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This is a set of ten cross designs for use in your projects. All ten designs are based on the Latin Cross, and information on their meanings is included below and in the Read Me file.

There are two sets of files included in this package: one features each design as a solid color image, while the other set is transparent save for the outlines of each design. Each file is in PNG format, and 2000 pixels wide by 2000 pixels high.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Zero Universal License.
It may be freely used in personal or commercial works, without restrictions, permission, or attribution.

Names and Meanings (from top left to bottom right):

Latin Cross
-- The "default" cross used in Christianity. Most alternative cross designs either add to this basic design or adapt it in some manner.

Anchor Cross
-- While this design takes Hebrews 6:19 a bit literally, the original reason for it was fairly dark. In Christianity's early days, believers were heavily persecuted. This led to the use of various signs that they
could hide in plain sight. Most people would see the anchor and assume that it was a reference to fishing or dock work. Christians, on the other hand, could see the cross hidden in the design.

Celtic Cross
-- This fancier cross can be said to be a combination of a Latin cross and another symbol: A circle is sometimes used to represent God the Father (or more specifically, eternity).

Calvary Cross
-- Although this cross gets its name from the location where Jesus was crucified, it's actually a reference to 1 Corinthians 13:13. Each step represents one of the qualities mentioned in that verse.

Nativity Cross
-- Just about everyone knows the story: the night Jesus was born, a new star appeared in the heavens and shown brighter than any before it. By stretching the star into a cross, this design connects it with Jesus
in a more obvious way.

Budded Cross
-- The ends of this cross are meant to resemble a flower that is only starting to bloom. Thus, this design represents people who are new to the Christian faith, and are just beginning their walk with Christ.

Eastern Orthodox Cross
-- Some parts of Christianity attest that the original cross had a footrest. This variation of the Latin Cross includes the footrest and the board above the crossbeam, which is where the message mocking Jesus' status as the King of the Jews was displayed.

Passion Cross
-- By sharpening the ends of a Latin Cross, this design reminds us of the pain and suffering that Jesus endured to save us.

Fleuree Cross
-- If the Budded Cross represents a new believer, this design, with its blooming flowers, represents someone that has matured in their faith.

Marriage Cross
-- Christians view marriage as a partnership involving three people: the husband, the wife, and Jesus Himself. The inclusion of the Latin Cross in the rings highlights how Jesus is both a witness to the couple's union and a part of it.
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