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A HARD BREXIT is coming - time to start complaining about it. The EU negotiators are ready to let the UK leave the EU with no trade agreement in place. Britain already had all the EU rules in place so it should have been an easy exit. However, Britain needs control of its borders and that is an anathema to those EU bureaucrats that believe the EU should be one country with free movement from one side of the EU to another. This one belief alone will break the EU apart as many other countries have exactly the same issue.

However, this is not the reason I voted for a Brexit. The lack of democracy is my reason. No-one I ask in the UK knows who is in charge of the EU. No-one even knows the name of the body that governs the EU (the commission). We know there is an EU parliament but no-one here knows who is in the parliament, what the political groups are, what they decide and what they stand for. No-one even knows the name of their own Euro MP.

On a financial basis the EU has no accountability, it has NEVER submitted an audited set of accounts as it has no idea where the money goes. It exists as gravy train for a set of civil servants and corrupt officials and Great Britain has always submitted more money than we have ever received.

This was No.3 in a small series - VERY WELL... ALONE!  This image was created for use in case of Scotland seceding from the union in the democratic election of 2014. The image was adapted from the famous drawing by David Lowe from 1940 showing Britain standing alone when all Europe was arranged in warfare against it. This time Britain was not under a military threat but a political one and so the old symbolism still applies. If the union had dissolved this would have been the main image on my site from that point on.

The end result of the 2014 election was that Scotland decided NOT to throw away three hundred and seven years of incredibly successful political union, so this image was now largely redundant. Now it will be useful for Brexit!
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