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Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces
United Kingdom
My alter ego is yereverluvinunclebert. You'll find me around the web. Where you find steampunk design I won't be far away.

I focus on Steampunk Design, why do I do it?

Well, I can't bear the look and feel of current desktop computing being so locked into a 1980s 'modern' paradigm. Current GUIs deriving mostly from Microsoft's efforts have a basis in the GUIs from the late 80s and early 90s and despite the regular changes they still haven't moved on much. Do you run XP, Vista, Win 7, 8 or 10? Well, if you do, that means under the skin you are still running NT5 or 6, all basically the same fundamental o/s. The only real differentiator is the GUI that MS foists upon you. Now, a GUI is a GUI and should not be confused with the underlying operating system. You should be able to decide which style of GUI you want to run.

A GUI should be independent of the o/s or at the very least the o/s ought to be very easy to theme and to customise as you wish. This just isn't the case with any Microsoft operating system as the default 'look and feel' provided with the os is really the only thing that really sets it apart from the previous version.

You'll see a massive example of this with Metro or Material Design, the UI that comes with Windows 8 & 10. The underlying os is still good old NT6 and operates much in the same way that Win7 does. However, the whole user interface has been modified to try to get you to use live tiles on the desktop as you would on a Windows phone, to make you use 'apps' rather than programs as you would on the desktop. This schizophrenic approach to a desktop o/s is hoisted upon you as Microsoft has no decent tablet-centric o/s and instead are trying to squish Windows onto tablets - it isn't working, look at the death of windows phone and even more recently, the death of Windows on tablets. They are trying to get you to adopt a new GUI so that you conform to the business plan they have in mind for Windows. That business plan is now a failed model but you, the consumer is still suffering for it.

My aim is to help you break out of this corporate mindset and to think of desktop customisation as a natural thing to do, much in the same way that you decorate and design your home, make the desktop your place to live, to work and operate.

So, with this in mind, I set out to create a series of wallpapers, widgets and icons for an o/s interface that meets the aims and needs of a small but thoroughly dedicated group of chaps and ladies known as steampunkers.

I have set out my steampunk design skills in this way to demonstrate what I can do.

Whether or not you are a steampunker yourself, with these widgets and icons you can thoroughly steampunk your desktop.

You may use any of my images in any of your own creations but commercially only with my permission. In all cases I require a credit using my name or pseudonym - and in addition a link to my DA account or my own site.


What Xwidget could have been and how it should have succeeded? Just a short rant this time.

Xwidget had the potential to be a rather nice widget IDE and widgeting environment allowing easy widget  development and putting javascript programs on the desktop. It almost achieved this, building a very decent graphical GUI where a developer could compose and animate widgets, and combining this with the embedding of a javascript and rendering engine into one Windows desktop tool.

However, the very poor editing environment, the lack of any documentation whatsoever and the buggy implementation of APIs coupled with a complete lack of support/updates for many years led to its failure to be adopted as the desktop javascript rendering engine of choice.

I am just proposing an alternative path for it that would have led to success and the widespread adoption of a tool that the world does actually need but still doesn't quite have.

The developer Tony, built a good and functional graphical IDE for his widget engine, the creation of either being an impressive task for a single developer. The problem lies in the sheer scale of the achievement, no single man can do either to completion (IDE and engine) and the result was neither of the two was really completed. The IDE was quite good but a successful IDE has two elements, the graphical side and the coding side. In the Xwidget IDE the coding side was implemented in such a lacklustre fashion that it made serious editing more or less an impossible task, or one that might in the end, drive developers to distraction. Developers tried it and abandoned it as being a mere child's tool. The graphical GUI was a tour-de-force however -  but one without the other makes the combination rather useless.

For Tony to succeed he would really have had to focus on just one task and let any other task wither on the vine. Perhaps leave the second part of the project until he had sufficient time.

