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Marker drawing - Misa Amane [By Frederica]

Marker drawing of Misa Amane from Death Note  By Frederica 

Author: Frederica Henrieta Hegedüs 
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Original size: 5184 x 3456
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© 2016-2017 Frederica Henrieta Hegedüs 
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ROFL the expression is great! 
Cool I like the art style! What markers are you using?
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Kinda looks like Lucy from Fairy Tail. I have a request (if you accept requests), I was wondering if you could draw natsu from Fairy Tail for me??
Miilkk's avatar
Misa Misa <3
Bellmellart's avatar
yeah this face suit her XD 
ekoi1995's avatar
that expression :)
EdwardChatto's avatar
Death Note is the best anime. I love the details in the hair :D
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This is awesome, love the detail on her choker!
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This is such a cool coloring, the hair looks perfect.  It must have taken forever, markers are hard so you have my respect for doing this.
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Great capture in a drawing of an emotional feeling expressed in a very cute way. 
PoppetPanda's avatar
Misa!!!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome! :)
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This is just what I think if you watch the first part of Death note Misa looks totally different well to me then later on the art of her changed because like her face looks totally different later on idk I think its just me 
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Death note, NOICE I am a dummy! Sweating a little... 
vt2000's avatar
you like the expression you display in her face!
Iglybo's avatar
Nice expresion :D
DevineIniquity's avatar
Did she ever jump off that building in the last episode?
Iglybo's avatar
I think she did… I mean she was so mental life without Light meant nothing to her, and she probably knew she'd be caught…
PerseidGalaxy's avatar
Misa omg I love her I drew L from death note by the way in my gallery! But yours is way better then mine XD nice job!
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I luv Death Note ❤
7HotSprings's avatar
L and Near is bae
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