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QUASI the sun by YersaCaltara QUASI the sun :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 6 0 Jowel in the dark by YersaCaltara Jowel in the dark :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 3 2 system of Yas by YersaCaltara system of Yas :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 2 9 Tripton system by YersaCaltara Tripton system :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 2 0 Bizex system by YersaCaltara Bizex system :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 3 3 Adamas the space Jowelry by YersaCaltara Adamas the space Jowelry :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 6 0 Arendath by YersaCaltara Arendath :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 10 0 merry cristmass LEO ! by YersaCaltara merry cristmass LEO ! :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 10 4 zagiir world by YersaCaltara zagiir world :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 4 0 merry cristmass Niha by YersaCaltara merry cristmass Niha :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 5 0 2018 summary of art by YersaCaltara 2018 summary of art :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 1 0 Locus ref by YersaCaltara Locus ref :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 17 0 A.Ra by YersaCaltara A.Ra :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 5 0 Star map 3.0 by YersaCaltara Star map 3.0 :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 2 1 Alien teritory by YersaCaltara Alien teritory :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 3 0 Star map 2.0 by YersaCaltara Star map 2.0 :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 1 0


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i only can say the picture in general is so beautiful, i love so much how you have draw the background the cloud and the atmosphere is ...


QUASI the sun
yeah for resume i acidently won this character in a auction... it sound funny to say it lol

SO i need to credit the wonderfull zagiir  for this absolutly wonderfull character concept
she is so talented and i love so much your art *o*

so i have won this auction and i needed to found her a story
all my character are wings of fire original character so for found her a story with all my other character i needed to play with the story of my main Sona (Locus) and his backstory with the Irkonien (alien from Ikronoa)

so that's it.>

-Name: Quasi
-Gender: female
-Age: 27 years old
-sexuality: heterosexual
-Species: Stalïar (Sunwings)
where they live:
-they live in Arestal's a planets in the Stelixt system. (42 light years of Pyrrhia)

Quasi Backstory:
-Quasi was named by honor of the Most giant star of the univers, because she's born with the royal sun flame, who make her the future queen of the Stalïar dinasty. she was raised in kingship in the comfort of the house of the sun (Stelixt) where she learned how to rule a future kingdom. also she want to make her future empire more biger than a planet.

-she is kind to others and respects her people. she is strong, proud and intelligent
-she love science and curious about space exploration,

species backstory
the Stalïar are from an old branch of Skywings from a millennium ago. capture by the Ikronians, they were subjected to a test of evolution post colonization of the system of Stelixt, a region rich of light and life. after more than a thousand years the Skywings subject of experiance evolves into a new breed, the Stalïar, and we blessed some Ikronien technology during their evolution.

now conquered by the skywings branch, they live on the surface of Arestal's, a planet where they founded their own dynasty.

yes i writed it fast i need to make the story more longer :3 but that's it
and it would be nice

Jowel in the dark
Discord request
a new beautiful picture experimentingg of nebula and planet
request from a3skales  

i'm so happy of how it turned how
in the hope you like this

Planet Birch
with the Bulb nebula for the background.
system of Yas
hello people :) here's a new system map for my friends
and thbhis is a very special system so, this is a massive giant planets orbiting with a brown dwarf star in a binary orbit because the star and the planets have a prety similar mass and gravity.
this is the System of Yas, ocuped by the Yasî.
info here:

Star: Yas Pixel: Orange Star 
Arrow left Yas is a Brown dwarf star, the star have a low light.

planet info orbiting Yas:
Arrow left 1-Yris:
Yris is a small rocky planets, no atmosphere. the rock
composition is a melange of Iron, with strange giant red
crystal on the surface and big scar like canyon.

system of Ydoza info:

central planet - Ydoza :
Arrow left  Ydosa is a very massive giant gas planets
(referance- 12 time more massive than jupiter) Ydoza is
literaly a failed star with a calm and stable atmosphere.
the planets is ocuped by a mysterious species named the

