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Steampunk Edwardian Advert Icon MkVI

This is a paper, ink and steampunk icon that you could use for a link to anything you like, that is up to you to decide. I use it as a link to my folder containing military simulation software. This icon is eminently usable on windows/ Mac OS/X / Linux &c. Download at the top of this page.


This PNG is larger and has more detail so that you can resize if you wish or use "as-is". I will be creating .ICO and .ICNS icons from this later.

Here is just one more over 150 steampunk icons that I have created that will leave your Windows or Mac desktop looking absolutely spiffing. There is a whole set of the little thingies and I must say they do look very steampunk indeed! They really are a suitable replacement for the boring old default icons that come with Rocketdock/ObjectDock &c.

This icon and the others like it will spruce up your desktop and give it a bit of Victorian class. Compatible with MobyDock, ObjectDock, RK Launcher, and your default Windows icons. Inspired by Samantha Wright's British Library Icons. Based on a genuine Edwardian recruiting poster of the First World War it has been iconised with the addition of a couple of brass pins, some shadows, bevelling and rotation to appear more poster-ish. The colours have been enhanced without making them too garish.

To View: - You can see all my icons by clicking here: [link]

To Download : - I have created a couple of steampunk icon sets but you can download the main one here:

If you want any new icons then just ask! I am always open to new (or old) ideas - please leave a comment, these icons are quite hard to do and a nice comment makes my day.

Rocketdock Installation: In the rocketdock folder there is a subfolder called icons. Move these icons into that folder or create a subfolder called steampunk icons and copy them in there. Then you simply change each of your individual icon images to any one of these. Easy enough.

The only condition for downloading and using is that you leave feedback. Please leave a message and rate the icons as it is the only payment I get for creating this small desktop addition :D

If you feel so disposed you could donate a point or two to my deviantart pool? [link]

Thanks! Do enjoy the icon.
Download at the top, that's it, just there. Ooh yes, that's lovely, thankyou.
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Very nice, definitely captures that early 20th century British style! :)
AnEnemySpy's avatar
I think someone who actually fought in WWI would disagree with this. That was a horrible and utterly pointless war.
yereverluvinuncleber's avatar
All wars are horrible and utterly pointless not just WWI.
I am unsure about your point - how would they disagree? and what with? The sentiment on the poster or the image or the mere existence of it? Do remember, they are all dead now, to a man and woman... and even if they were alive they would have a choice of downloading the icon or not. The only people that will download are the ones that find it interesting, for whatever reason. You must be careful, one should never be a revisionist with history, removing things just because you don't like them is a dangerous trait. A good start from here might be not to take these sort of things too seriously.
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What the hell are you going on about? I meant that I would bet a real soldier in WWI would disagree that being out on the front line and charging into a machine gun is better than staying home and being at risk of a bombing. I'm not "removing things from history".
And not all wars are pointless, unless you believe that the Allies should have just let the Nazis steamroll Europe instead of fighting them.
yereverluvinuncleber's avatar
I think this conversation is at an end. TTFN!
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You might want to mention that the poster is an actual WWII one, and you didn't draw it....
yereverluvinuncleber's avatar
Oh and it isn't WWII, that war wasn't Edwardian...
yereverluvinuncleber's avatar
Great link! you'll see that particular poster is in the video of WWI posters.

See it better on youtube I think: [link]!

There are some Edwardian era posters I have never seen before, many of which will be very useful. Thanks for that.
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I have some nice warm gloves which I keep just in case you get too cold.
yereverluvinuncleber's avatar
The same would be said of all my steampunk victorian or Edwardian advert icons, the hint is in the word 'Edwardian' meaning that I wasn't actually alive know I've published a few of them (as part of a set) and no-one else has ever thought I was that old...
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Very smart and rather disturbing. I'm printing this out as a public information postcard for Hubby's Steampunk Study.
yereverluvinuncleber's avatar
It is disturbing... Thanks for your help - tea is always on the brew for you. :-)
Rhissanna's avatar
Got any Hobnobs? Can't get them either....
yereverluvinuncleber's avatar
Oh dear... tea without the sweetness and crispiness of hobnobs, if you really do need them I could try, what are the rules re: importing biscuits to the US?
Rhissanna's avatar
Probably horribly strict. First of all, you'd have to call them
yereverluvinuncleber's avatar
That is what I fear.

Hobnobs are closer to cookies than most though.
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