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Steampunk CPU GPU Thermometer Widget for Speedfan

A Steampunk CPU/GPU thermometer for your Windows desktop. Fed up with the standard windows interface I've created another Steampunk look for an essential utility which provides temperature information - preventing overheating damaging your laptop/desktop PC. Does a real job and looks good too. Be aware that it needs Speedfan and Yahoo widgets - If you don't understand why please don't download my widget... :-)

NEW version - Beta - any problems let me know.

Please be aware this widget is in beta! This version is Windows only, MAC version coming soon. Require…s Speedfan to extract the temperatures from hundreds of different types of PC hardware.

All javascript widgets need an engine to function, in this case the widget uses the Yahoo Widget Konfabulator engine. The engine interprets the javascript and creates the widget according to the XML description and using the images you provide.

This widget works with Windows XP SP3, it has been tested on Vista, Windows 7/8  and 10.

You will,  of course, need the Yahoo widget engine for this widget to run. Link here… or the Mac version:…

(This downloads the Konfabulator™ SDK and it has all you need to get started without all the other widgets that normally come wrapped up too).

You'll also need speedfan which you can get from here: (Yahoo widgets are the runtime engine for the widget and speedfan gets the temperatures from all sorts of PCs, this widget is an interface to speedfan.)

Hope you have as much fun with this widget as I do - please leave feedback and click on a few likes!
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Thank you, that would be appreciated. However, I did notice the graph working when I first attempted to install it. Can't for the life of me think back how I did it though.
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NT6 has a problem (Vista, win7 and 10) it restricts access to the program files folder, the program needs access to that folder and I know that later versions of Windows can be a real pain.

The OHM version require open hardware monitor. I don't believe that I ever released it and it might be unfinished/untested but give it a go anyway. I'll post it shortly.
Thank you. Will do. I already have OHM downloaded.
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I've just posted it - give it a try, keeping up with the changes that MS makes to its o/s is a real pain.

I will start to fix the OHM one if you find any issues.
Hehe, you got that right with MS.

Thanks for the help, it's appreciated. I'll give it a try and report back later.
Love Steampunk and love your widgets. Great work.

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. One issue I'm having though, is getting the Thermometers widget to operate with speedfan (latest version). Speedfan wants to install by default to C:\Program Files (X86). If I install there I get the following message:

"On Vista, win7, 8 & 10 the Program Files folder is inaccessible. The widget needs to get/set configuration information from that folder. Speedfan.exe MUST be installed in another location in order to function. The recommended locations: "C: Programs -"
Remove the old version completely and then re-install it there instead."

Well I've uninstalled it and re-installed it just about everywhere that makes sense i.e. C: , C:\Program Files, C:\Program Files (X86), C:\Program Data. All to no avail.

 On the odd occasion I do get past that message, it is then replaced by this one:

"The widget was unable to find Speedfan Sensor config file in default location in Speedfan's Directory."

I'm not sure what to do to fix this. I would dearly love to have the widget working in full. Could you please help? Thank you.
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Well there is a better option. There is the same widget but operated by Open hardware monitor. I can find that for you. It should be newer and it should operate without all the problems you are encountering.
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Can this be set to English rather than British?

If so, show how this can be done. Thanks.
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In what respect set to English? Please explain. Do you think that there is a difference?
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Yes, there is a huge difference. 70C equals CPU FRIED EGGS in American English (70C is almost 160F in English too hot for CPU). Need to know how to change this to AMERICAN ENGLISH temps. If this is even possible??
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In addition to the scale buttons, on the gauges themselves a right click on each will allow you to select fahrenheit or centigrade. A new version of the widget that works with Open Hardware Monitor is on the way.
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OK, now I understand. You were confusing scale with language.

That's not English. Not British nor American English. Language has nothing to do with it at all. It is all down to the scale you choose to use. Language is not related in any way to which you might choose. In either country you will find people that use either centigrade or fahrenheit, it depends what they were brought up to use. In England the older people use Fahrenheit and the young tend to use centigrade as it is easier to understand. To select Fahrehnheit or Centigrade simply press the scale button once or twice and you'll see the scale change. There is a help too.

Expect some changes in the widget soon, I will be updating it.
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It's okay. I fixed it. I'm using a different set of gauges now. These default to Fahrenheit, which is great. Thanks.
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Even though it's a good work, I donnot know how to install it...
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Do read the instructions...the link is there on the page to see. You'll need speedfan and the yahoo widget engine.
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:iconofficialfella1plz: Well done !!
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Glad you like this too.
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Very good job but in general doesn't work!!!
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Oh, it does. Do you have XP or vista/ win 7? Do you have speedfan installed? which ver?
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I used before Windows 7 Ultimate but since I lost my hard drive in explosion,I returned to the XP 32bit so
can you tell me more about it.If I don't have I will download!!!
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If you have speedfan installed first on XP32 the widget will work, it has been downloaded thousands of times and no errors reported. Install the widget, tell it where speedfan is installed and as long as speedfan is working then it will find the data.
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