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Sentence by Yersi Sentence by Yersi
Well, here's my Demon Halve-Breed Constantine in a non-chibi pic, Is not very good but I kinda like it, yup, at last this is the idea.

I got the pose from a xxxHOLiC picture of Watanuki (Love that manga's style) and there's a scene from my fanfic with a situation like this.

Fragment of "Lost Heaven" (Constantine Fanfiction):

Chas run towards John’s apartment, the storm was so strong but he didn’t care, after what feel like an eternity, he arrived to the place and with a kick opened the door.

The halve angel entered the place; it was so dark and in the atmosphere smelled like the hell itself.

-“What do you want kid?”- asked John’s voice from the dark, Chas walked to the bedroom, there was John, sitting on the bed, the bandage from the last battle were a mess, he could only see one of his eyes, his wings were around him like a barrier.

-“I just… wanted to know if you were all right…”- Chas said, John flapped his wings.

-“I’m not”- he answered with anger in his voice –“But you can’t do anything to change it”-

-“Go away angelic kid, leave Johnny-boy alone”- said a voice, Chas looked in a corner, there was Balthazar, playing with a coin –“Boss’s pet need a rest”-

Chas was about protest but his cell phone ringed, a very upset Gabriel was yelling at him, Chas blinked.

-“Chas, comeback right now, how dare you to leave Jonathan alone, he’s only 5 you idiot!”- the woman screamed, Chas then remember, before seeing John leave the bard he was suppose to look after Gabriel’s surrogate little brother.

-“Go away angelic kid”- said Balthazar ones again, the angel did it; the elder halve-breed looked at Constantine –“Johnny-boy, cheer up!”- He said with sarcasm, John glared at him.


Jonathan is not exactly an OC... He’s not Gabriel's brother, she only looks after him by Father David’s request (David listened a very strong noise one night, he went to see what happened and there was Jonathan, sitting in the middle of the precinct’s library, where Gabriel lives too).

I really need to write this in computer and find a BETA, because this fic is in english XD, some one wants the job?.

Constantine is © Vertigo Comics
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ekhary Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2006
Waw ^^ me gustaaaa *mala mala, cómo puedes decir que no es muy bueno? es bueno ^^* ypresiento que tu malvado fin es hacer que el fic llame la atención XD... waaa o.o en inglés? Bueno u.ú podré sobrevivir a eso *tenía la esperanza de que fuera en español todavía ^^U*
Yersi Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
Es que debo un Fic en ingles a la comunidad XD
ekhary Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2006
Waaa malvada comunidad XD... te ayudaría a editar pero me temo que he dejado de practicar bastante ^^.
Ok ok ^^ cuando lo publiques me avisas ^^ no importa si está en inglés, ruso o en cualquier idioma *espero encontrar traductor ^^U* lo leeré... me dejas intrigada
MeliciaHunter Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2006  Student General Artist
that's cool Yersi-chan and the fic is very interesting
Yersi Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you ;P
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February 2, 2006
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