hook's always canonically lost his hand to Peter in a fight shortly after he arrived in Neverland - Peter already living there by that time.

But yeah, I worked on the assumption that if Peter went to Neverland as a baby, then he would only age when he left Neverland on brief trips back to our world. Assuming he made a visit to England say, for half an hour each night to hear a bedtime story, he would then age 1/48th the normal rate (half an hour out of every 24), and would take 480 years to grow to a 10yo boy as he is often depicted. xD

I did think of including Tinkerbell in this picture, but I would've had to pay an extra $18 for a second character, so I decided to forego including her this time.
(LOL I almost just called her Tinkerbelly! :P)
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BB-KHobbyist Digital Artist
Speaking of the loss of his hand, that's what the Fox version showed us the history of how Hook arrived and later lost his hand, Peter is not around for the time being so we don't expect to see the lost of his hand and later gets eaten.

Speaking of history, I kind of wonder how Fox's version's Tink's friends would look like. :o You don't get to see it when the Tinkerbell series is centered to her & the fairies while the boys never gets featured, yet alone the others such as the red Indians & the mermaids. But at least we got the bonus of how the crocodile was founded including his signature ticking clock sound. I've checked Disney's crocodile wiki, I seriously don't believe Croc befriends with the good guys, not even Peter. Fox's version is hostile to everybody, it's a wild animal after all and will kill anyone when it's not tamed like those in the zoo.

Tinkerbelly. :XD: I even fell for when I call the orange pony, Applejack. But most of my quick typing ends up as Applehack sometimes.
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