My proposal would have been that Tony should have simply adopted the Yahoo widget engine instead of creating his own engine from scratch.  Then Tony could have created the exact same IDE but specifically for the YWE. IF Tony had taken this approach he would have had the advantages of full existing documentation, he would have had a commercial quality IDE that developers would have been willing to pay for and a dual-platform target (Windows and Mac os/X), a huge crowd of extant developers and compatibility with a highly stable widget environment that had tens of thousands of existing widgets. If Tony had then wanted to create his own engine then he could have done so but given that the YWE is so good there was really never any need. The YWE still works to this day as well as it ever did (99.5%) on XP, Vista, Win7/8/10 and Mac os/X and the work expended on creating a functional duplicate to the YWE could have been spent instead on improving the IDE and creating the Android version of the widget engine.

We would have had the Android version a year or two earlier, the IDE might have been a useful place to code and Xwidget's adoption might have sky-rocketed instead of plummeting to the depths of nowhere.

Tony caused the failure of Xwidget by failing to identify what was the best route for his efforts. No need to re-invent the wheel, he should have just done what he did best, the creation of a decent graphical GUI for an existing widget engine. If he had given himself more time and less to do he might just have succeeded.

IF he had felt the need he could have reimplemented the YWE using the technology he really did use to build the Xwidget engine, that would have extended the life of the YWE into the 2020s and ensured a future for Xwidgets. He could have done it at his leisure.
The commercial IDE would have brought in plenty of cash for Tony and the future for javascript development on the desktop would have been assured.

The pity of it all is that none of that happened.
Current Project (very late) - some Christmas Baubles

Fig 1.0 - The help file for the baubles

Each plays a carol suited to a day in Advent, they fade in and out as your mouse passes over each, respectfully keeping themselves unnoticed in the background.

Fig 2.0 The desktop shown with the baubles bright and shiny (they fade to 20% opacity when idle)

I had hoped (and have managed) to largely finish them BEFORE advent ends...…
Christmas Advent Bauble Widgets
An advent or Christmas present for you!

A little late I am afraid as I had wanted to have it ready for the first day of advent. It has taken a little longer than expected as it was more complex that I imagined to iron out most of the bugs. It is still ready for Christmas!

Above is a quick screen shot of the Christmas Advent Baubles on my desktop.

Each bauble is individually moveable around your desktop, is resizable with the mouse wheel and plays a Christmas-themed tune when the inlaid door is opened to reveal a Christmas image. The baubles won't interfere with your desktop as they lay underneath all your windows and assume an opacity of 20% when idle.

The baubles being an advent calendar are dated for each day of Advent leading to Christmas. Click on each door for the gentle surprise inside.

These baubles will give your desktop a particularly Christmas theme.


Right click menus provide you with additional widget options and full help.

This is the first release of this widget and it has only been tested on three of our systems so far, Windows 7 64bit ultimate, Windows 10 32bit home and Mac OSX Sierra. We would appreciate feedback if you encounter a bug on your system.

Note: these are javascript widgets. These run in a desktop javascript engine freeing javascript from only running within the captivity of a browser, you will now be able to run any javascript widget on your Windows/Mac desktop as long as you have an engine installed.

You will, of course, need the Yahoo widget desktop javascript engine for this widget to run. Get Yahoo widget engine here.

So, on Windows the installation guide is simple, install yahoo widgets, extract the widget from the zipfile, double click on the .widget file and you are done!

On Mac OS/X it is a tiny bit more involved:
Instructions for running Yahoo widgets on Mac OS/X, all recent versions including Sierra.

Edit the following file: which is in /Users/xxx/Library/Preferences. Look for these lines: <key>DockOpen</key>

Change to false if it is true.

Then you should be able to start Yahoo! Widgets and the menubar item should appear. Widgets can then be started from the menubar or by double-clicking them in the usual way.


Note: The zipfile provided here as a download contains the yahoo/konfabulator widget ready to install.


The only condition for downloading and using is that you leave feedback. Please leave a message and rate the widget/icons as it is the only payment I get for creating this small desktop addition :D

You may use any of my images in your own creations but commercially only with my permission. In all cases I require a credit to the original artist using my name or pseudonym and a link to my own Deviantart page.
A poll was run in Britain in the wake of the Brexit vote over whether Britain is a divided society.

50% of the responders said it was, 50% said it wasn't...

That was a joke by the way.

