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By Yennineii
Aww, I've always wanted to draw heer!
I think she's so cute, and I like her design >3<

This is a thank-you present for *Kenty1234 - thank yooou ;v;

Cirno from Touhou

Hope you like it~
Done in SAI.
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AiriChanFP's avatar
I love this drawing! Can I use this in a video?? if so can you send me the png without background ; A ;
kirichan-99's avatar
i love the water C: its so pretty... ehem.. TUTORIAL? (;
snowflake247's avatar
I love her wings.
Yukarine's avatar
Piekne! Slicznie ci woda wyszła <3
Dizzy-tan's avatar
So cuteee~ Great job!
Zitatchi's avatar
Aww, I don't know anything about Touhou but this is adorable! ^_^
Yennineii's avatar
Lol, me too, I just like the characters and the music from Touhou XD
Zitatchi's avatar
XD Nice, I like the cute character designs and Bad Apple (only song from it that I've heard) too. ^_^
NoranFikri's avatar
Awwww she's so cute~ :heart:
PunkEmoBlack's avatar
aww i love touhou >w< cirno is so cute! And where did u learn to color XD? I really need help with that i suck at it 8D, the drawing goes fine but when it comes to color everythings screws up XD
Yennineii's avatar
Just practice - i like to color the most! <3
PunkEmoBlack's avatar
then i will practice as hell OwO! * I love the color too *
xNatsuChi's avatar
aaaw how cute :3 ♥
annrin's avatar
Po prostu nie mogę się napatrzeć na to. Pewnie już tysiąc osób przede mną już ci to napisało, ale cholernie mi się to podoba. Po prostu takie kladjsdfhjkasf kiedy na to patrzę. Kocham twoje prace i nie mogę nigdy wyjść z podziwu... :3
Kenty1234's avatar
Thank you so much!!!
She is very cute!
ZowyZoe's avatar
Lennal's avatar
sooooooo kawaiii x3
Tintti-desu's avatar
well done! nice colours!^^
kioler's avatar
To jest takie boskie , że mi braknie słów w gębie :heart:
Lindsfluff's avatar
She's so cute~! :D
I love Cirno <3
XxXEmO-HaPpYXxX's avatar
how are you so good you must teach me :D
mifumido's avatar
czy ona nie jest czasem na chuda? >D
to jest cudo *U*
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