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Full name: Rosita Guerrera
Nationality: American
Ethnic background: Hispanic
Place of residence: Costa Diamante, a fictional island-town off the coast of California.
Siblings: None. Quite a few older and younger cousins though, on the mainland.
Age: 13
D.O.B.: May 7.
Height: 5ft 5ins
Hair colour: Dark brown.
Eye colour: Dark brown
Skintone: Slightly more tan than Maria

Usually wears: Costa Diamante High School uniform.
White blouse, 3/4-length sleeves
Blue headscarf tied around hair
Blue skirt, 2 inches above knee
Blue necktie
White flip-flops

Relationships: None to date.
Crush: On her best friend, Maria, ever since their families went on a joint fishing excursion by boat when they were 9.
Special abilities: Is telling jokes an ability?
Combat training: None
Weapons: None
Superpowers: None

Items carried: Leather satchel containing her school books, etc.
Intelligence: Average
Grade average: B-/B
Best subject: Biology
Favourite subject: Chemistry & Biology
Strength: Average
Speed: Above average
Agility: Below average

Personality: A naturally chatty and friendly girl, Rosita helps to gently coax out the extrovert in Maria. Likes to cheer friends and family up with jokes, but starts making bad puns if she gets nervous, such as when there's an "almost-moment" with Maria...

Favourite subjects are the Sciences, particularly Chemistry and Biology (also her best subject). Frequently studies with Maria to help her try to pull her grades up, with some success; this has other benefits also.

Is the best and only friend of Maria, although she gets on pretty well with her cousins on the mainland too. Despite her and Maria's closeness, is unaware of Maria's heroine identity as Beach Babe. Ironically also has a crush on Beach Babe, which mildly irritates Maria.
Biography of Rosita, a young resident of Costa Diamante.
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