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Vintage California - Japanese Tea Garden



Antique postcard
Circa 1910

Kyusu Japanese Tea Garden, Coronado, San Diego CA Chawan Chawan 

Japanese tea gardens were an absorbing and restive oasis for residents and visitors to Coronado for nearly four decades. These gardens were a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of simplicity away from the boisterous outside world. Many would take strolls through the immaculately kept paths, or ease their psyche by resting near running water or viewing graceful ponds of Koi. 
The gardens at Coronado were immensely popular for catered events, many society parties and receptions were held within its walls. 

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Vintage item from my post card and ephemera collections, free stock for yours.
Use however you like. Enjoy! :heart:

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Ah, San Diego, you fools! How could you do this to me, just HOW?! :shakefist: :no:

When I saw "Coronado" I couldn't help but wonder what on earth this was about...
...because I lived in San Diego in the late 90's/early 00's, and never had a chance to
see this, likely due to them having demolished it by then... or because under others'
thumbs at the time... Gosh, I need to make some money, and go traveling again!! :D

Anyway, the point is... thank you for sharing this lovely memory. I'm happy to know
it at least existed, and its memory was saved anyway! I guess deltiology wins again!?
And I needed to add that to my dictionary! Rude. How does it not know it's a word? ;P