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Stephanie Brown Bound

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© 2020 Yes-I-DiD
Another teaser for my Patreon. This Stephanie Brown in custom Batgirl costume was posted several months back in full high-res and without those pesky bat symbols in the way! There was also a hooded variant. At the time of this posting, the piece is still in the archive but will be rotated out soon.  

The Patreon currently has lots of art with a variety of favorite characters from X-Men, Power Girl, Spider-Gwen, Star Wars girls, Arya Stark, Britta and Annie from Community, and many more, with more added each month! Art stays in the archive for a few months but is eventually rotated out.

Patrons are charged once upon signing up, and then recurring on the first day of each month that you choose to remain a member, so the first of the month is always a good time to jump in to the fun. Plus the first three days of each month are open for a character poll, in which patrons get to suggest characters who will be placed in a raffle to determine some of what I draw that month.
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Starlight-DamselNew Deviant

So hot.

TheRavenousRaven's avatar
Somewhere, the Joker is laughing his off...
Hojwdope's avatar

You don't like Barbara? Do you?

Uber-Stooge's avatar

love the rope work, well done

bound-nicole-babe78's avatar
Steph has always been one of my fav Bat-characters. She also seems to be the one Batgirl that tends to get bound up in extra kinky ways. Not that Babs doesn't get bound's just Steph seems to get bound up by the more fetishy villain if you know what I mean.
Yes-I-DiD's avatar

I mean, can you blame the villains for getting extra-fetishy with her? ;)

Though that's not to say that Babs should be left out of the fun....

bound-nicole-babe78's avatar
Poor Cassandra, she never gets as much bondagey love as the others. Though I guess those that tried are now sucking their meals from straws.
avyotam's avatar
Really nice outfit and beautifully matching thong. 
KoU32's avatar
Super cute, well done 
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She's such a cute gal, and it's always great seeing her in that nice, custom bondage-outfit that evokes the full Batgirl costume. Stuck sitting around, at least we know for sure she's nicely out of trouble! XD
Yes-I-DiD's avatar

Thanks...your customized gear definitely suits her. :P

aidenke's avatar
I appreciate you putting it to use! You took very good care of her here! :D
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