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Download for Full, But Beware: This Picture of Queen Chrysalis is Really Big to Suit Her Majestic Beauty


Best Villian.

Edit: Edited Queen Chrysalis' Wings So That They Look The Best They Can And Make This Pathetic Attempt of Art a Teeny-Tiny Bit Closer To Her Majesty's Divine Beauty

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wo think is like a legendary Pokemon :)
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Queen Chrysalis: So, once more, I'm roped into serving another villain...what do you want in exchange for my services? Alicorn magic? A piece of my throne?

Ayesha: Nothing of the sort.

Queen Chrysalis: Then what?

Ayesha: The one you call "Doctor Whooves" is actually a Time Lord known as the Doctor. Bring the Doctor to me, alive but weakened. After that, enjoy ruling Equestria, or destroy it all, I could care less.
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Name: Chrysalis
Age: Unknown (Presumable over 1000)
Species: Changeling
Occupation: Queen
Bio: This unholy abomination was brought in to the world along with the changeling race by a combination of magic, and fate. This creature is extremely dangerous and know to be violent when facing her enemy. Draws its powers from other being's emotions, mainly love. Do not engage without the proper necessities. High risk of injury, and high risk of death from encounter with her. Known forms of killing her prey, snapping of neck, ripping out of heart, and draining the love out of one to the point of leaving her victims starved to the point of death. If you see any changeling or the Queen herself, run and/or hide.
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It's FOXY TIM----i mean Chrysalis time!! xD
Snaysme-Niogky's avatar
Wow muy beautiful Queen :D 
AndrewDent's avatar
Yes! Best villain indeed :D You certainly did a marvelous job, crafting this vector :love:

And yes, a big size is only right, for the queen's unparalleled beauty :heart:
FlareTheSpinefox's avatar
as Chrysalis being my favorite MLP Character, I approvez of this.
sea-pup's avatar
I love Chrysalis.

I hope she comes back in a future MLP episode.

MyLittleSentry's avatar
Stunning, yet terrifying.

I love it.
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Meteor-Venture's avatar
Used for both of these: [link] [link]
Thanks for being awesome. :la:
BronyYAY123's avatar
TaigaLife's avatar
I made a wallpaper with this: [link]
Mario94's avatar
used and credited [link]
Sevour's avatar
Duh, I want her horn! >BD
Jerrid120's avatar
Used to make a much needed Starcraft Icon :P [link]
Barnyardfan4's avatar
Cute. I know she is a villain but for me, there's just something really likable about her.
SunderGod's avatar
Yes, there really is.
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Just to let you know, I plan on using this vector in an image I have planned if that's cool.
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Used the horn and wings from this to make a windows start orb here: [link]

Gave you credit, and hope that's alright with you =)
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HAIL QUEEN CHRYSALIS!! Superb job; I am willing to bet that she is the best villain ever to appear in MLP... each and every show, past, present and future.
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She looks like she's about to pounce or something
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I made a wallpaper using this vector and credited you here. [link]
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