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Digital Drawing - Save me | Madoka Magica

Exactly one month ago I uploaded sketch of this drawing, this is the finished version. It took me quite some time.
This is my first drawing with two characters in it. 
Hope you guys like it, feedback is always appreciated. 

Character: Sayaka Miki + Kyouko Sakura
Anime: Madoka Magica 

Hardware: XP-Pen Artist10s
Software: MediBang Paint Pro 
Layers: 49
Time: 26 hours
Original Size: 15360 x 8640 (16K resolution)
Original files available as premium content
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Image size
1920x1080px 331.39 KB
© 2017 - 2021 Yersinia88
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thanks for watching =D
JamieJollyRanchers's avatar
I really really like your drawing! ^-^
I like how you shaded and did the line work for the hair. I think the clothes are really good as well. When I look at your drawing, I can tell you have a lot of skill with drawing clothes, hair, and more. : D Honestly I think it looks really good, a lot of effort was put into this.
Now, after saying this, I wanna point out a few things you could improve on. : P
Firstly I wanna point out that the faces and hands aren't proportioned. It seems that one character has a smaller face and a bigger head while the other one has a wider head. I could say the same for the hands, as the characters have two different sized hands, but they are still well drawn despite this. : 3
Keep doing what you love and always practice! : D
That's really great! Could I ask how you did the lines, when I draw anime, my lines tend to be to thick, but if I make them smaller, the tools do not work as well.
Batchick-youtube's avatar
Oh my gosh this is my favorite anime! (So far at least lol)
Batchick-youtube's avatar
Kyouko is my favorite character btw
MMD-Urirem-SMP's avatar
Did they put this in the anime?
GabaKawa's avatar
Very nice! Their arc honestly always left me a little weepy, and this piece is just as powerful, I love the lighting in particular, really makes stand out.
IVISEK's avatar
Úžasné! Velmi pěkná práce!
Gold-Angel's avatar
very expressive piece of artwork ☕️
pootmyster's avatar
Nice very emotional
zarbastian's avatar
This is just wonderful! I love the colors!
tyryp25's avatar
This looks absolutely beautiful!
KaiCrayolaDA's avatar
This is stinking AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
SsjxEd's avatar
nice :) I'm not that good at 2 character pics
poorlydrawnanime's avatar
Do you mind a bit critique? I don't want to sound rude
Yersinia88's avatar
Nah, I already know what's up with this one.
MahouShoujoMaisoon's avatar
I cried at this scene for quite a long time.
Yersinia88's avatar
I didn't, cause I'm tough badass. 
I did, I so did :'(
iwizardcatz456's avatar
All i can say is that the head on the character Sayaka is a bit big but besides that i love it keep it up :D
Butterknive's avatar
So pretty this would take me my whole life. I SUCK AT TEO PEOPLE DRAWINGS!!!!!
Yersinia88's avatar
They are not People, they are magical girls! :D 
Butterknive's avatar
I was meaning at the fact i cant draw any two figures together. I just used people as an example...
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