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Unimatrice system code S-Gb-p4 by YersaCaltara Unimatrice system code S-Gb-p4 :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 4 0 sky fire by YersaCaltara sky fire :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 5 2 Wyvern world by YersaCaltara Wyvern world :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 5 2 break on the rose by YersaCaltara break on the rose :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 3 2 system of the grey (Nova) by YersaCaltara system of the grey (Nova) :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 3 0 Bird by YersaCaltara Bird :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 3 0 Lurina planets by YersaCaltara Lurina planets :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 6 2 Crokcuce by YersaCaltara Crokcuce :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 3 0 Gouvax system by YersaCaltara Gouvax system :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 4 0 Water fall by YersaCaltara Water fall :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 6 8 River by YersaCaltara River :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 4 4 Sea fog by YersaCaltara Sea fog :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 7 2 Streaming Online - music on by YersaCaltara Streaming Online - music on :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 6 0 new day by YersaCaltara new day :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 3 2 pinky sun by YersaCaltara pinky sun :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 6 4 the Offline picture by YersaCaltara the Offline picture :iconyersacaltara:YersaCaltara 4 5


Commission - Lakeside Stroll ( + Timelapse) by FireDragon97 Commission - Lakeside Stroll ( + Timelapse) :iconfiredragon97:FireDragon97 59 14 Horizon by leoflake Horizon :iconleoflake:leoflake 28 12 Destruction by etrii Destruction :iconetrii:etrii 93 14 Clad in Gold by TheBlack-Arrow Clad in Gold :icontheblack-arrow:TheBlack-Arrow 335 17 Synthetic being by Koriaris Synthetic being :iconkoriaris:Koriaris 62 5 A light shine through the darkness [Cynder] by Koriaris A light shine through the darkness [Cynder] :iconkoriaris:Koriaris 61 4 Dragon (Patreon reward) by ElenPanter Dragon (Patreon reward) :iconelenpanter:ElenPanter 36 10 Royal gold by Koriaris Royal gold :iconkoriaris:Koriaris 91 18 [C] Noiraak Symmetry by Scaleeth [C] Noiraak Symmetry :iconscaleeth:Scaleeth 98 11 The Last Flowers by NashiHoly The Last Flowers :iconnashiholy:NashiHoly 173 27 Khaoticalthighs by VAZ0R Khaoticalthighs :iconvaz0r:VAZ0R 178 27 Character Auction Promo by BJPentecost Character Auction Promo :iconbjpentecost:BJPentecost 409 83


i only can say the picture in general is so beautiful, i love so much how you have draw the background the cloud and the atmosphere is ...


Streaming Online - music on
hello everyone :D
I stream
Meow :3
work on the system of the crepulsar fault
Music On in loop

Dark Emotional music | A Fathers Lesson

Unimatrice system code S-Gb-p4
hello everyone
here a new system map for my friend game concept

this is the system of the Unimatrice, a developed Artificial intelligence created by an old civilisation living on the planets Gnh-AD-47 but they created the AI with a huge problem, they coded it to simply do everything to do for existe into the univers, and the AI said their crteator was a problem and they created a mortal pandemic virus who infected the planets, the virus killed 90% of all life and also infected the planets atmosphere so Gnh is now realy hostile to life...

so this is the planets info:

unimatrice code S/ Star giant blue
1 - Gnh-112s-28c
Unimatrice code P1/ small rocky planets
2 - LtX-27-B
unimatrice code p2/ rocky planets, methan atmosphère (life detected) - (precious mineral detected)
3 - ARs-A91-B
Unimatrice code H1/ Artificial Restop space, build update 91 - B / classed artificial planets / generate electricity with dust atmosphere meteo system / gravity optimal
4 - Dst-x-125-Cs-20
Unimatrice code F1/ planets Frangents mined by the Unimatrice for the ARs / warning - restricted area
5 - Gnh-AD-47
Unimatrice code P3/ rocky planets, tempered atmosphere / location - life area (life detected) (Virus detected) - no particular resource - type devasted / warning - restricted area
Wyvern world
hey everyone :D
check it out
my first Oficial comission !!!

this is the Tira world of the wyvern
a wonderfull planets with 2 moon and a tempered atmosphere where wyvern is Living
yes so red ocean and yellow/green surface, red atmosphere and a lot of cloud

seriously i'm so prond of how it turned out
love the final result

Thx you soo much Texaal for comissioned me
hope you love it :3
system of the grey (Nova)
new system map for my friends game concept
system of the Grey

system info:
Nova is a stabilised Pulsed white star

Pulsati is a litle rocky planets realy close to Nova, it get destroyed by the star because the star shot on the planets every 1 hours a huge quantity of Gamma Radiation ray...
Zartec is a small planets witrh densitive atmosphere composed of Co2 and sulfide.
Caliogo is a steril rocky planets with small atmosphere
Nora is a small rocky moon, no atmosphere
Génèse is a rocky artic planets with tempered atmosphere who protect the planets from the star... this is the main world of the Grey, an intelligent metamorphic species
Stazeith is a steril rocky planets with small atmosphere composed of hydrogène. colonised by the Grey
he was in the lake in the front of my home
what a luck morning :3
Lurina planets
2 first time :3
first comission :D from leoflake :3
I draw her character Lurina as a planet x3