Moon info:
Arrow left 1-Elyo
Elyo is a rocky moon, no atmosphere. the moon
composition is generaly grey rock with some water ice
on the pole and mineral of Helium3 
Arrow left 2-Horiga
Horiga is a rocky moon with a lot of uranium mineral on
the surface with platinum and rock.
Arrow left 3-Naÿ
Naÿ is a rocky moon with a beautiful ring orbiting it,
the moon is too far about Idoza that it conserved this
ring, created from a huge colution with a big asteroïds.
the moon is generaly composed of a strange purple
mineral look like amethyst but with diferant composition...
the moon have a very powerfull magnetic field who indicate
an intense internal activity.
Tripton system
new map :) the system of Tripton

Info here

Star: Tripton
Arrow left Tripton is a red dwarf star Pixel: Red Star 

planets info:
Arrow left 1-Ra:
Ra is a smal rocky planet very close of Tripton the surface is burned by the star, no atmosphere.
Arrow left 2-Sol:
Sol is a desert planet on the liquid water area of Tripton but without water at the surface but a lot underground. 
Arrow left 3-Nibiru:
Nibiru is a purple giant gas planet..
small arrow 3.1-Deïr:
Deïr is a big asteroids captured from the belt by Nibiru, now a moon of Nibiru, Deïr is composed Iron in general with Titanium and Uranium.
small arrow 3.2-Aloïe:
Aloïe is an other asteroids captured fromt he belt by Nibiru, Aloïe is composed of Iron in general with Platinum, Titanium and Plutonium.
small arrow 3.3-Sveltna:
Sveltna is a great ice moon with a methan atmosphere, the surface have a lot of water ice lake with a lot of Iridium inside the montain who make it color green with thermic reaction.
Arrow left 4-Xeruw
Xeruw is a ice planets with very cold temperature, the surface have liquid methan and the temperature is perfect to a dynamic meteo of methan, rain and smog of methan, the atmosphere is composed of methan, helium and hydrogen. Xeruw have a lot of precious crystal in underground cave, created by the active meteo.
small arrow 4.1-Ìo:
Ìo is a far rocky moon orbiting Xeruw. the surface is rich in Iridium and Bismuth.

belt asteroids info
[F2U] Small pixel arrow (right)1-Baros:
Baros is a giant asteroid composed of Iron, this is probably a planetary kernel where the surface was destroyed by a giant object.
small arrow 1.1-G16:
G16 is a smal asteroids Orbiting Baros.
[F2U] Small pixel arrow (right)2-Awur Cluster:
Awur is a a great cluster of asteroids. with 10 asteroids orbituing in chao around Awur, in general the asteroids is composed or Iron with other mineral like plutonium, uranium, iridium,nikel and lithium
[F2U] Small pixel arrow (right) 3-Kaio:
Kaio is an great astreoid  composed of Iridium.
[F2U] Small pixel arrow (right) 4-Dar:
Dar is a great asteroid composed of platinum, rion and with a lot of water ice inside.
[F2U] Small pixel arrow (right) 5-Cyproco:
Cyproco is an asteroid composed of Gold, crystal of quartz, iron and platinum.
[F2U] Small pixel arrow (right) 6-Egnir:
Egnir is a binary asteroid in rotation from a very slow colision.

special info:
the system is ocuped by a creature (?) who live underground and comended by a queen. they also colonised Xeruw.
Bizex system
new map system of Bizex

system info:
the Star is a yellow Dwarf star
Name: Bizex

Arrow left 1-Melcus:
Melcus is a rocky planets with no atmosphere realy close of Bizex.
Arrow left 2-Génèse:
Génèse is a savana planets with a lot of savana and desert landscape with small lake. Gémèse ocupation by the Ziboros.
Arrow left 2.1-Ao:
Ao is a small rocky moon, no atmosphere, hostile for life, but with a lot of Helium3 and Lithium
Arrow left 3-Torus:
Torus is a continental planets with great ocean and a total of 5 continents and some island, rich for life, also the planets have a pergfect biosphere for great diversity of animal.
Arrow left 4-Polus:
Polus is a giant gas planets constitued of Methan who make it color green in general
Arrow left 4.1-Crya
Crya is a ice moon with underground ocean, posibly it have life with the Polus gravity and the thermal activity inside.
Arrow left 4.2-Dyol:
Dyol is a realy small rocky moon composed in general of Metal, the moon was probably an encient planets who get it surface destroyed by Polus and now only the planetary metal core now orbiting Polus
Arrow left 4.3-Arolgar:
Arolgar is a volcanic moon with lot of activity underground, the moon color is black but the lava did'nt realy reach the surface.
Arrow left 5-Awlir
Awlir is a giant gas planets composed of Sulfid and helium with a gorgeous rings oprbiting the planets.

