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Steampunk Resistor Calculator Widget RC 1.0

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An early version of a resistor value calculator widget that I am converting to a steampunk layout. The original was written by Harry Whitfield and featured a simple interface. I am just steampunking it up a bit.

A resistor calculator displays numeric electrical resistance values using the colour bands on a typical electronic resistor when the values are entered sequentially. I use the original (non-steampunk) version of this widget quite a lot and so it sits on my desktop. The original is simple and computerish - it doesn't feel quite right sitting among my other steampunk stuff so I have set about making it 'fit' my desktop by giving it a steampunk feel.

Working on some background 'tech.' to make the whole device more interesting. The text is now using normal text on a single roller rather than individual rotating images, much easier to implement. Resistor values can be rather high so the text elements have to be small enough to fit.

I have a working resistor calculator on my desktop now, I have some polishing to do but it is taking shape.

Resizable with mouse scrollwheel, added my menu, f5 to reload, modified licence code and screen. Added a few new elements for controls yet to be implemented, 3/4 way resistor switch, sound toggle, fourth key sound, prefs key &c.

This widget is a work-in-progress. Feel free to download but expect bugs - report them! :)
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This is very nicely done.
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Thankyou - as always.
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Haven't seen a Steampunk style calculator before.  Guess you might have to add mouse-click functions (+ -/ * SQR etc).  How about a ticker tape effect to show the calculations performed with a typewriter "hit-zone" to show the result?
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The design of the full calculator is underway. I have a working design.
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Oh yes. That's the next step. This was a simple form of a calculator that I deemed easy to implement as I have a working widget already - so I thought I'd have a go.  I have had a calculator in mind but never quite managed to get an idea to work. This one has some 'legs'. When this is done I will create a fully steampunk calculator and I'll let you have the bits if you want. Have you been upto anything?