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You Don't Know Jack

When you're trying to wrap packages much bigger than size than you are, you get into...interesting positions trying to hold it all together.

(Of course, the actual gift going on here is me hitching a ride on the Jack-O crouch/pose art meme going on at the moment on Twitter, in light of Jack-O Valentine being confirmed as a Season Pass fighter for Guilty Gear Strive. Count me as guil-er, accountable in not playing a single Guilty Gear game (yet) but really liking Jack-O's design. She is definitely someone I would like to draw someday.

Besides the Jack-O pose, the pun enthusiast in me has sadly also snuck in a few other "jack" references in this piece. Can you figure out what they are?

Also, there's an alternative version of this piece. Click the link to see it!)
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