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Everybody Finds Love

Commission for my dear honey :iconshiizuka-sama:
and her ocs belongs to Shiizuka-Sama and Chizakura-Tsuki :heart:

I hope You like it dear ^^
:cd: Utada Hikaru - Sakura Nagashi

- - -

Lg Commission Stamp by ChaosKomori

I'm kind person but PLZ Respect my works and commissions for my customers!
Don't use them without mine/customers permission
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© 2019 - 2021 Yeraa
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If you ever reopen these, I would love a slot!
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AMAZING!!! I'm in love with the coloring <3

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thank You hun <3

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Great looking characters. Love the outfits. Very nice piece.
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in deep masculine voice: OOOOH YAAAAAA!
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wooo~~~super, tez tak chce umiec *_*

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gah i love this so much :clap:
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What a gorgeous image, Yeraa! :heart: There's so much love in this image. It's so touching to know that characters with horns and featured wings can love one another. They're so beautiful!

I really love the elegant design of their clothing and the way the angel's hair flies back in the wind. It's amazing!
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On the subject of the artwork: it is incredibly beautiful and I do apologize for my part in spamming, if you took any offence or were annoyed by it.
The hair is gorgeous and your use of colors and shading is gorgeous! And i adore their expressions.
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so beautiful :0
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Świetna gra światła, ładna kolorystyka :) Gratuluję uplasowania się pracy w pierwszej dziesiątce prac na głównej stronie dA ;)
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Wow colors and lights are so amazing... So many details... Does it usually take you a lot of time to create a piece like that?

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heloł frytka :D dziękuję bardzo!
pytasz w godzinach?  xD nigdy nie liczyłam.. ale tak na szybko od szkicu do końca to jakieś hm 20 godzin
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Oo Polski nie sprawdziłam. No to nieźle. Dziekuje za odpowiedź.

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Very nice *_*
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lol i still like it :P

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Stop with these chain stories!!
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