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shoulder blades are wishbone wings
the wind has switched
your startling eyes your
sterling throat its
starling notes
i've sinned and hitched
a stolen ride on
your carved lungs their
starving boats
lashes lash your
tarnished cheek the
tears it leak has
turned flesh stone
clash/ed clavicle i seek
the key to broken
collar bones
the cage was locked i
asked the way
picking ribs and
pricking limbs
a heart within a
dimpled crib
of scar tissue and
eyeglass rims
your soul was sewn with sparrow marrow
your life was pushed with daisy-rings
your knuckles knobby
bits of lamb
a puppet pulled on sinew-strings
just a man.
i am, i am
what's left of you lies still and sighs
beneath my hand
you stand and twitched
your pulse/d throat
your startling eyes
:iconhipsterfaust:hipsterfaust 14 19
if i were so inclined
to go to heaven, well,
it just might be a beaten path of weeds
among six billion yellowing flowers
bowing and drifting in the sauron sun
beating and drafting wind through the wings of my
if i were so inclined
to have a boy to take there, well,
maybe he'd smile and take my hand if
i was good enough to think it so
and walk down the path and meet a man
lost, in tourist clothes, looking for a
if i were so inclined maybe
i'd point him in the right direction if i knew
but we're all lost here
we're all looking for the way past
the cottages and cabins, the stomped-down
feet pressed into thistles and frogs
laugh gently at the children
rollicking around their mother's knees
if i were so inclined
i'd leave the comfort of the swing
to go look out on the looping swaying bellies of
clouds and catch the catacomb crickets singing
sewing-notes in their wooden throats
if i were so inclined to
make more art and long for less love i'd
set up a canvas on that canvasboard d
:iconhipsterfaust:hipsterfaust 4 5
he was one of those dick-faced kids in shades of bright polyester salmon who seemed to always be laughing or looking at me. an ambiguous-named, feminine-famed all-school american douchebag in those quality leather sandals in the wintertime and golf-green shorts.
ta give you some background i'm about as far away on the social scale from him as one can get. you know how all the little groups overlap and flap together, pushed around in the wet sand like wave-rivulets blending little facets of stones together until it makes a dune? well our groups---they didn't even touch. i mean you could go from pop-jock to lacrosse to dipper to weed-dealer to hipster to artsy kid to photographer to theatre kid and MAYBE just MAYBE make a weak little chain like one o em shitty-ass jump rings that connect dollar-store lockets. but anyway the point i'm trying to make is we sit on opposite sides of the room and let sociology take its toll.
of course murphy's law works in that i never know anyone. is it that
:iconhipsterfaust:hipsterfaust 183 83



Kamila Souckova
I am a geek-to-be, crazy about GNU/Linux, Metal music and Calculus. I study at the Evanjelicke Lyceum, a bilingual high school in Slovakia and I am proud of it! The second most dangerous thing I've ever heard about is a chicken with the root password, right after me with the root password. The language of the day is in my opinion C, and Python is the language of the next day. Just now my classmate told me that there is a man in my city who is 2.47m tall. That is, almost one meter taller than me. WHAT??? XD

Personal Quote: Hand over the calculator, friends don't let friends derive drunk.
Hi folks, great news for anyone who likes my art (I wonder how many of you even care :D:D): I have a story! To be more precise, some of my pics are going to have a background! It's planned to be some sort of mythology or something, however I don't think it's gonna be human mythology. Honestly, humans will probably be some kind of "degenerated" descendants of this unknown nation ^^ I don't have any definite idea yet (in case you haven't noticed :XD:), but I have already started working on an "introductory" pic, and it will probably appear here later today. While you're eagerly waiting to see it (which I consider to be absolutely unavoidable :P), get Photoshop! As I learned some new thing over the past 2 days, I realized that it's even better than I had previously thought, and I've always thought that Photoshop was great :D I mean, I use it although it's not open-source, and that means I like it a lot :XD:
  • Listening to: Ayreon (how unexpected XD)
  • Reading: No physics, some fantasy for a change :P
  • Watching: the progressbar in my browser as it loads the page


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