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Yes, fiction, fan fiction to be exact, I'm good with fics, lately I've been writing about LOST a lot, but I think I'm going to finish some band fiction I have in the air since a few months ago.

Maybe I should upload those here...
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You know, I'm actually here a lot, I just don't update very often...
Jajaja, Know, I'm messing up with my journal to try some things....
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So, my friend :iconkharolsodi: cached me, tagged me and bring me to life, jajaja.

The rules:
1. post these rules
2. each person tagged must post 8 random (hopefully interesting) facts about themselves
3. tags should write a blogpost (journal) of these facts
4. at the end of the post 8 more bloggers are tagged and named
5. go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

1. I am a writer, I just love to write and I like fanfics and I enjoy the good ones, but believe it or not, "Tenkû no Escaflowne" my favourite series ever is the only one I had never read or write a fanfic of, I just don't feel like it ^^;   

2. This Girl is finally a Role Master! That's right people, after taking my path in Word of Darkness with games like Vampire: The masquerade, Changeling: The Dreaming and Werewolf: The Apocalypse, I learned from a great guy, one of my best friends and now I'm master of "Highlander: The Gathering" and I love it!

3. In my professional live, I am a Chef (you can see some pictures of my plates in my gallery) I enjoy making salty food than desserts, Mexican food, my mother food, is something like a temple of culture for me. I enjoy making Japanese food and of course create my own recipes and setting the plates with style, making art not just with the flavour but the image as well. I think the feeling and touch is very important when you are cooking, and I DO believe that yours feelings pass to you food, that's why if you bake a cake being sad, the feeling is going to be there same as if you make cookies being happy, everyone is going to taste you happiness in them.

I love vegetables, love them back people, they are good! xD
Since food is my art, I do respect animal rights but I eat and cook a lot of things, sorry Vegetarian people, I can make very good vegetarian food, but I do cook meat as well. Live with it.  

I feel sad when people don't want to try my food because the they "I don't like it" and had not even try it. (That's hwy I hate the "How to lose a guy in 10 days" part when he cooked for her and she did not want to try it because and stupid, very stupid bet....HOW DARE SHE! nobody mess with my art, the feeling! *I know I'm overreacting, just leave me be thanks* damn it...)

4. Tim Burton, for me, is one of the best directors. I like his style a lot, since is a bizarre and very cool mix of light and dark, odd stories very interesting and lots of feelings one each one of them. Not to mention Danny Eflman in the music and Johnny Deep as an actor, best combo ever.

5. I'm a Gamer. I enjoy table games, video games and online games, role play games. RPG's are excellent to keep me entertained for a good while. Platform Games, I like them, jaja. Ragnarok online is my guilty obsession right now. I think why I like the most is the music, some games had awesome music and I like to use music when I am rolling Highlander... or even when I'm cooking, music's good, yeah.  

6. I'm the second of three sisters. It's hard you know? My big sister likes my little sister better and both of them are too normal for my status, my big sister is part of the "Normal" circle of the society, my younger sister not so much, but for people like me, Gamers, It's kind of a problem some times ^^;

Don't take me wrong, I love them, Is just part of the sister-problems everybody have, jaja.

7. My Family (Even thinking we are not normal, at all) and Friends are my treasure. My friends, I have four of them, I think I trust them the most, my almost brothers and my dear best girlfriend, I'm happy to know that if everything is lost, I have them, always.

8. I am going to be the best Female Chef you have heard of EVER! And if you have not heard of me, I'm going to tell you know, I rock the world baby and the ones who know me, know this as well, jajaja. (What? Can't I have some self-bust every once in a while? ;P)

So yeah, Tag time!:

:iconmeliciahunter: :iconekhary: :icondarkmirime:
:iconcirihtt: :iconmaster2:
I stole this from :iconartifedex:

~First things first~

Full name: Yersi Fanel (JA!)
Birth Date: May 24 1986
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Religion: Catholic
Education Level: College
Race: I'm an Kendder!!! (regional joke XP)
Where do you live?: Monterrey, Mexico
Where are you right now?: My home
Where do you work?: In a Hospital's Kitchen
Are you Single?: Yes


Are you happy being Single?: Yep
Do you have your eyes on anyone? ...May be...

