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Full name: Maria Hernandez
Nationality: American
Ethnic background: Hispanic
Place of residence: Costa Diamante, a fictional island-town off the coast of California.
Siblings: None
Age: 13
D.O.B.: May 8.
Height: 5ft 4ins
Hair colour: Black, often home tinted with Rosita's help.
Eye colour: Chestnut brown
Skintone: Pale

Usually wears: Costa Diamante High School uniform.
White blouse, 3/4-length sleeves
White headscarf tied around hair
Blue skirt, 2 inches above knee
Blue necktie
Blue flip-flops

Relationships: None to date.
Crush: On her best friend, Rosita, since about her 10th birthday party.
Special abilities: Vocal impersonation
Combat training: None
Weapons: None
Superpowers: None

Items carried: Leather satchel containing her school books, etc.
Intelligence: Average
Grade average: C+/B-
Best subject: Literature (her 2nd favourite)
Favourite subject: Drama (her 2nd best)
Strength: Below average
Speed: Average
Agility: Above average

Personality: Shy and quiet around most people whom she doesn't know; quite outgoing and chatty with people she does know, particularly her best friend Rosita (except when her romantic feelings come to the fore, then she gets all stuttery) and her own, and Rosita's, parents.

Studies hard, with small signs of improvement in her grades. Along with Rosita, is alternately either picked on or ignored by other students for being geeky.

Is best and only friends with Rosita. Their mothers were best friends since High School, and gave birth to Maria and Rosita in the same night (Rosita just before midnight, Maria just after). They have effectively been best friends since birth.

Is almost universally ignored by boys who are mature enough to be interested in girls, but doesn't care, as she's not into boys anyway. Romantically attracted to Rosita. But. Cannot. Spit. It. Out.
Biography of Maria, a young resident of Costa Diamante.
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