Pheasant Casserole with a sword
Pheasant casserole, mushrooms, cabbage and ham, roasted colcannon with tom-toes and carrots honey-roasted in butter and garlic. As you'd expect tastes quite gamey.

Yes, that's a Roman Gladius in the picture, I was explaining Cicero to my youngest boy who is now taking Latin.

I knew her Father a long time ago, we both had a mutual friend who died and we lost touch. His daughter has done him proud.
It's a pie. A lovely pie. Nothing more to say. Need to eat it now. Work in progress.
Lamb from a broken oven
Roast lamb joint cooked in a broken oven that I had to keep going by sheer force of will, the thermocouple or flame failure valve is itself failing and so I had to relight the oven multiple times and keep the heat up by opening/closing the door as little as possible. After all that the lamb was a little overdone but still very tasty.

Basted in bobbly French mustard, lemon juice and rapeseed oil, rotated and re-basted regularly. Removed from the oven for the last 20 mins and covered with foil and thick tea towels to rest in its own heat and juices.

Crispy roasties, parboiled for 10 mins and then oiled and dusted in flour/salt then placed in a pan with the fat from last week's roast. The oil from the fat basted upon the 'taters with a small cook's brush. The 'taters were turned by hand to crisp the on both sides. The flour was a light plain flour to stop them from becoming too hard and crunchy. Bread flour turns them into bullets.

Some boiled carrots in butter and nutmeg. Crinkly savoy cabbage steamed and then eaten with lashings of hot gravy made from the lamb juices. I have a nifty device that separates the oil from the juices and that allows you to make a lovely rich gravy without it being too oily. A glass of red wine was reserved for the gravy but I drank it.

I made stuffing with help from Mr. Paxo. and two chopped onions, a 1/4lb of pre cooked ground beef, some garlic and a chopped apple.

Cheating Yorkshire puds were filled with gravy. Followed by a home made bread and butter pudding for afters, it is not shown here as it isn't the prettiest of puddings but my gosh it is tasty, seven eggs, a cup of sugar, a teaspoonful of vanilla essence, nutmeg and cinnamon a pint and a half of milk, all mixed to make a light custard. Plenty of sultanas and instead of just bread I used twelve hot cross buns that needed to be eaten. Baked in the oven using the residual heat from the roast. Absolutely bloody marvellous.
Potato Cakes In The Pan
Lots of mashed potatoes left over?. We eat a lot of taters and there is always plenty left over. Mashed up, add three to five eggs depending upon quantity, a big cup of hard flour, a bag of spinach thrown in, a couple of carrots and an onion grated, salt and pepper, garlic puree to taste, mash it all up and stir and stir and stir. Make patties and fry in butter or an olive oil-based part-butter spread, fry both sides for two/three minutes. Really tasty. Hard work on the arms.

Is it art? You decide. Now it is a now a stock image of Potato Cakes In The Pan.
Lamb In The Pan
You are cooking Sunday roast, roast lamb to be precise and the thermocouple on the oven fails cutting off all the heat mid-way through the meal. You are meant to be cooking for eight so what do you do? Out comes the pan and you finish it all off on the hob (we have two ovens but the wait for the second to heat up would be just too long...) In the end we had roast and pan-fried lamb with parboiled, partly roast 'taters, crisped up in the pan. Yup all the vegetables were boiled the British way - to bu@ery, I try not to boil, instead steaming or oven roasting but this time no real choice. Lots of people to feed. It actually turned out quite well, ie. it was tasty if a bit messy. The problem is the Rayburn also provides heat for the kitchen and lounge and it is now very cold in there and no hot water in the taps.

Is it art? well it is a now a stock image of lamb being fried in the pan.

Douglas Rain - just had the last of his memory banks pulled. That voice will never be forgotten.
Steampunk CPU GPU OHM Thermometer
This is an untested/untried/unfinished version of a widget that I created some time ago. I just never quite managed to complete it. It used the Open Hardware Monitoring tool instead of useless old speedfan that gives inaccurate and incomplete data for identifying the sensors to external programs.

This new OHM version was created from the older speedfan version of the same widget. It still refers to speedfan in a number of places, you'll have to ignore that for now.

All javascript widgets need an engine to function, in this case the widget uses the Yahoo Widget Konfabulator engine. The engine interprets the javascript and creates the widget according to the XML description and using the images you provide.