Special info
Génèse is ocuped by a organic robot (Ziboros) created by an old civilisation, they was created to found the ultimate perfection of life evolution who make them what they look like now, they use blue and red light, their goal is simply to found the perfection of the univers but the univers is not a big space of inperfection ?

The Ziboris compatible wepon - Magnetic explosion and impultion.
Adamas the space Jowelry
hello everyone
here a new spectacular new draw of a planets with gorgeous ring !

it started with a test for draw planets ring and finaly i used the test picture to make this piece
and also i created a new nebula style more realiste a guess

i wish you like it

Adamas is a planets in the origin galactic location of the Ikronien. discovered by miner prospector, named Adamas by it composition of diamond, the planets have diamond ocean inside of the HUge pression
the planets was just too beautiful to be prospected so they called it the Space jowelry and let it intact.

this is a symbole of nature to the empire.
welcome to the world of Arendath.
the new paradise of dragon

Arendath is a luxuriant planet with a danse jungle forest with a diversified wildlife and flora.
the planet have a beautiful view of the giant blue planets where it orbiting and with a binary system of a giant blue and red dwarf star and with an incredible view Whale nebula

the system is far from any other empire, the closest is the Hasmisho industry.

Locus exploration note
Alpha of the whale is a system found after 17 years of exploration in the area B-116 (whale) of the Mega-globusar galaxie
Alpha of the whale is the primal system of the whale constelation.

Arendath is a primordial binary moon orbiting a giant gas named Teith
Alpha of the whale is a system of 3 planets
merry cristmass LEO !
this is a beautiful concept and also the first time i draw a nebula like that
this is a planets created by the character of leoflake Ayra

i hope you like that :3
hello guys Meow :3 
im joining the bandwagon, but i just wanna say that i respect all the people tagged here and i dont want to put any pressure on anyone here!
i just want to say i love soooo uch the art of the person I'll tag and just dreaming and wish to get a picture from them Meow :3  ahaha 

feel free to say if you want i remove tag Sweating a little... 

but no pressure Heart 
that's the Oc i think i would be interesting to do Meow :3 
you can click on the ref link to see description of them ^^

Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U!  Meridiem ref Arrow Bullet Left (Blue) - F2U! 
Meridiem ref by YersaCaltara
Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U!   Horizon ref Arrow Bullet Left (Dark Blue) - F2U! 
Horizon referance by YersaCaltara

so that's the artiste i would love to do something with that
and who i love their art Love 

Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! zagiir Heart 
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! NemomeinHeart   
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! Teisol Heart 
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! Biohazardia Heart 
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! leoflake Heart 
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! Sahel-Solitude Heart 
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! Texaal Heart 
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! NashiHoly Heart 
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! Neffertity Heart 
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! Starfire4412 Heart 
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! Elkane Heart 
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! Moonfiire Heart 
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! Nihalla Heart 
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! FireDragon97  Heart 
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! Koriaris  Heart 
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! VAZ0R  Heart 
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! SkulblakaSaphira  Heart 
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! Skaydie  Heart
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! AvalonCat  Heart
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! Minerea  Heart
Arrow Bullet (Red-Orange) - F2U! xTheDragonRebornx  Heart  

also if you want to see my other Character ^^
Crystal Pixel: Heart Jump 
Crystal Referance by YersaCaltara
Nebula Pixel: Heart Jump 
Nebula ref by YersaCaltara
Paradox Meow :3
 Paradox Oc design ref by ignitetheblaize by YersaCaltara

Interstellar Creation  also my Sona - LOCUS (draw by VVisemanS) Interstellar Creation  

Locus [commission] by VVisemanS


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