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Quake2 Icon

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This is an old-fashioned glass, brass and steel icon designed to appeal to the steampunk mind, I created it as I needed such an icon for Quake II on my 'new' XP system - you can of course use it for anything you wish. It looks much better when icon-sized, trust me!

Quake II is an OK game, fairly OK graphics, good gameplay, great maps, works very well indeed on my 'new' XP box that is described here:…

The icon is supplied as a zipfile containing multiple ICO, Mac ICNS and HQX finder and multiple PNG, BMP files. This icon is eminently usable on windows/ Mac OS/X / Linux / ReactOS &c.

The 338 pixel PNG shown above is included in the bundle, it is the full size version having the most detail so that you can even resize it if yourself so wish or use "as-is".

Provided in the following formats:

ICO (combined ICO format containing multiple sizes for windows from 16px to 256px)
PNG (multiple sizes for any o/s, Linux, Android, Mac IOS, Rocketdock &c from 16px to 256px)
BMP (bitmap for other tools such as Blackbox desktop)
HQX and ICNS native MAC O/SX formats

Here is just one more over 350 steampunk icons that I have created over the last year or so  that will leave your Windows or Mac desktop looking absolutely spiffing. There is a whole set of the little thingies and I must say they do look very steampunk indeed! They really are a suitable replacement for the boring old default icons that come with Rocketdock/ObjectDock &c.

An icon adapted from an older icon of mine in turn adapted from an icon by the Iconfactory, Changes: door cut out and opened, new fire added underneath, added poor firefox's tail in the open door of the furnace and this time with Roman numerals - slightly more steampunk? On top of that the icon has been recreated in 15 different sizes/formats. Credit has been given to / and permission for reproduction has been received from Gedeon Maheux Principal / Designer at the IconFactory.

This icon and the others like it will spruce up your desktop and give it a bit of Victorian class. Compatible with MobyDock, ObjectDock, RK Launcher, and your default Windows icons.

To View: - You can see all my icons by clicking here:…

If you want any new icons then just ask! I am always open to new (or old) ideas - please leave a comment, these icons are quite hard to do and a nice comment makes my day.

Rocketdock Installation: In the rocketdock folder there is a subfolder called icons. Move these icons into that folder or create a subfolder called steampunk icons and copy them in there. Then you simply change each of your individual icon images to any one of these. Easy enough.

The only condition for downloading and using is that you leave feedback. Please leave a message and rate the icons as it is the only payment I get for creating this small desktop addition :D (Big Grin)

You may use any of my own images in your own creations but commercially only with my permission. In all other non-commercial cases I require a credit to the original artists using their/my name or pseudonym and a link to their/my sites. With regard to the commercial use of incorporated images from other artists, permission would need to be obtained from the original owner.

Thanks! Do enjoy the icon.
Download there at the top, that's it, just there. Ooh yes, that's lovely, thankyou.
© 2019 - 2021 yereverluvinuncleber
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This is very well done!
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Oh, I have Rocketdock but it really confuses me! I uninstalled it.
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In what way? Is it how the icons are laid out? Mine is straightforward, control panel items on the left, word processing other daily stuff on the right and development bits and pieces in the middle.
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It has been so long since I had it installed I forget but it seems like I was always losing stuff on the desktop. 
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No, not possible, it can't do that - by design. Must have been something else that irked you. Runs in a stable fashion on XP, Win7, even 8 and also on 10 with one or two minor issues re: portable.ini and starting up privileged apps. Tested possibly on tens if not twenty or laptops/PCs so I am (if not expert) then very au fait with it and its quirks.

Assuming I can fathom your problem from afar with no information - When it runs you need to ensure "lock items" is selected or you will remove items from the dock inadvertently when selecting/pushing with an odd mouse movement. Once that is checked you will be fine and no dock items will disappear.
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Hmm, that could be the issue.  Maybe I didn't lock the items.    I also had the freeware version which is limited compared to the full version.  I love how it looks and I even tried a couple of the skins that can be installed and it rocked.  I just was really confused.  I will save this message and may reinstall it, then if I need help, you may hear from me! :nod: 
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