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:star:Here's how I colored this drawing:star:
Speedpaint Video

:new:real-time eye-coloring video:new:

I missed drawing my OC Elodie!
The water was kinda hard to color... As you can see in the Speedpaint Video, I had to improvise! xD
I thought I had messed up the drawing, but in the end, it's fine!^^
I really like the colors and I love coloring with the Colorex watercolors! :la:
Elodie's hair color is a bit too dark because of the strong colors! xD


And feel free to leave a comment! :D (Big Grin)

Media: Colorex and Schmincke watercolor, watercolor pencils on Canson XL paper
Size: A5
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no exagerations, I am really amazed on your courage to do the coloring of waters. *jaw drop

because, really, that is the make or break part of the whole drawing ,especially, because it is dealing with blues (the color),  and on the top of, it it is in watercolor (it is hard to fix/ put remedy  on watercolor once you commit a mistake in applying it) :'D

you did a good job there and keep it up +fav +fav +fav 
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hahaha, as you can see in the speedpaint video, i kinda felt unsure and tried to rescued the drawing! xDD

thank you so much!! i really feel honored!^^
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She's so pretty and you did a nice job on the colouring. :aww:
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thank you, norma! x3
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A Mermaid Nurse (doc?) That isn't something you see every day.
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You're welcome! :3
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I want the same nurse :3 ooops... I don't go to hospital... :'(
But... BUT!!! It's your ID!!! Come on!!! I want to meet you now!!! X///w///X
Yenni-Vu's avatar
ID? you mean OC? xD
thank you! x3
Scorpiosa-x's avatar
I make a mistake ^^ you use a gif which represent your OC Elodie but Idon't know what I can say that... You have your ID on your page and the little one just next your username... ^^
You are welcome ^^Your art is so much cuteness for my poor little eyes... ^^
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Das Wasser ist herrlich geworden!
Es ist herrlich herausgearbeitet, welcher Teil ihres Körpers über dem Wasser liegt und wo das Wasser bei ihr ankommt. Ebenfalls ist es genial gemacht, wie ihre Haare im Wasser hermschwirren.
Deine Bilder haben immer so viel Seele und wirken so herrlich verträumt *__*
Yenni-Vu's avatar
awwww, danke!! >/////<
das freut mich wirklich total!
ich kann es selbst nicht so ganz glauben, dass meine bilder die betrachter berühren können! >////<
umso mehr freut es mich, wenn man mir das sagt! :blushes:
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Hellooooooo nurse! :love:

Amy (MY OC): >:/ Boys, can you understand them?
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Awesome! I love it, you are talented with watercolours!
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