This widget works with Windows XP SP3, it has been tested on Vista, Windows 7/8  and 10.

You will,  of course, need the Yahoo widget engine for this widget to run. Link here… or the Mac version:…

Also requires Open Hardware Monitor :…
XP/Win 7 run dialog themed for Mediaeval Total War
Continuing with the mediaeval theme. This is the XP Run dialog given a make-over.

I already have some working code that can give you a fully functioning run dialog on the Windows desktop. I can easily attach that code to this re-skin giving you a medieval run dialog in Windows 7 or 10, you only have to ask...

This is a skin I have just knocked up for a run dialog replacement. The default Windows run dialog was typically quite generic, modern (1980s design) and boring to the extreme. This could be your replacement...

It would be usable as a medieval re-skin for Windows to match a game such as Mediaeval Total War or similar, or as a Victorian Arts and Crafts themed shell, steampunk in nature.


The only condition for downloading and using is that you leave feedback. Please leave a message and rate the art as it is the only payment I get for creating this small desktop addition :D

You may use any of my own images in your own creations but commercially only with my permission. In all other non-commercial cases I require a credit to the original artists using their/my name or pseudonym and a link to their/my sites. With regard to the commercial use of incorporated images from other artists, permission would need to be obtained from the original owner.
Medieval Total War Themed Folder Browser Skin
This is a skin I have just knocked up for a folder browser replacement. The default Windows browser is quite generic, modern (1980s design) and boring to the extreme. I deeply dislike Windows 10's massive and blocky UI elements. So dull, so corporate and so temporary.

This is my version of a folder browser, one I am adding to my steampunk media player. It suits it much better and I will use this skin again and again when I need it. The imaqe above shows it in folder mode showing the sub-folders that exist just below the current folder. It can also show files and act as file browser.

I still have some familiar elements to style, the folder icons, the computer icon but they are familiar enough and usable to be retained for the moment.

As it is my own folder browser code I can even change the font and so I am using the Centurion Light font rather than the dull Windows 10 default system font.

It would be usable as a medieval folder browser skin for a game such as Mediaeval Total War or similar, or as a Victorian Arts and Crafts themed folder browser.


The only condition for downloading and using is that you leave feedback. Please leave a message and rate the art as it is the only payment I get for creating this small desktop addition :D

You may use any of my own images in your own creations but commercially only with my permission. In all other non-commercial cases I require a credit to the original artists using their/my name or pseudonym and a link to their/my sites. With regard to the commercial use of incorporated images from other artists, permission would need to be obtained from the original owner.
Read on all artists that use a computer to create their art. If you use Windows 10 then you have a potential problem that could cause you to LOSE ALL YOUR ART.

ALERT: Windows 10 October Update (1809) BUG - synchronisation issue causes deletion of ALL your data within the user profile structure (MY DOCUMENTS &c). Affects Windows 10 HOME and PRO versions.

UPDATE: - Microsoft have removed the update after many users have had ALL their files deleted. By the way, Microsoft knew that Windows was deleting files, they had known for months that it was doing this and they still rolled out the update.

UPDATE: - The update will now become the NOVEMBER UPDATE and it will be tested thoroughly - we hope. Regardless, the advice below is still recommended

Do not upgrade your PC, turn off Windows auto-update or if you don't know what you are doing do not turn on your PC (to avoid the auto-update) and only turn it on in a few days when you know Microsoft have sorted the problem.

The problem appears to be related to an obscure setting which allows Windows to delete old user profiles. It may have some connection with ONEDRIVE and is mooted to be a synchronisation issue. According to sources, Windows has been deleting all files in the users "my documents" folder that are not linked to ONEDRIVE.

This is a seriously big mistake that makes using the Windows profile utterly unreliable (but I knew that anyway).

My suggestion is that you manually take all of your data (NOW) and remove it from the Windows profile structure immediately. Instead of storing all your data in MY_documents and MY_videos &c, you place all of your data in another location outside of the Windows user profile area. Those profile locations are typically mapped below c:\users\username ...

