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When I saw this incredible script (and got the clock idea, and then found that someone has already coded that too, see here (EDIT: sorry, the webpage no longer seems to exist; just google for "conky lua rings" or something similar) :D), I decided to play around with my desktop a bit, and this is the result :D

If you want the conkyrc, the rings script, the new mail script (circles on the right), or sth else, send me a note or email me!
EDIT: As there have been more requests: Download the thing at [link] , and you also need the fonts used, that is Santana for the conky and White Rabbit if you want a background terminal that is not on the screenshot. Enjoy! =)

Yes, and the dock is AWN, the icon theme is AwOken, font is Santana, and the unbelievable wallpaper is Explode from
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this is the coolest conky theme great work awesome...!