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F2U Custom box Background

:iconchachi-species: :iconcosa-closed-species:

[ Pixel ] grassy divider! 

Folder with other chachi things for custom

[Pixel]  tiny  icecream 1 left Terms of Use:[Pixel]  tiny  icecream 1 right
[Pixel]  tiny  icecream 2 left  Free to use, but please favorite and comment so I know you're using it. (I'd love to see it in use! ♥)
[Pixel]  tiny  icecream 2 left Credit me on your profile page somewhere.
[Pixel]  tiny  icecream 2 left Do not edit, redistribute, or claim as your own. 
[Pixel]  tiny  icecream 2 left You can use like background in journal and custom box. Only in DA

[ Pixel ] grassy divider! 

Art Yesirukey 
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© 2017 - 2021 Yesirukey
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Can I use this as a background for a trait sheet? With credit of course
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Sorry for the late reply, I am in a hiatus-

Yes is ok, because is not part of the artwork~
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I used it in the art work and credited you!
You’re okay! I assumed that’s what happened 💕
Thank you for allowing me to feature your art!
It was a pleasure to work with!
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do u have code i can't really seem to get it to work ^w^"
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You say this?

div class="popup2-moremenu"><div class="floaty-boat"><img src="IMAGE URL GOES HERE" /></div></div>



♥do it work? I am not core so I cant know if this code work QwQ
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i think i'm typing it in wrong Q~Q

I'm typing this btw

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Ahhhh no, you are using the PAGE url , you have to use the IMAGE url.

Go to the image and right click, so copy image url  and paste that . 
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ah!!! thank u i'm a new member to core OwQ it worked now i have to forget how to add text and stuff!!
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No problem <33

You can search codes and help for customize the profiles  
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using! :3c (will be adding the credits once i finish, as the page is still a work in progress lakjsd;fkjas)
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Trying using it but it doesnt work somehow...
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Might use!!
I'll be sure to credit you when I finish if I use it <3
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Super cute! Think I might use!
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