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Emma's X-Girls

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© 2020 Yes-I-DiD
Another teaser for my Patreon.  This piece was commissioned by aidenke and originally appeared back in January.  The Patreon version is high-res and does not feature the black tape X/s. There were also isolated pin-ups of each of the girls as they appear here in the group as well.  At the time of this posting, the piece is still available in the Patreon archive but will be rotated out eventually.

My Patreon currently has lots of exclusive art with a variety of favorite characters. Recent posts include Supergirl, Britta and Annie from Community, Spider-Gwen, Bombshell Raven, Wasp from MCU, Roxanne from Goofy Movie, Jane from Tarzan, and more--with more added each month! Art stays in the archive for a few months but is eventually rotated out. 

Patrons are charged once upon signing up, and then recurring on the first day of each month that you choose to remain a member, so the first of the month is always a good time to jump in to the fun. Plus the first three days of each month are open for a character poll, in which patrons get to suggest characters who will be placed in a raffle to determine some of what I draw that month.
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I hope we see more Astrid bondage soon! :D

Yes-I-DiD's avatar

There's always the possibility! :)

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Thanks for throwing Storm in there. I love every opportunity to see her in restraint and ball gag.

0ccums-Razor's avatar

You see this one?

diesel561's avatar

No! Very nice! Thanks!

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Super fun and cute piece.

Yes-I-DiD's avatar


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Welcome ^_^

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This piece reminds me a lot the comic "Night Games" by SanePerson

(Quite a good comic, I must say)

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Both were commissioned by Aidenke, so they share the same DNA. :)

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InfiniteMultiBurstHobbyist Digital Artist


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This is a delightful new team Emma's assembling, with some awesome inspiration in their outfits based on their various comic costumes. You did amazing work with the expressions all around this piece -- thank you again for taking this on and making such an awesome little team-reveal!

Doubly so, considering how happy / surprised some of these girls might be to see Kitty like this... Emma maybe making it up for them for getting them into this in the first place? XD

Yes-I-DiD's avatar

Always a pleasure to collaborate! This one was a fun one.

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The Uncanny X-Posed!


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Mmmm, reminds me of SanePerson's Night Games comic. Love this!

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Thanks! And I believe that comic was also commissioned by aidenke, so there's some common DNA there. :)

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