The Past:

How many Girl/boy friends have you had? 2
Which do you prefer.. Single or taken: Single
Do you want to get married? May be
---when? At te right time
What about kids... Do you want any?? I guess
--- How many?  2 will be fine


Name of Elementry School: Universidad Regiomontana
--- Mascott: I think is a Jaguar
--- Fav. teacher: Chef. Fernando
--- Fav. Class: Bakery & International Cossine
--- Fav Activities: Cock XD
--- Who were your friends? Many people =)


How many siblings do you have? 2
--- Step Siblings? 0
--- Half Siblings? 0
--- Step Parents? 0
What is your mom's name? Silvia
--- Her Maiden Name? Garcia
What is your Dad's name? Luis


What is your earliest memory?: when i wass in kinder garden a kid bite me ¬¬*
What is your favorite memory?: Christmas at my Gandparents'!
Have you gone to any concerts? Yup
Where was your first vacation? Cacun
Where have you gone on vacations? Texas, Florida, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, South Padre Island...
What was your favorite vacation? Puerto Vallarta!

~Your Future~

Do you want to live in a city? Yes
What occupation would you like to have? Chef! ;P

~What is your Favorite...~

Tv Show: Lots @.@
Band: L'arc~En~Ciel, Era, Enigma
Song: Too many
Cell Phone Brand: Nokia
Soft Drink: Sprite
bevarage: Lemmon Tea
Alcoholic Bevarage: Blue Lagoon!!!
Game Console: PS2
Cereal: Special K with berries
Dessert: Lemmon Pay
City: Orlando
State: Nuevo Leon
Animal: Butterfly
Shampoo: Suave or Pantene
Conditioner: same
Clothing Brand: Anything that I like and Fit

~Preferences - This or That~

IPOD/Cd Player: Ipod (but I don't have one XD I have an Sony MP3 player, pretty cool)
Staples/Tape: Tape
Walmart/Kmart: Wal-Mart
Target/Kohls: Target
Macy's/JcPenneys: JcPennys
Cash/ Credit: Cash
Blue/red: Blue
Black/ white: Black
Hooded/non hooded: Non Hooded
Jeans/Sweats: Jeans
Renting/Movie Theatre: Theare
Short/Long hair: Middle o.oU
Night/Day: Night
Rain/Sun: Rain
Cloudy/Bright: Cloudy
Hot/Cold: Cold
Water/Soda: Water
Comedy/Drama: Mystery!

:meditation: Community! :excited:

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:meditation: Community! :excited:

:iconpride-bbillusion:  :icontimburton-fans:  :iconsnapesnoggerfc:

I'm writing a series of short stories to practice my style in writing and if someone want to draw a cover of one of the stories I'll be very happy, you all know I'm not very good at drawing XD


:wave: The Party! :hug:

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I got this from :iconmeliciahunter: :D

1. What is his/her name?
Hellsing Silencecall

2. Does he/she have a nickname?
Officially? Nope. (But Astromeria call him "Amatist Eyes")

3. Approx. how old is he/she?
349 (But looks arround 21)

4. Does he/she have a zodiac sign/bloodtype?
Geminis, Serpent. O-

5. Does he/she have any specific likes/dislikes?
Likes: Read, Music, Mystery movies and plays, Shakespeare's novels, All kind of Mythology, Play whith his illusion's mastery power, The moon.
Dislikes: People obsessed with balance between dimensions, Small places, Loose control, Improper use of the language, Feel defenless.

