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My Bio
My alter ego is yereverluvinunclebert. You'll find me around the web. Where you find steampunk design I won't be far away.

I focus on Steampunk Design, why do I do it?

Well, I can't bear the look and feel of current desktop computing being so locked into a 1980s 'modern' paradigm. Current GUIs deriving mostly from Microsoft's efforts have a basis in the GUIs from the late 80s and early 90s and despite the regular changes they still haven't moved on much. Do you run XP, Vista, Win 7, 8 or 10? Well, if you do, that means under the skin you are still running NT5 or 6, all basically the same fundamental o/s. The only real differentiator is the GUI that MS foists upon you. Now, a GUI is a GUI and should not be confused with the underlying operating system. You should be able to decide which style of GUI you want to run.

A GUI should be independent of the o/s or at the very least the o/s ought to be very easy to theme and to customise as you wish. This just isn't the case with any Microsoft operating system as the default 'look and feel' provided with the os is really the only thing that really sets it apart from the previous version.

You'll see a massive example of this with Metro or Material Design, the UI that comes with Windows 8 & 10. The underlying os is still good old NT6 and operates much in the same way that Win7 does. However, the whole user interface has been modified to try to get you to use live tiles on the desktop as you would on a Windows phone, to make you use 'apps' rather than programs as you would on the desktop. This schizophrenic approach to a desktop o/s is hoisted upon you as Microsoft has no decent tablet-centric o/s and instead are trying to squish Windows onto tablets - it isn't working, look at the death of windows phone and even more recently, the death of Windows on tablets. They are trying to get you to adopt a new GUI so that you conform to the business plan they have in mind for Windows. That business plan is now a failed model but you, the consumer is still suffering for it.

My aim is to help you break out of this corporate mindset and to think of desktop customisation as a natural thing to do, much in the same way that you decorate and design your home, make the desktop your place to live, to work and operate.

So, with this in mind, I set out to create a series of wallpapers, widgets and icons for an o/s interface that meets the aims and needs of a small but thoroughly dedicated group of chaps and ladies known as steampunkers.

I have set out my steampunk design skills in this way to demonstrate what I can do.

Whether or not you are a steampunker yourself, with these widgets and icons you can thoroughly steampunk your desktop.

You may use any of my images in any of your own creations but commercially only with my permission. In all cases I require a credit using my name or pseudonym - and in addition a link to my DA account or my own site.

Do me a favour and don't send me a Lllama. I don't know what these bloody Llama things are for in any case and I don't give them myself. IF anyone can enlighten me as to something concrete that I can do with them I'll be pleased to hear it.

Favourite Visual Artist
John Constable, John Tenniel
Favourite Movies
Zulu, Battle of Britain
Favourite TV Shows
BBC's The League of Gentleman, Game of Thrones
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Undertones, Imogen Heap, Punk Rock and Eighties synth-pop.
Favourite Books
Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Third Policeman
Favourite Writers
H G Wells, Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, Flann O'Brien
Favourite Games
Colonial Conquest, Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds, Rome Total War I
Favourite Gaming Platform
Windows 64bit
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, soldering iron, Konfabulator, Xwidget
Other Interests
Quad amplifiers

The Eclipse Finally Cometh - Time to say Goodbyeee

The Eclipse Finally Cometh - Time to say Goodbyeee

Goodnight everyone! Goodbye from me to you and Deviantart! We'll be seeing you...

You'll be in good company...

You'll be in good company...

RocketDock Enhanced Settings Screen Pt 2

RocketDock Enhanced Settings Screen Pt 2

This journal entry follows on from the RocketDock Enhanced Settings Screen Pt1 that you can find here: -oOo- Yes, I know it's mental. Fig. 1 The first mock-up for my Mediaeval version (Right click to view full image, then you need to click on it again to see it full size and in full detail) Note it isn't 100% complete as some elements will need to be improved, resized, relocated or their allocated space increased, this is just a mock-up based upon the original tool's layout. You aren't meant to like it, it is just a rather extreme tr

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Happy Birthday Dean!
Happy Birthday Dean by LeaWiggins
yereverluvinuncleberProfessional Interface Designer
How delightful!
Light Of Good Lamp (2) Icon (animated) by linux-rules My pleasure!
Happy Birthday!
yereverluvinuncleberProfessional Interface Designer
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Happy B-Day!