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Discworld characters

I've made that drawing for sir Pratchett as a birthday gift from :)

pencil + photoshop

Characters © Terry Pratchett

Don't use without permission!!! If you want use this pic, ask me first here:
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© 2009 - 2022 yenefer
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This is beautiful, well drawn and kinda heartwarming. :)

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Looking at Nobby there and thinking shouldn't he be a bit more greenish gray?

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I love your depiction of those characters.
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where is fred colon? he was part of the watch
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Excellent job! We'd love to see you on our Facebook page, we do giveaways and celebrate Josh's art and of course the Discworld!
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I count nine breaks in the forth wall. Especially The Librarian.
TL: ook
Me: I agree, the library did it.
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Allright.  This is without looking in the comments.  We have Death.  Moist von Lipwig.  Granny Weatherwax.  Vetinari.   The Libriarian. Rincewind.  Carrot, Anguna, Vimes, and....  Well. all things considered, I'm guessing it's Nobby.   Oh.  And the Luggage.
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What about Mustrum?
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I was never a big fan of Mustrum.  So he doesn't stick around in my brain at all.
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Terry took Death’s arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night.
I commend my soul to any God that can find it.

RIP, Sir Terry. 28 April 1948 - 12 March 2015. We will greatly miss you and hope that Lobsang can do something to reincarnate.

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Eh, Damn Right.
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What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful writer and person
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Lol! Don't think I can name them all yet but it's like receiving a letter with a group picture inside from some very dear friends!
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I love your depiction of Discworld characters! :D
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this is awesome! I'm a huge discworld fan and would love this as a poster.
Efreet-in-the-Oven's avatar
Is it me, or Death looks a bit like Trollface?   :rofl:
Awesome pic anyway - instant fave!
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I like your stile but a list of the characters in the description would help.
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This is how you know Sam Vimes is the Discworld's greatest badass: the Luggage is letting him sit on it.
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Wouldn't the greatest badass, be Cohen the Barbarian?  He certainly had some of my favorite badass lines.

'Why, with just the eleven of them up against three million.....  It would take WEEKS to kill them all.'
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Cohen comes close, but by the end of the series (god that's sad to think) Vimes has an eldritch abomination on a leash, so he still gets my vote.
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