The Eclipse Finally Cometh - Time to say Goodbyeee

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Goodnight everyone! Goodbye from me to you and Deviantart!

We'll be seeing you...
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If you intend to not use DeviantArt after now, then why do you pay for Core?
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Am sorry yo see you go. You and Jim King seem to try (against all odds because of the developer) to keep things going around here. I'd love to help out (quite a few years as a DELPHI programmer) but he seems to not want any help. When I see post promising version 2.0 as far back as 10+ years(or more) and it's still not here, that's a pity. I only keep interest here because (AFAIK) this is the only tool with a GUI front end for development. Am I right about that??

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Dimitri/JimKing cannot be helped. He is not a programmer and is stuck in Xwidget development mostly using the GUI functions and very little .js. He has invested a lot of time in it and that was a mistake he cannot undo. Xwidget, the engine and IDE was developed in Delphi by Tony but he will not let anyone help him develop Xwidget any further. He has abandoned it for another dying Xwidget 2.0 which will never, ever be completed, take my solemn word on that. If I were you I would drop it like hot cakes immediately. It died years ago but Jim just lends a gaseous twitch to an otherwise very dead corpse. I still maintain my Ywidgets but all my Xwidgets have been abandoned, it was always an unholy product but with a glimmer of usability that made people come back. Your best bet is to abandon .js on the desktop entirely or do it merely as an exercise to keep your brain going for when a future ywidget/xwidget is ever created by another organisation, if that happens. Best bet currently is still Photoshop/Yahoo widgets and pure javascript, it will teach you more about how to program in .js than Xwidget ever will. Better still resurrect those Delphi skills and build open source components (achievable) that could form part of an Ywidget /Xwidget replacement. Most of all though, avoid any offering by Tony. it will fail as all his products fail. So very, very sad and it breaks my heart to say it.

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Yeah, I figured out LONG ago that this "tony person" must be a real flake.

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Oh, I'm sorry you're going! I understand, though, it's not the same here anymore and after trying to use the app on my ipod, it's a disaster. If eclipse is like the app, then it's doomed. My daughter moved her stuff to instagram because she has friends there that like her art. On here, there wasn't anything for her. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'm not good at the social media stuff anyway. Most of it isn't really fun anymore and people don't seem to respond much on some of the other types so why bother? It was good to know you, take care, and God bless you and your family.:hug::heart:
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Sad to see you go and wish you all the best with wherever you move your works.

I'll be hanging around for a while as there is still no better repository for Rainmeter Skins than
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Agreed. Thankyou. Good luck.
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Gonna hate to see ya go. In my opinion, Eclipse has a ways to go yet. Seems like they're jumping the gun.
I'm still gonna stick around and see what happens. I've put too much time into the place to just up and leave,
and I really don't like the idea of starting all over somewhere else/
I've been trying out Eclipse as they release updates. (Plus I've been trying things out while it was in Beta and giving them my two cents)
But I've still been using our classic dA while waiting to see what happens.

I did run across a good comment in somebody's poll...
"I'll stay and tackle the Eclipse bull by its horns"
That's what I'm gonna do.
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Good for you for making that decision. I have plans for elsewhere and when they mature I'll seek you out. Good luck.
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Likewise . All the best to you, too! :ahoy:
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You won't be alone by all accounts and I'm totally unsure what I am going to do.
I believe they are shooting themselves in the foot. DA is the only art site left with a decent interface until the end of May that is.

Lovely touch with the above toob :)
Stay in touch Uncle, you have my email.
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I do - and we will do more than email.
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