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World of Tanks Win Rate Gauge by yereverluvinuncleber World of Tanks Win Rate Gauge by yereverluvinuncleber
This is a trial widget - I don't want too many people to use this widget as it is merely a trial version of the widget that has yet to come...

I've removed the widget from the zipfile for the moment as I was using a temporary application ID during the test. I need to request a new application ID from WG and that is in progress. Keep an eye out here for the final widget.

However, any deviant who is also a player of world of tanks can try the widget out on the condition that you appreciate that it should work but there will be bugs, you must report them back to me.

It only functions for the NA North American server at the moment.


1. Install yahoo widget runtime engine
2. Download the gauge here from Deviantart
3. Double-click on the .widget file and it will install and run
4. Enter your numeric user ID when prompted.

First issue - You will need your numeric user ID. You can get that from here:…
Just enter your own username into the field there and hit enter.

When you hit return, on the browser page that just opened, click on your username (in green) where it says "battles, victories, experience" and on the resulting page in the URL bar at the top you will see your user ID. It will be something like: - Type the number you find here (eg. 1003670189)

That is your user ID, type it into the widget and hit Enter. If it is a valid ID then after a few seconds the gauge will obtain and register your win rate and indicate your noobness/unicumness.

The Yahoo widget engine is here.…

These widgets work with Windows XP SP2-SP3, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 10 and Mac OS/X. Coding and testing is in progress.
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