6. What is his/her favorite color?
Purple and Black

7. What is his/her fashion sense?

8. Does he/she have a hidden talent?
Obfuscate (The person may be unnoticed by most, by hiding completely motionless in a shadows a place or an objet) and Dementation (it let the person pass its insanity on to its victim)

9. Does he/she have any existing family and/or relatives?
Astromeria is his sister-wannabe (But she's not even of his kind)

10. Does he/she have any siblings?

11. Does he/she know anyone they DON'T like?
The mystic guardians

12. Does he/she have any pets?
2 Crows, The Black is male and the White is Female.

13. Does he/she own a vehicle and what kind?

14. Does he/she have a job?

15. Does he/she have a place of their own or do they share?
He has a Victorian House somewhere XD

16. Does he/she have a significant other(s)?

17. What is his/her sexual preference?
Bisexual (and has a big crush in the Moonlight Goddess Isilme ;P)

18. Has he/she commited themselves to marriage?

19. Does he/she have offspring?

20. How does he/she die?
:devilish: I'm not telling you and He's pretty much alive.


:wave: The Party! :hug:

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I Stole this from :iconekhary: ;P

1. The first character I first fell in love with:
Van Fanel From the Vision of Escaflowne

2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
Shiroi Kumo from Final Fantasy Unlimited

3. The character everyone else loves that I don't:
Hum... I think is Kakyou from X/1999

4. The character I love that everyone else hates:
Emh... I don't know... May be Lucifer from Constantine? (My my, He has style!)

5. The character I used to love but don't any longer:
Let me see... I think I still like all the chracters, just do not make the same noise as when I meet them.

6. The character I would shag anytime:
What "shag" means? (My dear friend Jackie told me that is -do-it so) Folken Fanel :devilish: (didn't expect tat, did you? HE'S SO DAMN HOT)

7. The character I'd want to be like:
Hitomi Kansaki (I want those powers... and Van Fanel)

8. The character I'd slap:
Asuka from Evangelion, yes. ¬¬*

9. A pairing that I love:
Van & Hitomi

10. A pairing that I despise:
Van x someone-that-is-not-Hitomi (Because is going agaist the life course!)

Tage time!, I'll tag:

:icondarkmirime:  :iconmeliciahunter:  :iconcirihtt: :iconhibi-chan: :iconmarineneko:


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Every time I do something wrong in the kitchen, like, not clean properly a dish, leave to latter the clening of a table or something, my mother always tell me

"The people of the school are going to tell you that in the Chef carrie you are not even in kinder garden!"

and I always think...

'Do you really think I'm that careless?....'

Some times I forgot to clean in my house, because is my house and I'm clueless in there some times, but being under vision in the school, I DON'T THINK SO!, but, well, My mom (and big sister...) do not think the same, it's my fault really, I should be more careful in my own house.

Still makes me feel a little bad when se sait it ^^U....


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:meditation: Community! :excited:

:iconthetwins:  :iconpride-bbillusion:  :icontimburton-fans:
I won and Scholarship to go to study in Canada, Isn't it great?! :excited: I'm veryy happy!!!


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I love the carrier I choose to study, very much. But my mother keeps saying that I'll have too much problems and I need to almost die to be successful (She said this with other words and deny her words some times) This make thing that I should choose another carrier, but then I remember I love gastronomy too much… I want to be a great Chef… but I don't want to die trying it….

May be I am the one that's wrong and I don't want to admit it, but still hurt when She talks about it…

I hope to be a great Chef, and I hope to not die in the process.


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:meditation: Community! :excited:

:iconthetwins:  :iconpride-bbillusion:
Mod: :mwahaha: Planning
Music: Navras * Juno Reactor/Don Davis

So, what can I say? I just watch the comply Matrix Saga :matrixfight: because couldn't do it before, My cousin let me borrow his Matrix and Matrix revolutions dvds and I rent Reloaded, I watch the 3 movies one after the other, I must say my head hurt after that :x  

I fell in love with the Virii Twins as you can see, They are really cool!.

In other News, I was thinking in do an Artis Trade with some one, but I'm not pretty sure, because I'm not a very good artist, so, some one wanna risk to have an artist Trade with me? :lol:


:wave: The Party! :hug:

:iconmaster2: :icondarkmirime:  :iconmeliciahunter:  :iconcirihtt:

:meditation: Community! :excited:

:iconthetwins:  :iconpride-bbillusion:
From me to you, have a sweet lovely Christmas Night and a great new Year.

