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Decided to draft up some art to commemorate my birthday that was yesterday, and along with it comes a new character. As the title of this piece says, the host you see is Ronda "Teleganza" Jackson. She goes by a few other, shorter titles (Ronda T. Jackson, R.T.J., and T. J. Ronda) for those who think that name is a mouthful.

Her job varies, but it's usually tied to television--sometimes she's a game show host, sometimes she's a talk show host, and sometimes just as saleswoman for a random product. Her personality is more eaiser to pin down, but even harder to deal with--"chaotic calm" or "ordered chaos" seems to be what's usually settled on. The main reason being that she almost always acts as if she's doing her hosting gigs, even off-camera...and at times, it seems reality even acts that way, with the strange, sometimes lethal incidents that follow her around.

Despite being a notorious liability, she's extremely competent at her job to continue getting gigs, and even has a bit of a cult following due to her oddball nature. But regardless, the reaction people have when they find out they have to work for her (or even with her) is immediate dread.
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