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The Secret Garden (1993)
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Doctor Who!
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S Club and S Club Juniors, Steps, Girls Aloud, Spice Girls
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The Secret Garden, The Little Princess, Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, Black Beauty, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Wizard of Oz series, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings
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I don't draw. You wouldn't want to see me draw. Trust me on this. :D
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Computer games, reading fanfics, television, DVDs
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Well, I used to put an update on the status of all commissions at the bottom of every journal. But it seems that now, attempting to copy-paste this from one journal to the next causes the formatting to go haywire - I think it has something to do with the new editor; as you type in codes for emoticons, the editor automatically parses them and inserts the graphics on the fly, but pasting in a huge block of text including a bunch of emoticon codes just messes with it unfortunately. Anyway, so it'll stay in this journal and be updated periodically rather than being on the bottom of each new journ If anyone on the DA staff is reading this, a text-only journal interface would be nice, so that I can set the layout and paste sections of text how I like without random emoticons popping up in them... =============================================================== My accoun - cartoon fan-art, as well as original characters in cartoon and anime styles up to semi-reali - more serious
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Why can I not include pictures in my journal? Ahhh there we go... the journal post feature broke momentarily. xD I'm pretty happy at the moment. I had a lot of work to get finished by the end of yesterday - which, thankfully, got mostly finished, so I shouldn't have too much hanging over me when I next go into work on Monday week. I can relax in my week off without fear of anything being overdue when I return, and I'm gonna try to see if I can get a bit of writing done - either fanfiction or original. :) But what new pieces do I have in my gallery right now? Well... Firstly, this beautiful little surprise showed up in my notifications from @Miss-Alex-Aphey, the completed Dr Who couples dessert pic of Jamie and Victoria. They're just so sweet - and so are those scrummy-looking tartan pattern iced biscuits. (I wonder what flavour they are? XxD) Just yesterday, I received the finished piece I commissioned recently from @Shini-Smurf, which crosses over the CG-animated movie Sing!
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Just remembered, I never mentioned my upcoming commission ideas in the journal I just wrote... Well, from @J8d I'm commissioning four new pictures - three more Disney Stars, and an original character of sorts... The Blue Fairy, from "Pinocchio" Vixey, from "The Fox and the Hound" and Moana, from...well, take a guess. ;) The original character is a little loli Terminator, who I'm nicknaming the Lolinator because that was the best portmanteau name I could come up with her. In a world where machines have declared war on humanity and only children are left, the AI in charge would want child-sized infiltration units instead of ones looking like great big Ah-nold. :D I then also commissioned him last week to do a cute little one-page comic in which one of my existing OCs will get a redesigned outfit... ;) On top of these, I have a new painting in the works with @TychyTamara which will feature more characters from some classic works of children's literature enjoying a nice day
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Thanks for fav'n my little drawing!

I love your artwork been looking through it for nearly 2 hours! Lmao
I was wondering.. do you have anywhere you post more...daring stuff? 😅

Thanks. I do have a few more daring pics which I commissioned, they are on my Hentai-Foundry account (I have the same username there). Tbh I don't commission much work that can't be shared here, as there aren't really many places I can share such stuff. xD

Yeah you weren't kidding awww, Good artwork ^-^ Just not what I was hoping for if you know what I mean uwu

Thanks a lot for your fav! It was certainly unexpected, but it made my day (or rather said, late hours?) :)

Thanks for the fave! It means a lot to me! :)

You're most welcome. :D