All my love to you!.
Got Tagged by :iconcirihtt:

10 people/things you like:

1. Chook
2. Write
3. L'arc~en~Ciel
4. Read
5. Lisent Music
6. Tim Buton & Danny Elfma's Team Work
7. Johnny sexy-lovely-can't-be-better Depp
8. Anime, Manga and Video Games
9. A good Book
10. Fan Fics
11. My Friends :hug:

5 things that make you happy:

1. Be with my friends  
2. Music
3. Read a good Fan Fic
4. Cook without pressure
5. Puppys

10 things that you hate/dislike:

1. Scipt Format in a Fan Fic :|
2. When my sister gave me orders ¬¬
3. Work under pressure
4. Mary Sues and Gary Stues :stab:
5. Writers Block :cling:
7. My Grammar
8. That my mother always blam the same thing no matter what problem I have >_<
9. "HI! I just meet ya via msg and I really don't know nothing about you and I have not even tell you my name, teach me how to make web pages!"
10. Immaturity  in the way of act of some people....  

3 facts about your name:

1. My Grandma Pick it
2. My Family notice that the day of my B-Day it's same as my saint the day I was taked home.
3. It's a coincidence that my mom and Granma picked my name as the same of the saint of may 24. o.oU

6 facts about yourself:

1. I can be very lazy
2. Even thinking that, I have an strong sense of responsibility
3. I can save so much resentment some times... depend of the situation.
4. I had never travel out of Mexico or USA
5. I used to be sleepwalker
6. I'm Dyslexic

2 things you expect (at least for now):

1. Get well with my Cousin's and I proyect
2. Write my Book

4 random thoughts:

1. I want pockys
2. Must... play... Ragnarok...
3. Need to find a good RoyxEd Fan Fic
4. OMG! I have not buy the sttuf for tomorrow's class!

Song you're listening to (give singer):
Right now? - Niffleheim Themen * Ragnarok on line soundtrack

12 People you'll tag this to:

:iconmeliciahunter:  :iconmaster2:  

:icondarkmirime: :iconmarineneko: :iconbanto:

And YOU even if your icon is not here!
Think of your darest that all rest in peace now, go the the cementery to get some flowers, pray for their Sould and remember the Good moments.

Mexicans, make your altar for the death, pray and remember the good time.

Happy Night of All Saints and Día de Muertos to everyone!

Information of "Día de Muertos"……

PS: Yes... I did a Pic of día de muertos with Jack and my skeleton character "Mariachi" but I'm in exams so I didn't finish it, it will come late but I'll finish it.
I like fun movies, I went with a friend to see Corpse Bride the other day, my suprise was to see, this trailer:…

*insert no-soon-too-end-laught here* OMG! I love that song, and this trailer it's the only reason why I'm going to see that movie, to see that chiken dance again! XD
Got tagged by :iconbloo-chan: because I asked her to XD

1- The first Fan fic I wrote was in script dialog and it's horrible
2- I lear to made web pages by reading tutorials
3- I was introduced to the concept of yaoi thanks to my fiend Chibi Neko-chan who wrote a fic about Kamatari of Rourni Kenshin
4- My favorite Anime is The Vision of Escaflowne.
5- I don't like superficial people  
6- I love tomato, japanise food and –the original- mexican food.  
7- even thinking I'm Mexican I DO NOT eat menudo
8- I only hug people I like  
9- My dog was stolen more than a year ago and it still hurts
10- I saw "The nightmare before Christmas" when I was 9 years old and I loved it since then.
11- The one how introduce me to the wold of "Tim Burton's dark vision" was my uncle
12- I like to see my favorite character of a series in a *cougratedcoug* angst situation *blink, blink*
13- I do not trust people easily
14- I only draw good things when I'm in "the zone" -_-
15- I hate whrn my big sister gave me orders
16- The firts time I saw Fullmetal alchemist, was by mistake, one of the most cool mistakes of my life.
17- In professional life, I'm studding to be a Chef.
18- I do not like to go to night clubs, drink or smoke.  
19- I can be really, really, clueless some times.
20- I love shrimps, with any kind of sauce.