Instead create your own set of folders, for example:


Perhaps a set of folders under your own name and located on another drive/partition:


(Change Beelzebub for your own name!).

Move your files, data and all to these alternate locations and keep them there forever. AVOID using the Windows profile area for any storage of any important data at all. Profile loss caused by the incompetence of Microsoft is just the latest in a series of potential issues that can affect a profile. Profile corruption is a regular if infrequent occurrence and you don't want it to happen to you.

Please take great care when moving your data, it is times like this when user errors occur that can compound with another problem and thence cause a disaster...

Top tip No.1: From this point onward, never place any important data within a Windows profile, complete data loss will result - eventually. Profile corruption is the worst to be feared. As I have always stated, never place your data within a Windows profile structure - as sooner or later you will lose everything to the Demon God Microsoft.

IF you have backed up your data as I suggested here:… then at least you have a safety net. If you haven't backed up your data and you have auto-updates enabled by default (almost everyone does as it practically impossible to turn auto-update off these days) and you have Onedrive installed and running (practically all windows 10 users do) then there is a good chance you will lose your data.

Final advice. Find out how to remove/uninstall ONEDRIVE, there are better solutions, avoid it, dropbox is my recommendation and there is Google backup  (slow and inefficient, used to be called Google Drive) but Onedrive has been removed from every Windows 10 PC in my control.


1. How to turn off Windows updates in two steps:……

2. How to remove Onedrive…

3. How to install Dropbox…

4. How to backup your PC easily -…

5. Useful utility to restore your files…
350 years ago at the very start of technology, before the five wars that nearly wiped humanity from the face of the world, a fragment of a moving 2D visual from three centuries ago has been recovered from the platter of a magneto-optical device. It isn't known who she was but she seems to be protesting against the oncoming outbreak of an impending war (was it the second or third?) using a style of music that hasn't been heard by the human ear in centuries.

Was she a goddess or was she a political oracle? She sits at a pedestal whilst her image surrounds her. We will never know for sure. One thing is for certain, she was genetically untainted by the radiation or neurological toxins that taint us all now - the proof that humanity was originally biologically pure is now proven - by that face!
Gammon Ham Steaming Hot
Roast gammon ham, homemade apple, onion and porkmeat stuffing, steamed cabbage, roast carrots in butter, sweet potatoes, home made apple sauce and a thick gravy sauce. Crunchy skin. Steaming.

I even made chips as my youngest won't eat sweet potatoes but most were eaten before the meal was even served...
Pork at my house...
Pork! with thick, crunchy crackling, roasties as always, small round, tiny cabbages (brussels), home made stuffing, flavourful and tasty gravy (red wine and sherry), I also served brocolli toasted in lemon and cheese, roast onions, sweet potato and parboiled/roast carrots. Afterwards - windfall apple crumble (with shop-bought custard ~ sorry).

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by acg3fly

I really like it. The icons are clearly the work of a professional. However, I don't see the over-arching 'theme'. They are all individ...


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Hi there~ Total stranger but I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting all of the War of the Worlds: Goliath art and concept art that you have submitted. Been working on a few fans projects related to it, or well, at least ideas, and it really makes things easier when explaining it to people when you have the pics that you do! You wouldn't happen to know of a place where its all together or in a folder would you? I've tried looking through your gallery and the war of the worlds fan club but I can't seem to find them. 
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Sorry but no, I was in touch with one of the artists and he gave me a link to the page where these were hosted. I took copies of as many as I could before they disappeared and posted on them on DA to a particular group but not so they would appear on my gallery, I didn't want anyone to think they were mine.

The result is they aren't in my gallery and the original location? I don't know where that is now I am afraid.

All I can suggest is that you find one on DA and look at the associated images on the right, you'll eventually see links to all the others if you click around.…
I have the originals on a drive somewhere but they are the same as posted here on the wotw group you discovered yourself.
Rambojoe446 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2018  Student Photographer
Oooh, I got you, that makes sense. Yeah I was like, "Oh I can totally use these as reference but shoot I can't find them" But thank you very much for the clarification. 

Yeah, that's what I have been doing, though I just wanted to check. And well to say thank you. Me and my brother are huge fans of the movie and its really nice to see how it went together~ 
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