giant purple yeeee :3

first time i draw a planets ring :o it was so hard x3
new system map

system info:
Crokcuce is a Yellow dwarf

1 - Ta'ashco
Ta'ashco is a rocky planets with small atmosphere, the surface temperature is hot and the atmosphere is toxic
2 - Ishouu is a rocky planets in the life area, at the surface we can found water. the planets have a pollued atmosphere because of the industrial civilisation and the Hashmisho industry who controle 85% of the planets...
3 - Hasmisho siege
Hashmisho siege is a huge mega space station, an artificial planets city builded by the Hashmisho corporation industry
4 - Qisha
Qisha is a rocky planets with no atmosphere. colonised by the Hashmisho for transit base and harvest the Asteroïds belt
5 -  Carak Belt
Carak is an Asteroids and ash belt with 3 great objet
5.1 - Tycho
Tycho is a metal asteroïds colonised by the Hashmisho miner for harvest the precious resource, they have buld a city on it.
5.2 - Zeti 182
Zeti 182 is a great metal asteroïds. not colonised
5.3 - Shishna
Shishna is an ice asteroïds, the Hashmisho Harvest the water ice for the space station and colonie.
6 - Zatsu
Zatsu is a huge giant gas planets...
6.1 - Shiotelashika
Shiotelashika is a rocky moon with sulfur mineral surface...
6.2 - Caltashiora
Caltashiora is a rocky ice moon...
001. Real Name → christopher
002. Nickname(s) → yersa, dolphin,
003. Zodiac Sign → Aquarius
004. male or female →  male
005. Elementary → uh ?
006. Middle school → Eh ?
007. High School → no
008. Hair Color → brown
009. Long Or Short → short
010. Loud Or Quiet → Quiet
011. Sweats Or Jeans → nothing (Joging)
012. Phone Or Camera → both
013. Health Freak → kinda
014. Drink Or Smoke? → it's very rare but i drink smirnof
015. Do You Have A Crush On Someone? → uhmmmmmmmm possibly
016. Eat Or Drink? → Eat
017. Piercings? → nope
018. Tattoos? → aaaaaa yes

019. An Airplane → nope
021. A Fist Fight → Nope

022. First tatoo → a dolphin memory for Moko !
023. First Best Friend → a random guys at school x)
025. First Award → a won RP in a contest with my anivia draw xD
026. First Big Birthday → i think at 7 or 8 years old idk
026. First Crush → i forgot 12 years old
027 First Kiss → never :'(
028. First Big Vacation → None???

029. Last Person You Talked To → Nemomein
030. Last Person You Texted → My brother
031. Last Person You Watched A Movie With → my brother
033. Last Movie You Watched → Thor the Dark world
034. Last Song You listened To → Blackmill - The Drift0
035. Last Thing You Bought → Zagiir comission draw ! :D

036. Last Person You Hugged → ............ my big dolphin plush x'3

037. Food → Pasta and poutine
038. Drinks → Water
039. Clothing → wolf T-shirt all the time x)
040. Book → wings of fire is my life
041. Music → cinematics music
042. Flower → i love a lot of flower, like all
043. Colors → Blue
044. Movies → Avatar <3
045. Shoes → Shrug
046. Subject → Science, Art

067. Eating → Nothing
068. Drinking → Water
069. Getting Ready To → nothing
070. Listening To → something with wings of fire on youtube
071. Today → uhh nothing
072. Waiting for → watch ready player one at cinema tomorow

073. Want Kids? → Nope x)
074. Want To Get Married? → if i found a girl one time lol yeah why not
075. Careers in mind → i'm already in

076. Lips Or Eyes → Eyes
077. Shorter Or Taller → Doesn't metter
078. Romantic Or Spontaneous → romantic
079. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms → Neither matters
080. Sensitive Or Loud → sensitive
081. Hookup Or Relationship → Relationship
082. Troublemaker Or Hesitant → Honesty

083. Lost Glasses/Contacts → Glasses XD
084. Ran Away From Home → Nope
085. Held A Weapon, For Self Defense → Nope
086. Killed Somebody → wtf no x)
087. Broken Someone's Heart → nope
088. Been Arrested → Nope

090. Yourself → uhmm
091. Miracles → no
092. Love At First Sight → yes
093. Heaven → no
095. Sex On The First Date → no
096. Kissing? → uh ?

097. Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now? → Aliashiro
098. Ya like jazz? → Delete
099. Do You Believe In God → god is probably an Alien bc "live on the sky" and in the sky we have space
100. Who do you tag? → everyone but specially Aliashiro


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