And I'll Tag :iconcirihtt: and :iconmeliciahunter: ... and any other person who want to do this Muhahahaha!!
La gloria!! Al fin pude ver FF7: Advent Children y ese es precisamente lo que es, genial!!! realmente genial.

Detalles interesantes, cada uno de los protagonistas, o sea el Cloud-Tachi, tiene un listón rojo en el brazo o muñera izquierda (Creo que es por amistad y por memoria a Aeris), los mas dificiles de encontrar son los de Vincent y Nanaki (Así es gente, Vincent También lo tiene, me tardé en encontrarlo, saben porque?... porque esta en el antebrazo DERECHO XD), intentaré tomar lagunos screen de cada uno para que los vean, me pareció un detalle interesante.

Tiene que verla!!!! les paso el torrent, mandenme un email y se los doy, porque no creo que puedan esperar hasta Noviembre, no los que han estado esperando desde que se enteraron que saldría esta pelicula! XD

:meditation: Inspiración musical, Yersi dice:

Hit del momento: Moments - Ayumi Hamasaki

Hit de siempre: Mystic Eyes - Escaflowne

No puede Faltar: Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden

Y lo nuevo es: Lost Heaven - L'arc~En~Ciel

:wave: Un Especial Saludo! :hug:

:iconmaster2: :icondarkmirime: :iconedge-chan: :iconmeliciahunter:  :iconcirihtt: :iconfrozenfoxfire: - Yersi Fanel's Network
Las vacaciones están a dos semanas, dos semana mas y al fin tendré vacaciones aun que sean sólo 20 días, pero es nada, haha.
Para los que llene mi fanfics, si, ya estoy por terminar "Dori Me", solo falta el epilogo, "Elevation" tendrá capitulo nuevo dentro de poco y creo que escribiré un fanfic de Charlie y La Fabrica de Chocolate porque estoy enamorada de Willy Wonka... okay, no hay comparación entre la primera versión del libro en película (la de 1970) y esta, perdón, perdón, pero Tim Burton es un genio y nadie me sacará eso de la cabeza, nunca! xD
Nadie sabe dónde encuentro Fan Arts de Willy Wonka? Yo quiero!, aun que no tengo scaner, dedo dibujar... o_o y ahora canten conmigo!:

(Hi, hi, ha, ha, ho, ho, oh oh!)

Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka, the amazing chocolatier
Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka, everybody give a cheer


He's modest, clever, and so smart
He barely can restrain it
With so much generosity
There is no way to contain it...
To contain it... to contain... to contain... to contain...


Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka
He's the one you're about to meet
Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka
He's a genius who just can't be beat
The magician and the chocolate wiz
The best darn guy who ever lived
Willy Wonka here He is!!

:meditation: Inspiración musical, Yersi dice:

Hit del momento: Wonka's Welcome Song - Danny Elfman  

Hit de siempre: Edward Scissorhands Theme - Danny Elfman

No puede Faltar: The lonely Shepherd - Zamfir

Y lo nuevo es: Lost Heaven - L'arc~En~Ciel

:wave: Un Especial Saludo! :hug:

:iconmaster2: :icondarkmirime: :iconedge-chan: :iconmeliciahunter:  :iconcirihtt: - Yersi Fanel's Network
El tercer tetra parece que será interesante, tengo dos nuevos maestros, uno es Chef especializado en cocina internacional, mientras que la otra es Chef Pastelera, yep. interesante.

Mi inspiración esta viva de nuevo y no mas dejo en pausa mis escritos cuando me da flojera escribir o cuando siento que no escribiré lo que realmente quiero porque estoy pensando en otra cosa, o.oU....

Este 24 de Mayo cumplo años y me siento bien, quiero decir, 19? suena bien, ne?.

:meditation: Inspiración musical, Yersi dice:

Hit del momento: Ready Steady Go! - L'arc~En~Ciel

Hit de siempre: English Summer Rain - Placebo

No puede Faltar: Silence - Enigma

Y lo nuevo es: La Tortura - Shakira y Alejandro Sanz

:wave: Un Especial Saludo! :hug:

:iconmaster2:   :icondarkmirime:  :iconedge-chan:  :iconmeliciahunter: - Yersi Fanel's Network