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Conky, Conky, Conky

When I saw this incredible script (and got the clock idea, and then found that someone has already coded that too, see here (EDIT: sorry, the webpage no longer seems to exist; just google for "conky lua rings" or something similar) :D), I decided to play around with my desktop a bit, and this is the result :D

If you want the conkyrc, the rings script, the new mail script (circles on the right), or sth else, send me a note or email me!
EDIT: As there have been more requests: Download the thing at [link] , and you also need the fonts used, that is Santana for the conky and White Rabbit if you want a background terminal that is not on the screenshot. Enjoy! =)

Yes, and the dock is AWN, the icon theme is AwOken, font is Santana, and the unbelievable wallpaper is Explode from
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this is the coolest conky theme great work awesome...!

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Hi guys,

I did some works on the original files in conky and this is the final art. I add some functionalities like:

[0] cusmomized linux distro logo

[1] a voice "welcome!" audio file that welcome you after first login

[2] some info about cpu temperature and other info

[3] graph of download and upload rate

[4] show internal and external IP and some other network info

[5] the notes functionalities are completely rewrite so you can commented some line in the txt file and exclude the lines commented or some words from the input file to read

[6] show the pid of first five (or more) processes so you can eventually kill some process if needed

[7] some other modifications to optimize the scrips

Finally, this is the result.

Thank you to all of you, I love you all.

Have a nice day!


Schermata da 2020-12-08 10-27-24

how to install it on windows please

cant install on windows. its for linux systems

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is there any Music Visualizer for Conky? so far i only found this…

i had some good music visualizers from rainmeter on my windows 10, so im really missing Music Visualizer in Linux
how is the link?   doesnt work
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The function used to draw the circles is wrong for the minutes and hours : it keeps track of the unit under (H.M, M.S), but in base 100 and not 60. It results in weird spaces between the hour hand and ring at 11:55 for exemple.
I fixed the function here :
Is it possible to upscale this to 1920x1080?
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YesThisIsMe - I like your theme! :) Thanks!

I did some minor modifications in this theme and made a new one. Check it out!…
Stratovarius <3 and beautiful ;3
HI ,

I'm new to linux and new to everything .. :( Please anyone can explain me how to install this theme step by step ..  I read the README File but i dunno where to begin .. :/ Please Help me ..  ( Arch Linux )
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watch this one ... "gimped by me"
copy all the link ... i know it has been divided ... and paste it in your link bar

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oh it could work ... see what i got ...i'm trying to fix the arrows
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I can't believe he did it.. i think it's a photoshoped pic
how to download?
Hah :D Velice pekne, len mi tam chyba per-core vyuzitie CPU, teplota, frekvencia, napatie a ine udaje. Tiez by to mohlo niekde decentne zobrazovat pripojene USB zariadenia. Pocasie a info o sieti (sila WiFi signalu, vytazenie v KBps, pocet prenesenych dat za sedenie) a pod.
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I downloaded this conky, followed the "read me" file and I am definitely doing it all wrong. Can someone please help me with this?  
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It’s very frustrating to be able to see this screenshot and not be able to have this Conky theme :(
Can I ask what cursor is that?
How can i download this script ?
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Wonderful! ^^
i just started my experience with Ubuntu.xD
Would you be so kind to tell me, how to "install" this clock?..... I have noooo idea.
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Okey! I figured it out by now ^^
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how to install???????????????????????????????????/
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and the doick?
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