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don't waste your youth

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-growing up

i've made a lot of pages like this one over the past few months from scanned magazine pages and my own writing/paint strips etc. i've not been sure on if i should submit any of them on here so i'd really appreciate feedback on if people would like to see more or if i'd be wasting my time because i'm not sure if theyre good enough really. thank you.
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I love this, this is so beautiful and true.

I'm 15, and I know so many people who try to look older, but act like children.
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definitely good enough. i'd love to see the collection in its entirety.
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thank you,
i'm not so sure about most of them as single squares..i prefer them all together in the book
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do you have copies of the book? cause i think i might kind of want one, if i have the money.
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no..i only had the one made for my final project at college and ive still not got that back even. and that seemed like a bit of a rip off to have made (£30-ish) but there were about 60 i dont know if that was good value or not, and really i'm sure i could get it cheaper if i could find a place to print square books in england (and not berlin :/ i dont know what i was thinking) but yeah, i'm waffling..i've never thought about selling anything before, so i dont really have any answers :/ im sorry aha, erm, im not surew what to say (dispite this huge thing ive written..)
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yes, it does sound like a lot of work. if you ever need a few extra bucks and are interested, let me know.
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okay :) i'll be sure to do so,
ive been meaning to make some more pages now..replace some which i think are too boring, so when i've done them i'll be sure to let you know, even just to show you if not to buy :)
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This is honestly inspiring, really great stuff. I like the blocks of yellow and the bold wording really commands attention.
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thank you :) yeah..i keep wondering if to do more of this work or not, maybe, i dont know
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I would very much think so, yes!
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love it. <3
gemma ward! :B
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:) she's a great model
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This has been featured in my journal:
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this is amazing!!
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I love this picture so much ... each time I see it :)
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haha i have one more i found hiding in my files(well i have 60 in total but yeah). i may submit it the same way singers release 'bonus tracks'
but thank you so much, this was always my favourite too
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Gosh, I really love this one.
Good Job!
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I absolutely love these, had to fave several of them. :love:
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hah i love the message, as well as how it's rendered .. !!
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thank you ! :) it really does mean a lot
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they are amazing..
keep on doing it and also your photography, pls.
i love love your sense of art. :)
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