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Roosevelt Bears in the Department Store

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Antique comic postcard 
Circa Early 1900's

Anthropomorphic bear clerk  - Lost & Found packages, another bear in a paper bundle marked "Teddy G"... A lady in a red dress... :?: What's it all about?

In November 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt and some of his friends went on a hunting trip to Mississippi. After hours of searching, Roosevelt and his group had not come across any wild animals. Finally, the group did track down and surrounded a helpless bear. One of the guides asked the president to shoot the bear so he could win a hunting trophy. The president refused, and news reporters throughout the country spread the story of Roosevelt's humane act.

Not long after this, a renowned illustrator for The Washington Post named Clifford Berryman drew this cartoon based on Roosevelt 's rescue of the bear.
When a shop proprietor in Brooklyn, NY saw the cartoon, he decided to make toy bears to sell in his store. He asked president Roosevelt for permission to use the name “"Teddy's Bear"” for his toys, as a reminder of the bear Roosevelt had set free. Today, everyone knows these toys as Teddy Bears, but few people know that they were named after President Theodore “"Teddy"” Roosevelt.

November 14 has been designated American Teddy Bear Day. bear  

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A great story and a wonderful postcard! blowing kisses bear emoji 
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Glad you liked it!
Everyone knows of Teddy bears but not many people, especially people outside USA don't know how Teddy came into being. It began small but became a world-wide sensation. Hug Plushie - NaNo9 
So, a question for you now: Is it really true that every Dutch police car has a teddy bear inside, in case something troubling happens involving a child?
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Haha, that question surprised me. (^_^)
I didn't know that (shame on me!) but after a visit to the website of our Dutch police I can tell you now: Yes, it's really true!
In fact, the teddy bear is a regular passenger on all emergency service vehicles. The "troostbeer" (comforting bear) is wrapped in plastic for hygienic reasons and is given to children to comfort or distract them from their distress.
I found a Dutch article online about this wonderful service with a video and picture of the little bears in a firetruck:…

:teddyhug: Hug Plushie - NaNo9 Pink teddy bear  They are the real Care Bears! Heart 
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That was such a nice article!