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Tickling Truce

A commission for :iconjonnyjones:

Turns out Beast and Gaston decided Belle was worth forming a truce for.
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A truce IS a good idea when you're no match for someone and have no choice but to admit it :P
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One of the greatest HISHE moments right here xD
can we see a sequel to this with those blondes?
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Depends on if someone ever commissions it.
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Nobody makes girls laugh like Gaston!
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damn It would be amazing to see beast, gaston and the three girls tickling belle at the same time <3
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That's a lot of tickling at once! :D
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How lovely! I really want to tickle her armpits.^^
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You watching this Disney?
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Yay! The two are friends now! :D
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An unlikely friendship if ever there was one.
No one knows how to have a good time like Gaston!:D (Big Grin) 
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Apparently true!
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Soooo very nice to see Belle so very happy!  :slow:
I just knew that beast chap was into bondage and torture.
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