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Best Wishes Love and Luck

Antique greetings post card for a birthday 
Circa 1909
Postmark Oswego N.Y. 

Golden four-leafed clover framed by dainty sweet violets and green clovers. 

Clover Flower Bullet (Brown) - F2U! Clover Flower Bullet (Purple) - F2U! Clover Pixel Rose Bullet - Purple Clover Flower Bullet (Purple) - F2U! Clover Pixel Rose Bullet - Purple Clover Flower Bullet (Purple) - F2U! Clover Flower Bullet (Brown) - F2U! Clover 

Happy Hours by Yesterdays-Paper 
#oldpostcard #postcardstock #deltiology #vintagestock #postcards
Vintage item from my post card and ephemera collections, free stock for yours.
Use however you like. Enjoy! :heart:

4leaf Clover Emoji My Gallery…
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Deltiology = The collection and study of postcards.
Flower Bullet (Lilac) - F2U! Travel the globe and learn world history, one image at a time! Flower Bullet (Lilac) - F2U! 
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So beautiful! The colors are interesting <3 
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Glad you like it! I like the way this one has aged, it looks much nicer in person :)
Darn I should probably redo some of these scans— I hate that they look small compared to the shots I take with the iPad. over the years I've used three different computers and two scanners and they all did the images differently. I began digitalizing my collections in 2006 thinking I'd make a book or a website. Today's technology is SO much better for that!
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Wow, you've been doing scans and such for a long time! That explains your massive collection and how fast you are XD. I thought you were scanning them the same days you were uploading them LOL I was like "she's so fast O>o does she spend all day scanning?" XD Yeah, technology is a lot better now, it amazes me that my tablet takes about the same number of pixels in a photo that an old camera we have does. Pretty amazing.
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I've worked out a routine for myself where I'll photograph or scan a bunch at once, like 100-200 cards, then spend a few hours cropping and uploading them to stash— I am thinking about the size of the project to rescan the 1000s I've done in smaller resolution again in a larger size, 2MB or more seems to be what the most artists want for photomanips and other digital art... the higher the better, I've seen things on here in double digit MB sizes. But I am not keen on starting it all over again when I have so many cards that have yet to be shown even once yet... 
In 2006 most forums wouldn't accept jpeg pics larger than 800pix, 400x600 was the standard. This was also when only college students had Facebook, iPhones were still a year away. So much has changed in ten years :)
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Woah O.O That must take a while! Yeah, I can see why you wouldn't want to rescan all of those images, that would be disheartening! XD, that must have been a problem! Yeah, I remember when Facebook was for the "cool" people XD, I never got one, never was interested. I remember the blackberry phones that were the thing before the iPhones were everywhere! Yeah, a lot has changed! 
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Wow! Really?! You began digitizing already 11 years ago!! It's amazing!! So, how many years are you collecting these wonderful cards?
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I started around 1987, 88 - the first cards I picked up were Easter cards. I liked the cute chicks and the unusual symbols and fonts that appeared on them. 
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Wow!! So, this year you can celebrate the anniversary of your 30 years with postcards!!! Congratulations!!
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